June 29, 2022

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My V Bride. Chapter 41

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 41

Sonia’s POV

-Still At The Hospital-

“And what will you do this time? kill me or what?” Fred asked indifferently.

“We don’t kill but if you dare it, you would not like the outcome.” My mom said.

“Empty threat, I’m done with your family.” Fred said and spit on my mom’s face.

My mom touched the spit and smirked. She walked away angrily.


Fred’s POV

I had not gone home for few days, I had been staying at the hotel. Sonia had begged me severally to come home but I’ve already made up my mind.

I love her but I’m done with her.

Not only is she weird, her family are super wierd.

My plan was to go back to my friend’s place the next day. I’m done with Sonia.

I also stayed in an undisclosed hotel so Sonia’s mom would not know where I was.

The only reason why I’m still around was because I wanted to tender the divorce letter, I had already told Alfred to borrow me $5,000 and I had already filed that divorce document.

It’s just to give it to Sonia

Around 3PM in the afternoon, I phoned Sonia.

“Hello Sonia!” I said into the phone.

“Fred! where are you?”

I snubbed her question and said: “We need to see.”

“Okay…thanks. Where?”

I described the place and hung up.

I waited for her at the last stairs of the sky scrapper.

She soon walked out of the elevator, she saw me seated at an empty backyard.

She came to join me.

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“Fred, sorry for keeping you waiting.” She said. “I had to take an excuse from work, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, I won’t take your time, I promise.” I said.

I placed the divorce letter on the table and said; “This is the divorce letter, I’m sorry I will end this marriage this way. I do hope you find the perfect man.”

She picked up the divorce document and read it.

“I’m not signing this, I’m sorry.” She said and looked away as she bite her lips with a sour look.

I could tell that she was fighting the tears forming in her eyes from falling.

“You need to or I’ll have to take it to court and trust me , I will win and you know what happen when everyone finds out that your three months marriage is dissolved? I don’t want you to face that shame, sign it please.”