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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 31

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The Accidental Bride

Written by Feathers

Chapter 31

Ethan’s POV

Mr Ashley Romeo and I sat inside his Bentley while his driver drives, we were on our way to the picnic.

I had packed seven yoghurts in my back, I was bringing them out one after the other and drinking it.

I keep hoping inside me that yoghurts will be surplus there.

I turned to Mr Ashley Romeo who had being quiet and was reading a newspaper.

I don’t know what kind of man reads news in newspaper when you can easily read online.

“Mr Ashley Romeo!” I called and he closed the newspaper. “Are there going to be yogurts there?”

He looked thinly inside my eye without saying a word, he turned his head to the newspaper and continued reading.

I felt ashamed , why will he snub me like that? didn’t he know I’m his wife?

“Mr…” I wanted to call his name to express my disappointment but he spoke up.

“I hope you won’t be too clumsy over there, It should be fun, I hope you won’t spoil it.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

“What exactly did you think of me? you think I always spoil things right? I even hate you.” I was angry.

“In short, drop me off. I’m not going there again.” I didn’t mean it, It was a fake threat.

Mr Ashley Romeo typed something on his phone and gave it to the driver, the driver collected it and scanned the face of phone with his eyes.

“Understood sir.” He said and handed over the phone over to Mr Ashley Romeo.

I wonder what he had told his driver.

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About fifty minutes of driving, we were now in a more quiet environment, cars barely pass that road, there are bush right and left.

The location they decided to hold the picnic must be an island or something.

The car came to an halt all of a sudden

“Get down.” Mr Ashley Romeo said and in fear, I turned my head to him.

“Is this where the picnic is taking place?” I questioned.

“No! you said you are no more going so I decided to drop you off.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

“This is a joke, right? you want to drop me off in this bush?…Silly.” I said and rested well on the chair.

Unless he decides to carry me out forcefully, I’m not stepping down from this car

“In a rich man’s place, anything is possible.” He said and I know at once that something crazy is about to happen.