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Head Boy. Chapter 15

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 15

Leonard’s POV

The flowers in the house are designed spectacularly. Whoere Raymond stays and receives fresh air at night is on a ground that is garassed and surrounded with beautiful flowers, there is another flower forming circle immediately after his, that wasss my own base.

I could hear conversations of Raymond with someone from my base, I knew Raymond hardly speaks and even if he would, it would be me.

I felt jelous that he was speaking to someone else and out of curiosity, I stood and took few steps closer to the exit of the flowers surrounding me, I peeped through the tiny space and I saw that Raymond was speaking with Alice

What! I was so angry.

I thought of how I could stop them, I do not want to offend Raymond by intruding. Well, we have never punished Alice for being a commoner, that would be because she lied.

At Kochi college, the head boy performes the rite of punising all male students that are commoners while the head girl performes the right of punishing all female students that are commoners.

I took a picture of Alice standing beside Raymond. I’ll inform the head girl on Monday that Alice is a commoner that had been lying.

I’m sure the head girl will judge her.

Alice’s POV

I stood beside the head boy, not knowing what to say. He had just called my name and as much as I hate to admit it, my name sounds so sweet in is mouth.

“I’ll give you this money on one condition.” He finally said, he was gentle in his words.

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“I fulfilled all conditions already, you should give me my money.” I said and he fixed his eye back to his book.

After few seconds, I spoke up. “What’s the condition?”

His gaze was still on his novel for few more seconds after which he raised it towards me and said; “My girlfriend would be coming to spend the weekend with me.”

Huh! he has a girlfriend? Well, who cares?

“Okay…?” I stressed implying for him to continue with his words.

“I want you to stay for two more days, tomorrow, which is Saturday and Sunday. I’ll drive you to your house early on Monday so you can prepare for school.” Raymond said.

Huh! Did he just say he’s going to drive me? No! I didn’t hear that well.

“Why…I mean….Why would I stay for two more days….Oh! to serve your girlfriend? I don’t think I can do that cause I already served for the agreed number of days.” I said.

He was quiet for a while after which he stood.

There were flowers surrounding us , so he just went to the flower and tore a leaf. He gazed at the leaf and said: “I didn’t choose her to be my girlfriend, dad chose her for me before I was born…” He walked to where I stood and looked inside my face.

“I do not like her.” He said briefly, his face turning dark.

He went back to sit and continued reading his novel.

“So…what do I do, if I agree to stay?” I asked.

“Act as my girlfriend, if you do that…I’ll give you double of your salary.” He said.

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“Act as your girlfriend? ” I repeated.

“You ask too many questions, leave already.” His tone was hard.

I needed the money so I quickly answered and said; “I will do it…when will you give me the money?”

He brought out a sealed carbon paper and tore it open, he stretched his hand to me, though not looking at my face, he said; “I made enquiries and I was told your mom had tumour of the stomach, this will buy all the drugs she needs.”

I collected the paper from him and tore it open before him, I saw money there.

I was stunned, I counted the money and realized that it was five times the money that I was to be paid.