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Head Boy. Chapte 61

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 61


I had just arrived at school and as I parked my bicycle, a car parked right behind me.

I watched and saw Head boy and his brothers stepped down.

They all looked cute but head boy looks extremely beautiful than the rest.

I took my eye away like I didn’t notice them and pretended like I was doing something on my bicycle.

“Isn’t your bicycle too old for you?” I heard Raymond’s voice behind me.

“Head boy, good morning.”

He nodded and said; “Dad and I had a conversation yesterday night, I do not know how he got to know that you were coming to our house, he said he didn’t want you to come anymore.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed not knowing what to say.

“Bye!” He said and started walking away

“Head boy!” I called and ran to him.

“Erm…sorry for how I left yesterday, that implies there is no way you would be able to teach me more about modelling?” I asked.

“You seem too dull to learn modelling, you should keep selling your oranges.”He said and walked away.

I smiled and walked inside my class.

I noticed a flower on my table and I wondered who could have blessed me with flowers this beautiful morning.

I looked around but couldn’t find anyone, Pearl hasn’t even arrived, so it couldn’t have been Pearl.

I noticed someone walking to me and I turned, it was Albert.

” Did you like the flowers?” He asked.

“I…oh! I never knew you were…thank you.” I said.

“Hum! would you be able to come to my house in the evening?” He asked.

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“Why?” I questioned.

“I can teach you modelling.” He answered.

“How did you know I was into a beauty contest?” I asked and he smiled faintly.

“I find out and its a good thing, or…are you perharps learning it from someone else?” He asked.

“Someone? Actually, Raymond is teaching me already.” His face turned cold as soon as I said those words.

“And erm… Albert, you said we are now girlfriend and boyfriend yesterday?” I asked to be sure.


“But you didn’t even wait for my reply, you already broke up with me.” I said.

“And I want you back now?” He replied sharply.

“I’m not in a relationship with anyone yet, but I’m not ready to go into any relationship with anyone for now!” I said politely

“Am I among the ‘anyone?’ ” He questioned.

“I can’t be your girlfriend again.” I said gently and he looked at my face intently.

“You would prefer being Raymond’s girlfriend right?” He asked.

I was quiet and didn’t give him a reply.

Leonard appeared all of a sudden and said; “Raymond told me to give this to you.”

I collected the book from Leonard and saw that there were many modelling style theres, more like a book that teaches one how to win in a beauty contest.

“I’ll thank him when I see him.” I said expecting Leonard to leave but he stood.

I dropped the book on the table and asked; “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“Thanks for slapping me the last time, I just want to tell you that I won’t forgive you.” He said. and turned from me.

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Before he could walk away, I called ; “Leonard!”

He turned back to me with his indifferent but handsome look. “I put it to you, are you gãy?”

He smirked wickedly and said; “I will be here waiting to see your end.”

He walked away.

“Hum! Alice, you really do not want to be my girlfriend again?” Albert asked.

“Yes, and please stop coming to me.” I replied rudely.

Leonard’s word had already spoilt my mood, I hate that guy.


It was break and I had excused my brother, Albert and I had not been able to see since Monday.

I waited for him at one of the dark room upstairs and he showed up, as soon as I saw him, I ran to him and kissed him passionately.

“I miss you.” I said as we kissed aggressively

“I miss you too baby.” He said as we engaged in deep romance.

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