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Head Boy. Chapter 60

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 60


I rode to Raymond’s house and went straight to his flowers, it was late already and I assumed that he should be there.

Indeed, I saw him.

As soon as he saw me, he smiled faintly but sat still.

I walked to him and greeted; “Good evening?”

“I was invited to be a judge at your beauty contest, it should be an honour but it only got me worried, both you and Rose are in the contest, I can only vote for one of you.” He said and I went to pick a chair and sat before him.

“Whom would you like to pick?” I questioned.

“None of you.”

“Meaning you did not like any of us?”

“Have I ever said I like you? your thoughts are shallow.” He said.

“Maybe not, this was why I thought you like me, firstly, you have kissed me twice, secondly, you don’t smile before but when you see me now, you smile, thirdly, you always want me to be around you but…. you are found of lying on Marie.” I said.

He looked into the air and said; “Did you come so I can teach you or you came to tell me why you think I like you?”

“Well, you said my thoughts were shallow so I was trying to make you know that I think deeply too.” I answered.

“This is why I won’t even pick you.” He said.

“I’m not begging you to pick me, though.”I said.

” What subject do you want me to teach you?” He asked.

“How to walk like a model.” I answered.

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“Excuse me?” He asked.

“Don’t you know I did not have any idea on how to walk like a model, I have no experience, no cloth whatsoever to even wear on that day , no sponsor, no…”

He interrupted me and said; “In short, you are not interested in academics again but modelling?”

“I can combine both, come and teach me already?” I said.

He stood and said: “Watch!”

He began to walk like a model from one end to the other, it was really beautiful seeing him walk that way.

I only asked him to teach me playfully, I never knew he had some ideas on how to walk like a model.

“Where did you learn modelling?” I asked.

“In my mother’s womb. You ask too many questions, would you come over walk as I had walked or you want to keep asking questions.” He said and I went to the end of the flowers.

I unbuckled my sanders and threw it a distance away from me.

I tried to walk like him but I knew I was only doing nonsense.

“This girl is poor in in real life, poor academically and poor in modelling. Where is your brain? Is that how I walked?” He asked.

“Talking of my brain, I kept it at home, I forgot to bring it!” I said sarcastically.

“Okay, remember to bring it next time.” He said and continued; “Watch!”

He walked again from one edge to the other beautifully.

“Now, do it.” He said.

“You are just saying ‘watch, watch, watch’ are you movie? teach me how to take the first leg?” I asked

He sighed and came to me.

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“Stretch your leg like this?” He requested and I stretched my leg like his.

“Carry the second leg up but wiggle your @ss at the same time, then stretch it at 0.00045km away from your first leg.” He said and I looked at him in shock.

“0.0004 what? how can I calculate the movements of my legs, don’t put mathematics here.” I said and tried to do what he said but I lost balance and fell to the floor.

“Head boy doesn’t say ‘sorry’ right?” I asked.

“Unless you are Marie, now stand again and do this; put your left leg at an angular velocity to your right leg, ensure that you accelerate your movement in 0.02meter/seconds. Are you getting it? Then you place your hand at an opposite angle to your waist, make sure the degree is 40 degree, then turn your waist this way, move your right leg from an initial velecoty zero to a final velocity of 1.56meter, do that and you are one step ahead of winning.” He said.

“Thank you head boy, we will see tomorrow.” I said and dusted my shoe.

I did not even wear, I started walking home angrily.

Just tell me we are doing physics.