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Head Boy. Episode 63- End.

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 63


I was at my new apartment and thought of how else I could reach Alice, I need to teach her more about modelling.

I will be fair when I want to place my vote as one of the judge, I will only pick the lady that seems to be the best.

I took my phone and texted her my new address, I waited all day but didn’t see her.

I was hurt that she didn’t come.


I arrived from school and clumsily placed my phone on the table in the sitting room. I was extremely disturbed that head boy did not come to school today.

That was uncommon of him and….I did not think he has ever missed school for any reason in the past.

I couldn’t have asked Leonard why Raymond wasn’t around cause he was keeping grudges with me.

I could not have asked Donald instead cause he was always with Leonard.

My plan was to visit him at home this evening.

I went inside and change into a dress like that last time he saw me, I would be glad If he says something sweet about my dressing this time too.

I didn’t take my phone along neither did I take my bicycle, I just strode simply to his house.

I saw Rose sitting outside reading a novel.

I walked to her and greeted; “Good evening?”

“Wao! where did you get the money to apply for the contest?”She asked and scoffed?

” I thought I was greeting you, you have not even replied me.”I said.

“I don’t reply nicompoop like you.”She said and waved her fingers at me like I was shït.

I smirked and said; ” Is Raymond inside? ”

She gazed at me from head to toe and said; “Your application will soon be cancelled.”

She scoffed hard.

“Okay, minister of application canceller. Is Raymond around?”I asked.

” Oh! is that an insult?”She stood and moved closer to me like she would eat me up.

I just smirked, she’s slim and just a slap from me will correct her proud senses.

“I can do whatever I want with you in this house, I will beat you and feed you to the dogs.”She threatened.

” Okay, do you know where Raymond is or I should move away?”I asked.

“Is like you are deaf right? better learn to respect me.”She said.

” How come you have up to fifteen beauty contest awards when Marie behaves better than you, If I were to give birth today and God asked me that ; “Alice, who would you pick as your baby, a child like Marie or a child like Rose” I will reply God by saying! “Let my first born till the last born be like Marie.” I said and she threw a hot slap to my face.

Okay, she thinks it was like the last time.

Raymond is not here, there is no need to form.

I threw a slap to her left cheek and it made her fall.

But to me, it was not enough

I helped her up even as she held her cheek in surprise and in pain.

I threw another slap to her cheek to balance the equation, she staggered but didn’t fall.

“You?” she cursed underneath her breath.

I walked away from her and got to the door that leads to the living room of Raymond’s house.

I pressed the visitor’s bell and I thought it would be Leonard but it turned out to be Donald.

I do not think I had have a conversation with this boy that looks like a lady before.

” Is Raymond around?” I asked but he didn’t say a word.

He just kept staring at me.

“Is Raymond around?” I asked him again but he peeked instead.

“You did not bring Pearl along, right?” He asked.

“Oh?” I smiled. “I did not, is Raymond around?” I asked but he walked away from me instead.

There are many psycho around Raymond.

I walked inside nevertheless and saw the devil paying video game.

“Where is Raymond?” I asked Leonard.

He went to the door and closed it.

“I just lock the door.” He said and threw the keys up.

“And… what are you planning to do?”I asked.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 64


I was standing in the room wondering what Leonard was up to.

Leonard sat and rested his two arms on the arms rest of the chair.

“Well, I’ve being finding the best way to punish you and here is the best way too.” He said and licked his lips as he stared at me lustfully.

I guessed what he wanted to do and wondered if he had someone that would help him in rapping cause if it was only him and that boy that looks like a lady, I would beat the hell out of them.

Leonard took his phone and dialed a number, he placed the phone In his ear while I stood akimbo watching him.

Few minutes later, up to five guys walked in, they bundled me and carried me to a room upstairs in the house, they tied me to the bed and locked the door on me.

Is this the way he wanted to punish me for slapping me?

The door opened and Leonard walked in.

“Sweet!”He said as he came to me.

” No one dares me and go scot free. I told you I’ll never forgive you.”He said and I just stare at him.

“You want to rape me right?” I asked.

He arched his brow.

“what sort of thought is that? Forget it, I don’t do ladies.”

I do not really get what he meant by that.

He sat by a chair close to me and looked at me.

“I won’t lay my hands to hurt you, dad had said it is weakness to beat a lady. you would be here till I decide to let you go, that should be enough as punishment.” He said and as he stood to stand, I spoke up.

“What did you mean by you don’t do ladies? are you gã-y?” I asked.

“There are many things you did not know about me, don’t ask me such questions again in the future.” He said and walked away.

I was there till it was late at night, I did not know when he will decide to release me.

The door opened at night and I expected him to show up but Donald showed up instead.

He came to me and loosen me.

“Why do you loosen me? I thought you hate me too?”I asked.

” You did not nothing, why would I hate you? I only hated myself.” He said.

“You did not have to, it’s who you are , learn to live with it.” I said and he nodded as he lowered his head.

“Don’t you think Leonard will have problem with you that you loose me when he hasn’t decided to release me yet?”I asked.

” I was taught to do what is right, I do not think of the aftermath.” He answered and I smiled at him.

“I’ll bring Pearl for you next time.” I said and touched his cheek playfully.

He tried to smile but it was so boring.

I shook my head and laughed at him.

“Is the door opened?”I asked.

” Yes, this is after 8PM already, please be careful. I left all the doors that leads outside open for you?” He said and I shot him a thankful smile.

I walked out and took a cab home.

On getting home, no one was in the living room, I went to check my parent’s room and saw that my dad and mom were sleeping already.

They must be so certain that I would come home today.

I went to the living room and sat sadly.

Where in the world could Raymond be? I should have even asked Donald before leaving but I was more interested to get out at that point.

I picked my phone just to check few stuffs on it only for me to see an unread message from Raymond.

I hurriedly checked it and saw his message; the new address he sent to me.

He sent the message few minutes after I left home.

Can I still go this night?

He would be sad if I did not come, I write a letter on the table that says; “I’ll be back tomorrow morning mom.”

I walked out and entered a cab, I drove to the address.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 65


I took an elevator to Raymond’s floor and on getting there, I pressed the visitor’s bell.

It rang and ended. There was no response from the inside.

I thought of texting or calling his phone but I felt like pressing the visitor’s bell again, I did and in few seconds, the door opened.

Raymond looked at me with a puffy eyes, it was obvious he just woke.

“Come in.”He said and I walked in.

I adored the beautiful place.

He yawned slightly and went to sit.

” Isn’t it too late?” He asked.

“I saw your message late.” I said.

“I need to rest.” He said and stood.

As he started walking away from me, I said; “What have you invited me for?”

“To teach you modelling, you came late.” He said and walked inside.

I checked my watch and saw that it was late and going back now will will not only be dangerous but stressful.

I stood and went to the room he entered.

“Should I go back?” I asked.

“When I went to drop a message to your parents about you, their reactions towards me was disrespecting. Have you told them something negative about me?” He ignored my question and queried but I shook my head in response.

“My parents and I have never had any reason to talk about you.” I said and wondered why either of my dad or mom could have behaved so ridiculous to Raymond.

“Why don’t you come to school today?” I questioned.

“I moved out of my dad’s house.” He answered and stood from the bed that he had initially laid.

He went and close the door behind me.

“Use the shower and sleep, I’ll teach you tomorrow.” He said and I furrowed my brow.

“Are we going to be sleeping in the same room this night?” I asked.

“Since you came at night, did you really come for modelling then or who teaches modelling at night?” He asked.

I wanted to speak more but decided to swallow my words.

I went to the shøwer and stayed underneath the water for what looks like a long period of time.

I was nervous and didn’t know how it will feel like sleeping beside the head boy this night

I covered the sensitive part of my body with a tōwel and came out of the bathroom

I searched his wardrobe and picked a cloth to wear for the night

I then went to sit at the edge of the bed. I was nervous on lã-ying beside him.

After a while, I summoned courage and lã-īd on the bêd.

“I thought you will sit all night.”He said and I coughed briefly.

” Head boy, I really wish I can win at that contest, it will change my status for good.” I said.

“If you are hardworking.” He said and I remembered Marie.

“Where is Marie?” I questioned.

“I didn’t bring him with me, I do not have a house for him here.” He answered and I nodded slowly.

We were facing each other and was staring into each other’s face.

“You are handsome.” I said softly.

“It’s not my first time of hearing that, close your eyes and sleep.” He ordered and I looked at his beautiful face for few more seconds before closing my eyes.

Truth was that I do not think I can fall asleep so easily seeing that I was bêside him.

After a while, I assumed that he must have slept too so I opened my eye but I was surprised to see him staring at me.

“I thought you were suppose to be sleeping?” I asked softly.

“I was, I mistakenly opened my eye.” He said and kept continued staring at me.

I smirked and let my eyes fall back into a closing position.

“Raymond, are you feeling like kissing me?” I asked all of a sudden with my eyes widely opened.

“What sort of a horrible feeling is that. Don’t think too much.” He uttered but I only fixed my eye on his lips.

I moved my head to his lips and as I almost kissed him, I took it back.

He didn’t flinch, he was just still.

He knows I was about to kiss him yet he remained like that.

He probably wants it.

I summoned courage with all the strength in me and kissed his succulent lips.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 66


I took my head back slowly, that was after kissing him. His face held no further expression. He only stared simply into my face.

I licked my lower lips signalling to him that I love the taste of his lips.

I realize he didn’t say a word yet

Two things were involved; He was either angry or comfortable with it.

I do not think he’s the kind of man that will get angry just because I kissed him.

After several minutes that I had tried to sleep but couldn’t, I found out he was still staring at me, so I coughed briefly and said; “Well, I will start going now.”

I just wanted him to talk so I can know how he feels at the moment.

He still didn’t say a word or move any part of his body.

“Weird!” I mumbled underneath my breath and stood.

“Bye.” I said and walked to the door but he didn’t stop me at all.

After I was out of the room, I arrived at the large living-room and walked to the door that leads to the elevator.

Not like I was planning to leave, I just wanted to see through his present feeling.

I tried to open the door that leads outside but couldn’t, I realized that it required his finger print.

I walked back to the room he laï-d and said; “Please open this door for me, it required for finger print!”

“Get me a knife?” He asked to my surprise.

A knife? What does he needs a knife for?

“You want to stab me, right?” I asked.

“Go to my kitchen and get me a knife?” He requested but I stood akimbo.

“I’m not ready to die.” I answered him and he stood from the bed like a spider man.
The rate at which he stood and yank off his duvet was so swift.

He dissapered and came back with a knife.

I wasn’t scared at all, maybe because I trusted that he would not hurt me.

He came to me with a dark look and said; “Take this?”

“I’m not a butcher, that’s if you want me to help you with cutting of meats.” I said.

“Take it, now.” He ordered more firmly and I reasoned; It was more better and sader for the knife to be in my hand than for it to be in his.

I collected the knife from him and quickly said; “I can’t, I can’t…I can’t kill you, I don’t want you to die.”

It was with sadness and tears that I was uttering those words.

“What’s wrong with this one?” He asked and went to sit on the bed. “Who told you to kill me? I only told you to take the knife from me.”

“Oh! so what should I use it for?” I asked but he lai-d back in the bed and covered himself with a duvet.

After he had lãÏ-d properly, he raised his left fingers and said; “Cut my thumb and use it to open that door.”

I was stunned and stood shocked.

I walked to him and used that opportunity to hold his hand, they were beautiful and cold, they were one that I had always love to touch.

I held his hand in my hand happily, Instead of cutting the thumb, I pecked the back of his palm.

“Is that how to cut a thumb?”He asked.

” I’m trying to make it wë-t before I cut it.” I said and pecked his hand again.

It was a beautiful feeling.

He sat upright all of a sudden and collected the knife from me, he threw it away and made me sleep underneath his duvet.

We were now very close to each other that we could perceive our breathes.

His scent was faint and so yummy.

I raised my hand and placed it around him.

“You are not scared of getting pregnant, right?” He asked but I only looked at his blue eyes that kept shining even under the duvet.

“No.” I answered and he turned from me.

“Such would never happen.” He said and I smiled.

I climbed him and went to face him on the other side of the bed.

“What are you trying to do?” He asked and before I could respond, he dragged me close to him again just that this time, he kissed me himself.

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Head Boy.

Written by ‘Feathers’

Chapter 67


I was stunned to see the both of us kissing, it was so romantic and sweet. He disengaged and blinked his eyes multiple times.

“You sedùced me finally?” He said gently.

“Huh! I only climbed over here and you kissed me.” I said.

“I thought you were my girlfriend.” He said and turned from me.

He was now backing him.

I climbed him again to the side he was facing and was now facing him.

“Head boy! you do have a girlfriend? ” I questioned curiosly.

“Is it a bad thing?” He asked.

“Where is she?” I asked.

He did not reply but closed his eyes like he was sleeping.

“Head boy, where is the girlfriend? ” I asked but I got no response.

I gave up and was now getting ready to sleep when he spoke up; “I’ll tell her you came to seduce me?”

“Really, and what will she do to me?”I questioned.

” How can I know, sleep Alice.” He said and pulled me closer to him.

I was happy and slept in his warm embrace.

I did not wake until very early in the following morning.

His arms were still around me and I believed he was sleeping

I do not know how to tell him that I’m about to go home to prepare for school.

“Are you awake?”He asked all of a sudden and took his hands off me.

Huh! how did he find out?

My head was around his chest and was slightly lowered, there was no way he could have seen my eyes.

I wanted to ask but ignored, I shouldn’t ask many questions this morning.

I sat upright while he still lã-id.

” Are you coming to school today?” I asked.

“I didn’t come yesterday cause I was moving to a different apartment, nothing will stop me from coming today?” He answered.

“Hum! but why did you leave your dad’s house?” I questioned.

“Ask that again, pocknosing Solomon, leave quick so you won’t arrive late at school?” He said and I nodded.

“Bye bye!” I said and ran out.

I arrived at school around fifteen mutes to 8AM. I was glad it wasn’t after 8 AM. I sighted Pearl from afar with three girls at the ice cream joint.

I suddenly saw one of them push Pearl , the push was not a gentle one, and that really made me disturbed.

I started to walk towards them slowly wondering what she could have done to those three girls.

Her hair was pulled by one of the girls, she was then pushed to the floor. I ran to her aid.

Those three girls turned to me and it was head girl and the other two prefects tha walks with her.

“What did she do?” I asked. I did not like how they were maltreating my friend.

“Actually, we were looking for you. see this.” Head girl said and gave me her phone.

I saw the heading of the news at the school news feed that states that; “Poor Alice caught seducing Raymond in his house.”

I went ahead and read it and saw that the editor general of the school painted it like I was a prøstitute trying to sêduce Raymond. They said I always go to his house even when he doesn’t invite me.

That was the first time I’ll be the subjects of discussion in the whole school, I have no idea who took my pictures going to Raymond’s dad house.

It’s a good thing Raymond moved out of that house.

“What does Pearl had to do with the news?” I asked still holding her phone.

“We thought you were somewhere hiding in the school. We asked where you were from her and she told us point blank that she did no know, we knew she was lying and decided to teach her some lessons.” The assembly prefect said

“This is me, what did you want with me? I went to Raymond’s house, I’m a slü-T, so what?” I asked like it didn’t hurt reading the slånder.

The head girl moved to me and held me by my collar; “Such a shameless girl.”

She raised her hand to slap me but someone’s voice stopped her.

“Is it right to slap her when she has not offended you?” I turned and saw Raymond.

The head girl was stunned to see Raymond revealing himself behind a tree I presumed he had hide.

“Raymond!” Head girl called and took two steps close to him.

“Stay away from Alice, she would ruin your life?” Head girl said.

“I need to show you something?” Raymond said to her and walked to me

He moved very close to me and said to the head girl; “Watch!”

He kissed me before them and other students around.

Head Boy

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 68


After Raymond disengaged the brief but controversial kiss from me, my face fell on Pearl and she smiled and winked at me.

“There are some people Raymond will never dream of standing close to not to talk of kissing them.” Pearl shouted.

Pearl pouted her lips to the head girl and her friends.

“You people are just being jealous of my friend, Raymond will never like you, wicked girl.” Pearl said and pouted her lips again at them.

Head girl and her girls just stood still.

Many students who had seen Raymond kissed me already stopped and set their attention on us like they were watching a movie.

“Leave with your friend.” Raymond said and I walked away with Pearl.

Raymond’s Dad.

“Raymond left my house, he does not even have a job yet…” I lamented.

“Sir, I’m sure he will come back cause how will he survive without a job.”Mama Any said and I nodded.

I was sad my son left my house, I do not know if forcing Rose on him is the right thing to do.

But Rose is a multiple time award winning model, implying that she is not just beautiful before we people that are close to her but to the world.

How come Raymond never likes her, Rose is rich and humble too.

It’s saddening to see my son like an ordinary poor girl who got admitted to his school by luck.

” Don’t think too much, sir, Raymond will come back. Rose is for him. Or… would you just call for the expulsion of Alice?” Mama Any asked.

“Won’t that worsen the case? I do not want to become my only son’s worst enemy.” I said.

Mama Any sighed and thought. “Let’s be patient then, but if Alice keep being the obstacle behind Rose getting loved by Raymond, we would have to expel her.”

“I understand. I have a plan of calling for her expulsion after the beauty contest. If Raymond should vote for Alice, she’s out of that school.” I said.

“I agree with you.” Mama Any asserted.


I never loved Albert from the start, we got into a romantic affair cause he was the only one that understood me.

I had loved Raymond since I had start to live with him. I never for once think that a day would come when he will fall for someone else, and worst of it all, it was a poor girl.

If I were evil, I would have done something terrible to her and her family.

At least, if he can not love me, he should love Rose , but no! He ignored the both of us and started preferring being with ordinary poor Alice.

Someone that would never amount to anything in her entire life.

I heard steps behind me and I turned, it was Albert. I had called him over.

Albert dated Alice just to cover up for who he is, it was I that he had loved with passion.

He still loves me and would do anything I want.

I told him to break up with Alice when I started to feel jealous, I realized that the relationship between Albert and Alice was growing closer than I wanted it to be.

Albert obeyed just what I wanted him to do; which was breaking up with Alice cause of the love he had for me.

That happens to be the greatest mistake of my life, cause immediately Albert broke up with Alice, Raymond started to notice her.

I hated the fact that I made Albert and Alice break up just cause I was jealous. Albert and Alice would have being together now and Raymond would never had noticed her, even if he does, he would realize that she was in love.

“Baby!” Albert called.

“Is Alice still adamant on being on your girlfriend again?” I asked him.

“I’m really sorry but I’m trying my best, don’t get angry, you know how much I love you.” He said but I only leaned on the wall sadly.

He came to me and caressed my chest, he began to open the button of my school uniform.

He locked my lips into his and we kissed for a while.

“I need Alice to stay away from Raymond, do you have any other idea?” I asked and he looked away and thought.

“I really do not know but… if I tell her to come to my house, she will…I think she still has some iota of feelings for me, If I make love with her, she will hate herself and probably stay away from Raymond but that’s if you would not be jealous, I do not want to cheat on you.” He said.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 69


Pearl and I went to one of the rooms upstairs, she had said she wanted to teach me some modelling steps.

She claims to know few so she was about to teach me.

As soon as we walked inside the room, it was bright cause it was the day and the sun shone directly inside.

Pearl began to teach me while I follow her steps , I suddenly saw two male student passed our class.

I ran out and was only able to see the back of one of them, it was Albert.

What in the world could two male student come here for?

I went back inside to meet Pearl.

“Who was that?”She questioned.

” Albert, he just walked pass this room with another male student.” I said.

“He’s your ex, let him go already. Raymond is there for you.” She said and I blushed.

“What are you girls doing?” Someone standing at the entrance asked.

Pearl and I turned at the same time and was stunned to see Raymond.

His hands were inside his pocket, he walked in elegantly and glanced at me.

“Actually, I’m teaching Alice modelling?”Pearl answered.

” I’ll teach her.”Pearl understood and walked out.

“Head boy, won’t people think out of box when they sight just the both of us in an empty room like this?”I asked.

” Show me what your friend has taught you?” He ignored my question and asked.

I walked in some styles that Pearl had taught me.

Raymond began to teach me many more styles, he seems to be so good in it.

I wonder if he use to be a model.

“How many days do you have till the beauty contest day?”He questioned.

” 14 days.” I answered.

“If you do not win, stay away from me.” He said.

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“It’s a contest and anyone can win, but I pray I win, though” I said.

He went to lean by the window and asked: “Are you reading the book I send to you?”

“Not yet , but I will when I get home.” I answered.

I walked to where he leaned and leaned beside him too.

I coughed briefly and said; “Do you came here purposely to be with me or you came here to teach my modelling?”

“I just wanted to help you win, nothing else!” He answered.

“Head boy, you know what I think?”

“I can’t see through your heart.” He answered.

“I think that you like me but you are not willing to admit it.” I said.

“Who said I was not willing to admit it?” He asked.

“Oh! so you like me and you have admitted it, is that?”

He turned fully at me and said; “If I can care for Marie that is not a human, don’t think because I care slightly for you, then I have feelings for you.”

“But I didn’t mention feelings, head boy, I was only talking about liking me, if you did not like me, do you hate me then?” I questioned.

“Better make yourself proud and ensure you lead in this contest.” He said and began to walk out.

I ran after him and said; “Head boy!”

He turned to me.

“Have you liked someone in the past?”

“I still like my brothers now, what are you talking about?”

“I mean have you perhaps liked a lady in the past?”I asked.

” If you mean a female , yes, my mom.” He answered.

“No, a lady like me, someone that seems to be your mate, have you ever wished that a lady should be your girlfriend?”

He watched me for a while and then said; “Yes?”

“Hum! who was the lady?” He asked?

“If Marie was a human, I would have wished he was my girlfriend.” He said.

“You claim to like Marie so much but you did not even take him along with you to your new apartment.” I said.

He didn’t say a word but kept staring at me.

“My conclusion, head boy, is that you really like me, I hope you learn to admit it before Albert has me back.” I said expecting the name ‘Albert’ to trigger him.

“Did you say Albert?” He asked and turned to me.

“Yes, Albert, my ex. If you did not accept the fact that you like me,he will have me back.” I said intentionally.

He didn’t say a word, I stood and expected him to say something but he didn’t.

Since he wouldn’t talk, I walked away.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 70


Albert ran to me, I was almost at the garage of the school where my bicycle was parked.

“Alice, how are you?” He asked.

“Fine.”I answered briefly.

” Hum! I’d like you to come over to my house, can you?” He asked.

“Why would I?”

“I told you I’d like to to teach you modelling.” He said.

“But Raymond is teaching me already.” I answered.

“I’ll teach you more.”

“Not interested.” I answered.

He was quiet for a while , then said; “Alice, do you actually stopped loving me?

” Sincerely. You broke my heart for no reason, you know how much I loved you. I would do anything you want. Even if you wanted to have s–x with me then, I would surely allow you. But you broke my heart like it’s nothing. How can I still love you after what you did?” I asked?

“I apologized, since you are not in love with anyone yet, let’s come back together.” He answered.

“Really? how did you know I’m not in love with someone yet?”

“Are you? with who?” He questioned.

“It’s my personal life, but I won’t be your girlfriend anymore.” I answered.

He came close to me and said; “You are really determined.”

I closed my eyes and I remembered those old times, he had moved very close to me like he wanted to kiss me anytime he wanted to tell that he loves me.

I took two steps back and tried to open my eyes, his presence was overwhelming but he took two more steps closer.

“Can I drive you home at least?” He asked.

“I’m…fine!”I stressed and shook my head.

I was trying so hard to overcome his domineering presence.

” I’ll transport you either you like it or not, please come with me.”He said and went to my bicycle.

He opened the booth of his car and placed my bicycle there.

He opened the side of the door and I stood still for a while before deciding to succumb to his request.

I walked inside his car and sat at the seat beside him.

“Thanks for letting me transport you?” He said but I just looked out through the window.

“The headings of the schools news today made me really sad, so you do go to Raymond’s house even when he doesn’t invite you? Raymond can never fall in love with you because you are poor and there rumours that he has a girlfriend.”

“Okay.” I only said one word cause I do not have the strength to drag words with him.

I just wanted him to drop me off as soon as I got to my place.

“You only said ‘okay I regretted the fact that I broke up with you , though.” He said but I was not moved at all.

All that was on my head was how I will win the contest that will be taking place in the next two weeks, it would be an absolute change of status for my family.

I can’t wait to see my mom get healed permanently, the pain my mom go through everyday always make me sad.

I don’t like to think about it My dad works his @-ss off just to keep up with the bills of the drug she must use everyday.

“Alice, are you listening to me at all?” He asked and glanced at me.

“Not really, I’m almost at my place.” I said.

“I know.” He answered and didn’t say anymore word.

As we approached my home, I expected him to slow down but the speed of the car was the same.

“Do you realize that I I’m already at my house?”I asked but he acted dumb.

After he had drove pass my house, he said; ” I just want to have some time with my girlfriend ,is that bad?”He asked.

“We will find out.”I answered.

We were silent till we arrived at his house, he stepped down and I got off too.

” Come in.”He said and I smirked angrily.

“Did you realize you brought me here against my will?” I asked.

“I was only trying to show that I love you, come with me baby?” He said but I threw a resounding slap to his face

No one is too big for me to slap, if I can slap the head boy, who is Albert?

I saw a man I assumed to be his dad watching us from where he sat.

“Don’t act against my will next time?” I said and walked to his booth, I opened it, took my bicycle and placed it down.

I rode home.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 71


Just three weeks and we will be done for the semester, in just two weeks, my fate would have been decided on either I will remain poor or rich, it all depends on if I win the beauty contest.

I really want to excel in my studies this semester and also win the beauty contest even though i doubt it, considering the number of experienced models that will be present on that day.

But I’ll be hopeful.

As soon as I arrived home, that was after I left Albert’s house. I walked in and saw my dad watching my mom as she took her drugs.

I stood still and imagined her, getting healed when I finally win the contest. Not only will she be healed permanently, I will become a popular and many brands will probably start to endorse me.

My father sighted me standing still like a statue.

“Alice, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes dad!” I suspended the sweet imagination and walked to them.

I sat beside by mom and looked at her. She was about taking a new set of drugs.

“Mom! are you getting better!” I asked.

She took her second dose of drug and turned to me, as she wanted to speak, tears poured from her face.

I buried my head in between her br—ast and consoled her.

I understood her pain so well, living in pain for three and a half years is not even funny at all

No one in the world would ever pray for such. I took my head away from her and said; “Mom, I’m sure we would get the money for your permanent healing so soon.”

She nodded and only looked away

My dad kissed her in the lips and said with all of the the passion in him; “I’ve being working hard since the first day the doctor said you had tumour, understand that my love for you will never drain and I’ll be here after you had get healed permanently, this will not even last forever.”

They hugged.

I stood and watched them display affections, I walked inside my room sadly.

I was planning to read when I get home but my mood just changed into a very sad one. No one would pray to see tears on their mother’s face.

I la-id on my bed and hoped that I will get over it so soon , so I can read

I didn’t even know when I slept off.

I woke up few hours to 11PM, I was now feeling better and felt like I could still read.

As I brought out my books from my bag and set it on my bed, I received a brief beep on my phone.

I checked sharply and saw that it was from Raymond, I became more elated to check what he sends.

“Alice, I wanted to tell you to come today but I felt like, you might have some things to do at home. Rest and be happy. Good night.”

Really? He just texted me a good night message. I was so happy.

I replied immediately by typing; “Head boy, thanks for the message. Sleep well too.”

His message came swiftly like he had been expecting my reply; “Did you have to tell me to sleep well before I sleep well? I know better to sleep well.”

Huh! I replied and typed; “I actually meant that you should close your eyes when you are about to sleep, Good night.”

It took a while before he replied, I had already placed back my phone somewhere on the bed but a part of me was still expecting a reply from him.

My phone beeped briefly and I curiously took it and saw; “Thanks for the advise, I’ll sure close my eyes before I sleep but please , close your mouth when you sleep too and don’t raise your legs up, it hurt, place it down. Good night.”

I chuckled on reading the message

I dragged my physics note to me and began to read, there was a part I didn’t understand so I picked my phone and was about texting Raymond.

I hope that he had not slept.

“Electromagnetic wave is a wave that does not require any material medium for their propagation, what are those material medium?” I asked through text.

He didn’t reply for several minutes, I assumed he had slept and I was not happy.

My phone beeped briefly when it was just 5 minutes to 12AM.

“Come outside your house.”The message reads.

Huh! At this middle of the night?;

” Are you outside?” I replied his text.

“No, with you inside.” He replied ironically.

I summoned little courage and went to open the door of the house, I saw a black jeep before our house. I took few steps close and someone got down.

He walked to me and I saw that he was Raymond.

“Teaching you what you ask through text message might not work, come and sleep the night in my place, I’ll teach you properly.” He said.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 72


I stood before Raymond, I was stunned that he had came to invite me over to his house in this middle of the night

“I’ve not shower for the night.” I said softly.

“You can do that in my place.” He answered and I nodded.

I followed him to his car and got in.

As he drove, I said; “Head boy, do you really come because you want to teach me or because…. you miss me?”

“Why do you think like that….Ouch! pathetic!” He said and continued driving.

“Head boy, answer my question.” I insisted.

“What question? Does it even make sense to miss someone you didn’t like? Come off that thought and think straight. I just wanted to teach you what you did not understand.” He answered.

“Since you were not sleeping at a time like this, I have an assumption that you were thinking about me.” I said.

He glanced at me and didn’t say a word , I didn’t want him to lose concentrations as he drives so I stopped talking.

We arrived at his house and took an elevator to his floor.

We both walked in and he went straight to his room, I stood still at the living room for a while and adored it once more.

“Perfect designing.” I mumbled and then walked to his room.

I was surprised to see that he had laid on the bed and was covering himself with a duvet.

I stood akimbo in surprise; “Thought you said you wanted to teach me what I asked?”

“It’s cold.” He replied but didn’t raise his head at me.

“Not fair!” I let out and went to hit on the bed.

He yanked the duvet off him and stood from the bed.

“I’m not fair for wanting to rest for a while before teaching you? okay…” He said and walked out.

He came back with a physics textbook, a book and a pen.

We both sat facing each other on the bed, the books were separating us.

Raymond began to teach me.

We arrived at his house at 12:31AM, Raymond started teaching me at 12:44AM.

1:44AM, Raymond was still teaching, this time, I was still grabbing it.

He did not look at my face, he kept teaching with his eyes fixed on the book.

2:40AM, Raymond was still teaching, this time, my head was beginning to slightly ache.

3:50AM, Raymond continued teaching flawlessly, this time, I knew I was into big problem.

My ears has stopped listening to anything he ha,s to say my small brain can not even understand anything again.

Whenever he asked if I understand, I will just reply yes

4:50 AM, Raymond was still teaching, this time, I was already dossing and seeing stars even as I sat before him.

My days! let head boy stop this teaching, it’s enough.

6:0 clock AM, I didn’t even know that I had slept off and my head was lowered before him.

I must have slept for like thirty minutes cause when my eyes suddenly opened at 6AM, my neck hurts badly.

However, Raymond continued teaching.

At that time, I knew I was into some deep sh!t.

“Head Boy!” I called and he finally raised his head at me.

How can someone be teaching for six hours straight in the middle of the night without getting tired! .

“Do you understand?” He asked.

“Huh! understand what? Yes, I did understand some part but I’m really feeling sleepy and tired, how do I even get to school early today cause I felt like colliding on the bed and sleeping off.” I said.

“If you did not emerge as one of the first three students in your class , I will despise you.” He said.

“i need to start going home.” I got up with a puffy and swollen eyes.

I staggered like someone that was drunk.

“Should I transport you home?” He asked and I nodded.

He stood and came to me, he held my hand into his and was about taking me out when I slumped to his chest.

It was intentional and that was because I was feeling terribly sleepy.

My head was rested on his shoulder and we stood in a position where it looks like we were hugging.

He stood still and seems stunned at the way I was sleeping on his shoulder.

“You need to get to school early today.” He said.

“And you, aren’t you sleeping?” I asked him sullenly.

“I’m not a dummy like you are. ” He answered and took me back to his bed.

Realizing that I was on his bed, I struggled to open my puffy eyes but I felt him covering me with his duvet.

“I must get to school early.” I mumbled softly underneath my breath but I felt Raymond kissed me on my forehead.

The next words I heard were; “Sleep.”

It was the last word I heard, I slept off like a Buffalo.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 73


I woke up and hurriedly sat upright, I checked my watch and saw that it was few minutes to 12PM.

My days! My mom would have been wondering why I haven’t come back home.

Raymond entered at that moment.

“I believe you rested well.” He said but I quickly stood.

“I need to go home!” I said hurriedly.

“Fine!” He answered and we took the elevator down, we waddled to his car and he drove me to my house.

“See you!” I said and waved at him.

I hurriedly ran inside, I met my mom sitting uncomfortably and watching the television.

“Mom!”I called and I went to sit beside her.

As soon as she sighted me, she let out a brief sigh.

” I was worried when I couldn’t find you this morning.” She said.

“I went out yesterday and slept off…I actually went to read.” I said.

“Try to inform me next time before going out, I was really disturbed.” She said.

I let out a gasp of relief when I noticed that she didn’t ask where I went to.

“How is your health mom?” I asked.

“Getting better!” She replied with a smile.


I drove to the restaurant where I had decided to work, I should resume in the evening on a norms but I decided to resume early today since Alice had gone and I was less busy.

I walked in, signed in and began work.

I served a customer and I was surprised to see that the customers were Leonard and Rose.

They must have find out in one way or the other that I had secured a job here.

I served them like I did not even know who they were, as I was about turning to leave, Leonard called; “Raymond.”.

I turned and shot them an indifferent look.

“This is not good for the family’s name, you can’t come and work in this kind of place when your dad can but the whole of this place for you.” Leonard said.

“I’m at work, I won’t be able to discuss with you.” I said and walked away.

I continued doing my work with diligence and I noticed that Leonard and Rose remained seated.

I noticed Leonard stood and as I trailed him with my eye, I realized he walked inside an office after exchanging few words with the manager.

“The CEO wants to see you.” A female worker said to me.

I nodded and walked to the CEO’s office.

I saw Leonard sitting with honour.

“This young man said he needs to see you, you are free to have a conversation with them, don’t worry about how long it takes.” The man said.

I did not reply him, Leonard stood and walked out.

I followed him and went to sit at their table.

Leonard and Rose were sitting opposite each other while I was sitting by the side.

“Raymond, I’ve missed you.” Rose said affectionately.

“Yes, she missed you so much, everyone at home has missed you too. Your dad is not happy at all, please come back home.” Leonard said.

“I’m not coming back soon, how is Marie?” I questioned.

“Marie!” Leonard called sadly and exchanged sad glances with Rose.

“He’s dead.” Rose declared.

My heads ached badly, I felt like I probably didn’t hear the right word. No! Marie can not die, why would he?

Tears were forming rapidly in my eyes.

“What killed my son?” I asked.

“We all woke one day, Donald and I decided to check on him at his mansion only to find him dead.” Leonard said and tears pour off my face.

I shouldn’t have left Marie, I should have rented an apartment for him too.

I cried and lowered my head to the table before me.

I was sad and felt empty.

“Raymond! I’m so sorry.” Leonard said.

After crying for few minutes, I brought out my hankercheif and cleaned my eye.

“I will come home this evening to bury Marie.” I said and stood.

“I would really like it if you do not come to disturb me at work again.” I walked from from them sadly.

My phone beeped and I picked it, I saw that the caller ID was Alice.

“Raymond, I missed many subjects at school today cause I was absent, will you teach me?” She asked.

“Marie is dead.” I said gently. “Come to my place quick so we can bury Marie and observe a one minute silence for him.”

I didn’t wait for Alice to reply before I hung up.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 74


I had never seen nor heard Raymond talk weak before, when I called him, his voice was low, depressed and sad.

I was very unhappy when he informed me that Marie died, Marie couldn’t have died for no reason, I should believe that some people were behind it.

I arrived at Raymond’s floor, he was already dressed and was leaning by the wall of his room

“Alice!” He called and I walked to him gently.

“I’m sorry for the loss of Marie.” I said and stood very close to him.

I wanted to hug him to comfort him but I do not know how he would react, people say a sad man gets angry easily.

I would not like him to get angry especially at a time like that.

“Let’s leave.” He said and walked away from me.

Thank goodness I did not make any attempt to hug him.

We took the elevator down, got inside the car and he commenced driving to his father’s house.

I was quiet all through our stay in the car, I do not want to provoke him at a time like that.

Raymond and I arrived at his father’s house and we both got down. As if they had been expecting him, his family members started coming out of the house.

His dad, mama Any, Rose, Leonard and Donald.

Raymond was surprised at their sudden appearance.

His dad walked to Raymond and said; “You really came because of Marie?”

“Why is everyone outside? are you all out to mourn Marie with me? ” He asked.

“Not at all. Nothing is wrong with Marie.” His father said. “I just needed something to bring you home.”

“Woof woof woof!” Maried barked and out of his mansion to where Raymond stood.

Like a wife that had seen her husband for years, so was Raymond, he ran to Marie, carried him and hugged him tightly.

“I have missed you.” Raymond said as he rubbed Marie.

Marie remained in Raymond’s arm. He held unto Raymond tightly as if he doesn’t want him to leave him again.

Raymond placed Marie down gently. Marie kept looking unto Raymond as if begging him not to leave him behind.

Raymond them turned to Leonard.

“Why did you lie to me?” His question was directed at Leonard.

“Dad told me to, I only delivered his message the way he wanted me to.” Leonard replied.

“I’m sorry if that hurts.” Leonard said further.

“Alice, I never knew I would be seeing you so soon. ” Raymond’s father said with a smile.

“I have two things to tell you, if you love your career, stay away from my son, if you love your parents too, stay away from my son.” The man said with a wicked smile on his lips.

“Tell your son to stay away from me, why are you threatening me?” I asked boldly.

“Erm…sorry , if that looks like a threat?” Mama Any stepped forward and handed over a file to me.

I collected it and while trying to read what was inside, she said; “The summary of what was inside was that your beauty contest application has been cancelled.”

“And if that is not an enough warning, I can call the school right now and order your expulsion.” Raymond’s father added.

My mood turned into a sad one.

“Go in.” Raymond said to me and I walked inside his car.

I did not know what else he said to his family, he came back inside his car and began to drive back to his mansion.

I was so sad and depressed. My only hope is for Raymond to find a way out of it as he always does.

“I like the challenge.” Raymond said.

“What?” I asked not understanding the full meaning of his words.

“My family! they wanted you to stop moving with me and because of that, they ordered the termination of your beauty contest application.” He said.

“Is there a way you would help?” I asked.

He was quiet for a while, he glanced at me and said; “Don’t be scared, I’ll look for a way out. But… I assure you by the mercies of God, you will win the beauty contest.”

He was full of courage when he said it and it gave me so much hope.

“I’m not doing this cause I have feelings for you.” He said.

“I didn’t ask, but why are you doing it then?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled, then continued driving.

I barely see him smile, and now that he smile, I was bewildered.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 75


On arriving at Raymond’s house, we took an elevator to his floor and entered his beautiful living room.

“I’m glad Marie isn’t dead.” Raymond said calmly after he had sat in the living room.

I went to sit at a couch by the right side of the living room and said; “Same here, but…you still didn’t bring him with you, why? don’t you think he will be sad?”

“I knew he was sad but I can’t live with him here, a dog has some diseases he could bore as a result of being sick, I might contact it from him if care is not taken. This was why we created a mansion for Marie…If I have the money to rent another apartment, it would be for Marie. My brothers will definitely take care of him. There is nothing to worry about.” He explained.

“You really trust them?” I asked.

“I do.” He answered and turned on the television.

He stood and connected it with his PS5

“Can you play a football game?” He questioned.

“Definitely.” I lied.

I have never played a football video game before , I stood and sat beside him, he handed over the second game pad to me.

The match started and I started pressing rubbish.

He shut the television and looked at me coldly.

“Thought you said you knew how to play it?” He questioned.

“Head boy, you bought a PS5 that requires two people to play, but you are the only one living here, who do you intend playing with?” I asked.

“Dummy! I can play with the computer!” He answered and turned on the television but this time, he connected it with his phone.

It started to display teachings on how to walk like a model.

I stood and started following the person teaching in the TV.

Despite the fact that head boy was sitted, I wasn’t nervous at all, I concentrated fully on the modelling being taught.

About an hour later, the instructor asked those he belived were watching to rest.

“I’m happy I’m getting this.” I said as I sunk back to the chair beside him.

He didn’t say a word and then I said; “At least, I was not being taught like it was physics.”

“Talking of physics, can you tell me some of what I taught you yesterday?” He asked.

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“Okay, I now have the opportunity to prove that I’m not a dummy, you started with waves, then you moved to motion, motion is the phenomenon in which an object changes it’s position over time, types of motion includes; random, oscillatory , linear, reciprocatory motion. Random motion is defined as;…”

He interrupted me and said; “Really? so you are this brilliant?”

I smiled and blushed. I looked his face happily and proudly.

His face held so much surprise; “Wow! what can I use to reward you for getting what I taught you and you even explained to me flawlessly?” Not like he was asking me, it was more like of a thought of him that he let out.

“Well, you can surprise me by buying me one of the clothes I will need for the beauty contest. The beauty contest is seven rounds and I’ll be needing seven exorbitant clothes and seven exorbitant shoes.” I let out.

“I have decided to help you with that before now, not because you are special to me, I just wanted to help you.” He said.

“Ouch! So I’m not special? well, it’s better not to be special and yet be helped than to be special and suffer bad luck.” I said.

“Come over.” He said and I adjusted very close to him.

I looked at his eye wondering what he wanted say or do to me.

He placed his soft and beautiful hands on my cheeks and I flushed, my eye lashes fell and almost closed.

My cheek felt warm, he placed two fingers underneath my chin and raised my head up gently.

He moved his head close to me and said; “Alice.”

I looked into his deep blue eyes, I was blushing greatly.

Did he want to kiss me?
No, don’t let me think weird this time.

“Your lips!” He said softly. His awesome breathe covered my face. I wanted his face to remain that way.

“They are the only beautiful thing in you.” He said.


I did not know if I should blush or feel embarrassed.

I was hereldered on either I should take that as a compliment or as an insult in disguise.
But since my lips looks beautiful to him today, other parts of my body will join in ‘Raymond’s beauty contest’

After all, he started by liking my name, now my lips.

I’m progressing in beauty before Raymond.

Head Boy

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 76


Raymond let go of my hand and took his away, but his eyes were still fixed on mine as if he forgot something there.

“Head boy, do you like my face too?” I asked.

Before I could close my mouth after asking the question, Raymond already spoken, he said; “No.”

“Ouch! that hurts!” I uttered almost crying

I folded my arms and looked away.

I won’t ask such question again in the future, I think I’m being too forward

“We would be going to school tomorrow, make sure you come early.” He said and stood.

“Tomorrow is Friday, I might just sleep at home.” I said.

“Lazy dummy.” He uttered and walked to his room.

I need to start going home to do few stuffs, I walked to his room and said; “I’m going home Raymond, we would see in school tomorrow.”

“Going home to do what?” He questioned.

I find it hard to understand what he just asked, can’t I go to my house? Even if I was not going to do anything, won’t I return home?

“To read.” I answered.

“Read here.”

“No…erm, to take care of my mom.” I lied.

“If you win the beauty contest, you can use the money to pay for her surgical operation.”

“Certainly.” I answered.

He looked away and said; “Your dad will take care of her.”

“Head boy, are you telling me not to go home and stay with you? are you telling me that you really wished I stay by your side for another night?” I asked.

“What!” He exclaimed and stood.

He held my wrist and walked me to the elevator that leads downstairs.

“Bye, I told you already that you are not special.” He said and walked out of the elevator.

Really? Ouch! But isn’t he indirectly telling me to stay?

The elevator took me to the floor and I hopped out, I thought of going home but changed my mind, I want to see if he didn’t care that I left.

I took the elevator back to his floor and as the door opened, his living room was revealed.

I saw Raymond backing me and checking something.

He didn’t even know that someone had entered, what could he be checking that go his full attention?

I tip toed till I got behind him, I saw him staring at his flat IPAD, I looked well and saw that he was on ny Instagram page checking my pictures.

What! thought he said I was not special to him? yet, he’s checking my pictures.

“Head boy!” I called and he turned in surprise, he realized that he was caught red handed.

He took one more glance at the IPAD and said; “I was imagining how someone can be this ugly.”

I chuckled and said; “But who in the world takes time out to check ugly people’s picture?” I asked.

“Forget it!” He said and walked inside.

He was checking my picture? Does that mean he likes me?

I’ll ask Pearl.

I walked back to the Elevator and as I pressed the close button, Raymond’s voice came theough.

“Are you going again?”

I quickly pressed the open button of the elevator and walked back to the living room.

“You said I was talking nonsense when I said you really wanted me to stay with you.” I said.

“Yeah…you were talking nonsense, leave.” He said.

“Erm…are you sure?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” His voice was lower than the first time.

“Head boy, are you sure you really want me to leave?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He answered.


I blushed greatly and smiled at myself.

I love the new head boy more.

“You don’t know? Okay…I will take my leave.” I said and pretended to walk out but he didn’t say a word.

I turned as I got before the elevator and said; “Head boy, should I…leave?” I asked softly.

He didn’t reply, he was only looking at me thinly.

His posture was firm and his stature was adorable, his hands were cute, and his neck were so glamorous.

This guy is just so beautiful and handsome.

“That reminds me, I still have some topics to teach you in physics , you are not going anywhere anymore, stay.” He said.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 77


I walked to Raymond without arguing.

He looked at my face squarely as I approached him and said; “Wait for me inside.”

I went in, he came back to me few minutes later and sat beside me.

“In few days to the time, you would be engaging in your contest, are you sure you are ready for this?” He asked.

“Ready when it comes to modelling, but when it comes to custumes, I’m far from being ready.” I answered.

He nodded and said; “I’ll make use of the first salary given to me to get you costumes.”

After he said those words, he laid under his duvet.

“You will give your first salary to someone that is not special to you?” I asked.

“It’s my way of helping , you talk too much, sleep here.” He ordered and I laid beside him.

I was facing him, his awesome breath got me still.

I wanted to remind me that he told me to wait so he could teach me physics but I decided not to let it out.

I do not want to go into a night marathon lecture this night again, I’d just sleep off in his arms.

Following Morning.

I waved at Raymond, he had drove me to my house very early in the morning.

I watched him drive away before I walked inside, I was glad that mom and dad were not in sight, they were probably in their room sleeping.

I went in and got dressed for school as soon as I could.

As I rode in my bicycle to school, I kept ruminating all that had been happening between Raymond and I recently.

I want to believe that he had liked me but I do not want to be too forward to avoid unnecessary heart breaks.

But I so much love Raymond. I will just keep hoping that he loves me someday as much as I love him.

As soon as I arrived at school, it was the time that Pearl got to school too.

We walked swiftly towards each other and hugged.

“Your night was?” She asked.

“Sēxy!” I answered.

“You had sêx in your dream or what?”She questioned

” At all. Guess what?… I slept at Raymond’s place.” I said.

Pearl expressed so much shock on her face, her eyes then darted to my belly. I was forced to look at my belly to see if something was there.

“What?” I was forced to ask.

Pearl examined my belly and said; “I think you are pregnant.”

I chuckled and spank her shoulder gently. “Nothing of such happened, he’s just a gentle man.”

“I get it, gentle men are stones that do not have s-ex, is that true?… Tell me the truth, I will tell no one.” She said.

“Pearl, are you crazy? I’m still a vir-gin.” I said and she twitched her lips.

“I won’t believe you, get pregnant quick.” She said and we both walked to the life cream man.

“Two biggest ice creams.” Pearl ordered.

“I’ve being given an order not to give ice creams to you anymore.” The ice cream man said and as I turned to Pearl, I saw a look of sadness on her face.

“What are you talking about? you mean Head boy said you shouldn’t give us ice cream in his name again?” I asked.

“He said I can only give you and not Pearl.” The man answered.

“Fine, give me four, then.” The plan was to give Pearl two and take two for myself.

“I’m sorry but Head boy said you can only get two for a day, one in the morning and one when you are going home.” The man answered.

” Raymond really said that?” I asked in shock but the ice cream man ignored and kept attending to other students.

I turned with a low spirit and was stunned to see Donald standing behind us.

“Donald!” Pearl called softly but affectionately.

“Dad isn’t given Raymond his weekly allowances cause of the issues they are having presently, please bear with him.” Donald said warmly and I nodded as I reasoned with him.

“Take as many yogurts as you want, I will pay.” Donald told Pearl and I.

“Why should you do that when I can pay, you can for Pearls, I will pay for my girlfriend’s ice cream.” Albert said from behind and came into view.

Who is this one’s girlfriend?

Head Boy.

Chapter 78

Written by Feathers.


Albert stood before Pearl and I and shot me affectionate look, the look on my face was that of disdain.

Mysteriously, it seems like all the feelings I have for him in the past is dead.

“Albert, I do not need you to buy Ice cream for me.” I let out.

“May be not, I wish too. ” He said.

Donald signalled for Pearl to follow him to the Ice cream man leaving Albert and I behind.

I tried to walk away from Albert but he held my wrist tight.

“Are you going to walk away from me?”He asked.

I looked at his hand on my wrist and already felt like throwing a slap to his face but I cautioned myself.

” Don’t create a scandal around me, we are no more in a relationship, you can’t just hold my wrist when I have not allowed you too.” I said.

“Do you forget so easily how we used to be lovers? It’s me Albert, why are you like this Alice? I know I have really hurt you by breaking up with you for no reasonable reason, but it’s for human to forgive one another.” He said.

Before I could speak, he dragged me to him, I was standing very close to him.

“Do you realize this is public?” I asked.

“Yeah, I have to give people the impression that I still love you.” He said.

I tried to snatch myself from his grip but he was too strong.

“You do realize you are molesting me, right?” I asked.

“I still love you, Alice. So much.” Albert said and brought his face closer to me in a bit to kiss me.

I was planning to spit on his face when a voice spoke ; “Do you think this is right?”

I tuned and saw Raymond.

Albert still didn’t let me go, he turned his head to Raymond and asked; “What business do you have with her? do you not realize that she is my girlfriend?”

“I knew she was, I also know that you had broken the relationship between the both of you.” Raymond said.

“And if I once broke it? I was facing so many things then, I was depressed and I needed space , now that I’m fine, I can get my lady back.” Albert said courageously.

I do not like the way Albert was holding me close to him, especially in public, so I used all the strength I had in me to try to free myself but Albert won’t let me go.

I was really hurt and pained, I looked at Raymond and saw that his eyes were red like he was angry but his face still holds a calm expression.

Raymond moved close to Albert and threw a slap to his face.

Albert held his cheek and loosened his grip around me, I used that chance to let go of myself, I then stood a distance away from him and was breathing heavily.

Albert raised his hand in a bit to slap Raymond but someone held it from behind.

Albert turned at the person angrily but he calmed as soon as he saw Leonard.

“You can’t hurt my brother.” Leonard said to Albert.

“But he slapped me.”Albert let out painfully while still holding unto his cheek.

Albert turned back to Raymond and shot him the most angry look.

” You!” He pointed at Raymond.

Raymond stood indifferently like he was not bothered with his threat

“Don’t stay around Alice again, or…I would be dealing mercilessly with you.” Raymond threatened.

“Really? deal with me?” Albert smirked and bite his lips painfully.

As Raymond signalled for me to leave, he asked; “And who are you to her, her boyfriend?”

Raymond smiled briefly and took his face to me.
Raymond walked to me and said; “After you had left her, I took her in and…well, like you guessed, she’s now my girlfriend.”

Raymond held my hand and we walked away from him.

“Head boy, I’m now your girlfriend?” I asked in surprise.

“Who says you are? I only said that to defend you.” He debated.

“Well, either you like it or not, as far as I’m concern, I’m now your girlfriend. After all, you proclaimed it yourself before Albert.” I said.

Raymond paused and turned fully to me. He said;” You are not bad!…. Come out in flying colors in your exam and you will be my girlfriend.”

“Just that?” I asked.

He smiled without saying a word and we continued walking.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 79


“He slapped me but you didn’t want me to retort mine?” Albert asked painfully

“He’s going through a lot at the moment, he is not living with us, just let him be.”I said.

” Well, I never loved Alice, though, so I’m not even hurt at all.” He said and looked away painfully.

“It’s obvious you are angry, but if you really love me, don’t stop until you get Alice back.”

“I have been embarassed twice, first time was when I took her to my house just to sedu-ce her and make love with her, she threw an unexpected slap at me as soon as she arrived at our compound, now your brother added his.” Albert let out.

“It’s part of the things you will face. Come with me.” I said and Albert followed me to the room upstairs.

I looked at his face and my eyes darted to his lips, “Kiss me.”

“Really?” He asked with a smile and kissed my lips softly.

The kiss let into deep romance.


I watched as Albert and Leonard engaged in illïcit romance, I shook my head pathetically. I’ve seen him more than once in a romantic relationship with Albert.

I was confused as to either he was a male and practicing g—ay or he was a girl and only disguiseeeing to be a male cause I had never seen his nåkedness.

No matter how smart, I was. I have never seen his bare chest or his manhood.

I will find out, and after confirming, I let it out to Raymond.


-Two Days To Beauty Contest-

I don’t even know if I should say Raymond and I were in a relationship, we do just anything that anyone would do in a relationship, yet he would never agree that we were in a relationship

Justy like he promised, he used his first salary in buying me the custumes I needed for the beauty contest.

It was a Saturday morning and I had just arrived at Raymond’s house. I wasn’t surprised to see him playing the video game with the computer.

“I always wonder how you are brilliant, head boy. You play game almost every day…” I said.

He turned and looked at me ; “Are those another words for ‘good morning’ ”

“Good morning?” I greeted, and as expected, he didn’t reply but continue playing the video game.

“I’m really nervous about this contest, I do not know if I would win.” I said.

“It’s good as my dad cancelled your application letter cause I just to get to know few details about the contest.” He said.

“Which are?”

“You get automatic 20 points out of 100 if your father is a a billionaire. You get extra 5 points if your father is a politician at the federal level, you get extra 15 points , if you have any connection whatsoever with the president of the country, the remaining 60 points are earned on the stage. Isn’t that ridiculous?” He asked me.

“That’s a very unbias way of judging people, now I see why Rose had been winning, I suggest her father had direct access to the president?” I asked.

“Rose’s dad and the president are close friends, in fact, it was that way he got to know my dad cause my dad is an elder brother to the president, Rose’s father is also a politician and a billionaire too. Basically, if Rose will be participating in any beauty contests, she already has 40 points awaiting her. So yeah! that could be the reason she was winning.” Raymond said.

“So how is it in my advantage?” I asked.

“Well, they could have traced your background, and once they find out you are poor, they will disqualify you from the first round, they would believe you are not worthy to contest with the rich.” He explained.

“How exactly does it work in my own advantage, I’m still poor anyway, so?” I reiterated.

“Are you dumb?” He asked and stood.

He walked inside and came back with a file, he gave it to me.

“You see that name there is the president’s daughter, that’s the name you are using, she won’t sue you, I already spoke to her. As soon as your point increases far above others, I mean when it has become obvious that you will win, your name will be changed to your real name.I spoke to the person in charge too.” He said.

“Wow! thank you head boy.” I said and stood from where I sat.

I went to peck his cheek.

“Next time you peck me, you won’t like what I will do for you.” He said and took the game PAD he had placed on the chair.

“What will you do?” I asked courageously.

“Make love with you.”

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 80


“Make love with me? Really? Inpregenate me or what?”

“I meant that I will prepare love for you, don’t think negative.” He said and glanced at me.

“Oh! why would I think weird, I was just wondering if it was possible to prepare love , is it food?” I asked.

“Don’t ask too many questions, to prepare love means planning to love someone. So when I say; Make love with you, I meant that, I was preparing to fall in love with you.” He said and I chuckled.

“Hannn….head boy, you can lie….well, it’s good you are preparing to love me.” I said.


“Tomorrow is the beauty contest, do you think Alice would have find any medium to participate in the beauty contest, Raymond can be very clever?” I asked.

“I doubt that, Alice is not worthy of being a contender, that is if she had smuggled her way in to participate again, I win practically 90% of the contest I engage in. I have many edges over her…you can’t understand.” Rose answered.

“I really want you to win and hope that Raymond votes for you too.” I said.

“Raymond and Alice seems to be growing in their relationship everyday and it hurts me badly, I do not want to hurt Alice cause I felt like Raymond would be hurt in return.” She said.

“Same here , but there should be way to separate them, Mama Any had already said she would work on her expulsion after the beauty contest. Let’s just wait till tomorrow.” I said and stood.

“Take care Rose.” I said as I took steps out, Rose called.

I turned back at her.

“Leonard, do you see me as a friend?” She asked.

I really do not get what that question meant but I answered ; “Yes.”

“Hum! Alright…” She said and looked away.

I looked at her for few more seconds and walked out.


It was night and I had been stalking Leonard, I want to know whom he really was.

Leonard entered the bathroom and I stood very close to it, my wish was that he would leave the door slightly opened but he closed it firm.

I waited for few minutes and after I was certain he would have been naked, I hit the door heavily, it shook but didn’t break.

I tried so hard to break it but it won’t break easily. By the time it broke, Leonard had already wore the same cloth he pulled off from his body.

Why didn’t he even add a towel around his body,there was soap all around him, yet he had to wear all his clothes.

“Donald, what is the matter? Are you alright?” He asked.

I glanced at him and walked away from him.

I will still find out who he really was.

-Day of the beauty contest-


I was at the back of the stage alongside beauty contestants. Many of them were in the most expensive dress.

The coordinator announced the first stage, we were nineteen at first.

I was to answer the president’s daughter’s name.

Everyone was called out one after the other, we all walked out and showed our modeling steps including Rose.

Rose had seen me but avoided me, I wasn’t planning on speaking to her too anyways.

They called the names of three people that came last, the name of the presdent’s daughter that I was answering to wasn’t there.

I was glad that I made it to the second round, Rose also made it to the second round.

We were called out for the second round, I made it again, I made it to the third round, and then to the forth , to the forth and surprisingly, to the sixth round.

I was so happy I made it to the semi final.

There were only five ladies left, Rose, I and three other pretty ladies.

I kept hoping that I won, even if these ones win, they had just spent the money on unnecessary stuffs but I want to for my mom’s permanent treatment

The five of us were called out and walked out to show steps of our modelling.

To my greatest shock, I made it to the final stage, along side Rose.

Just the both of us made it to the final stage.

My heart beats faster and I pray I win Rose in this final round.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 81


Rose was the first to step out to display her modelling skills, then I was called out.

As I prepared to walk out, Rose said; “Why don’t you remain here, you have lost already.”

“Well, If I can make it to this round, I might as well win…” I said and smiled in a way that will intimidate her.

I walked out and displayed my modelling skills.

I went back to where Rose was.

“I’m winning this.”She said.

I smiled and said; ” But it’s not for you to declare, let the judge announce the final result. If you win, I will congratulate you.”

She looked away angrily.

“I hope that you will congratulate me, if I win as well?” I asked.

She only shot me an annoying look.

“We have the scores of the two final contestant with us, shall we announce it?” The man asked the crowds.

“Yeah…” The crowds echoed loudly Everyone was curious to know who would win.

“Rose had 86 points.” He declared and those in support of her clapped and cheered her up happily.

After the shouts subsided, the man said; “Alice had 86 points too.”

The crowds in my support clapped and cheered.

“Well, this was why we gave the judges the privileges of voting. We are honoured to have five judges amidst us, they will vote accordingly. Each of their vote is a point.”The coordinator said.

“Don’t even think Raymond would vote for you, his families are present there and he won’t try nonsense.” Rose said.

“Why are you disturbed? We would be here when the vote is over.” I said.

“I vote for Rose.” The first Judge said.

“I vote for Rose.” The second judge added.

It was like they had been bribed or something, how can the first two judges vote consecutively for Rose.

Well, being in the second place of this contest is not bad.

“I vote for Alice.” The third judge said and I came became happy.

“I vote for Alice.” The forth judge said and I became happier.

“You!” Rose pointed at me. “How did you do it?”

“Be calm, it’s time for Raymond to vote.” I said to her and took few steps away from her.

“Alice and Rose are now at 88 points each, the vote of the head boy of kochi college will determine who the winner is….over to you head boy.” The coordinator said.

There was a pin drop silence everywhere all of a sudden, everywhere was tense.

My heart was beating heavily myself, not like I didn’t trust Raymond but his families were there indeed and he may just do what is in their favour.

“I…vote for…Alice.” Raymond declared and everywhere scattered

I jumped up for joy that I almost fell.

I was so happy.

“Alice, please come forward.” The cordinator said and I stepped forward elegantly.

On getting outside, I was awarded and announced as the winner of the beauty contest.

My face darted at that of Raymond and he smiled until I took my face away.

I blushed greatly.


Immediately Raymond dropped me from his car, I ran inside to announce the good news to my parents.

I saw my dad helping my mom in taking her drugs.

“Mom, dad!” I called happily and hurriedly went to sit beside my mom.

“Guess what, mom? I just won a beauty contest and the money I was given as reward can be used for your surgical operation.”I said and my mom furrowed her brow happily.

She let tears fell down her face and she hugged me.

Few days later!

My mom had been taken to the theatre room for her operation, I was outside standing and restless. Raymond was sitting calm.

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” After your mom get healed, seems we are going to commence your own treatment too.” He said softly without bothering to look at my face.

“Meaning?” I asked, setting my gaze on him.

“Implying that you should sit and remain calm, being restless would only make you hypertensive.” He said and I reasoned with him.

I sat beside him and tried to control myself but I was still restless.

Few hours later, a doctor came out of the theatre room and approached us.

“How is my mom?”I asked curiously.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 82

“She is fine.” The doctor answered and I smiled happily. Joy could be seen all over me.

“She is healed, allow her to rest a little.”The doctor said and walked away.

I turned to Raymond who didn’t seem to be looking at me but seems to be hearing my conversation with the doctor

Nevertheles, I still felt so happy to inform him that I was fine.

” Raymond!” I called and went to sit beside him “Mom is fine, thanks for everything?”

“I didn’t even give you money, you shouldn’t thank me, thank your modelling skills.” He said.

“But you taught me, right?”I asked and he stood.

” Let’s eat together at the restaurant while your mom rest, by the time we come back, we would be able to transport her home.” He said and we both walked out.


Leonard had been sad ever since we came back from the contest, not just him, but everyone in the house.

The hate on Alice could be seen on everyone.

Leonard do not bath at the dormitory anymore cause the door had been faulty, though Dad has ordered its repair but the carpenter is yet to come and fix it.

I was indifferent about the whilee thing, I do not really care who wins, I was most important in Pearl.

Lately, I find myself thinking about her and wanting to be around her, if that was love, I would ask her to be my girlfriend.

She won’t reject me, it seems she likes me.

I tried walking to the living room but I overheard two people having a conversation in Rose’s room

I paused and decided to look into it.

“Raymond is a lost døg, forget it, even if I try for 100 years, he had already chosen to love Alice.” Rose said to Leonard.

“Are you giving up so easily?” Leonard asked. “Things will still fall in place between you and Raymond , just be patient with us, remember that mama Any and Dad are in your support?”

“Leonard, talking about you, why are you particularly interested in Raymond loving me, do you have a girlfriend?” Rose asked.

Leonard was quiet for a while and said; “I’m only trying to be a good friend. I do not have a girlfriend.”

Rose held Leonard on his hands and asked; “Why don’t you be my boyfriend instead?”

“Oh!” Leonard removed his hand from that of Rose and looked away.

“Am I really that ugly that nobody wants me?” Rose asked and was already crying.

Leonard then turned at Rose and said; “It’s not so simple, you are very beautiful, Rose and I like you but we can’t be in a relationship.”

“Just say you hate me.” Rose said and her cries increased.

She adjusted deeper in her bed and was facing away as she cried seriously.

“Rose, I need to tell you a secrete about me.” Leonard said softly but I heard.

Rose turned to him in a teary look and asked. “Which is?”

“Many years ago, my parents found out that I had a br–ast cancer.” Leonard said.

“Excuse me, do you say br–est cancer?” Rose asked.

I set my attention keenly this time cause it was what I had been hoping to hear.

“Yes, my bre–st was cut off from me so as to save my life. I’m free of the cancer but I do not have a brea–st anymore.” Raymond said.

“In order to cover my shame, I had to start disgusng like I was a male….Rose,I’m a female.” Leonard confessed the truth.

“F—k! what!” Rose exclaimed and adjusted back.

I could see a look of fear on her face.

I opened the door and walked in, Leonard looked back fearfully and asked; “You heard that?”

“I do.” I answered and folded my arms.

“I still love you as a brother, though…or, as a sister now.” I said

Leonard’s head fell, even though I do not hear sounds of cries, tears were dropping on the floor from his face.

I brought out my phone and texted Raymond what just happened.

“I just told Raymond.” I declared but Leonard didn’t raise his head, he only kept crying silently.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 83


Raymond was still in my house, my dad was glad he was around when my mom was being treated at the hospital.

“Thanks for your kind gesture.” My dad appreciated Raymond.

“You are most welcome, sir…I hope you do not hate me anymore?” Raymond asked.

“I rewatched the clip of how Alice won at the beauty contest, if not for your vote, she wouldn’t have won. ” My father said.

“I’m glad I help.” Raymond said with a smile.

I was glad my dad and Raymond were getting along.

Raymond’s phone beeped all of a sudden and as he read the message that entered, his head dropped.

I knew something was wrong immediately

My dad had already left for my mom’s room.

“I’ve been expelled, right?” I asked Raymond.

I knew that it would be his family’s next move.

He raised his head and said; “I need to go home.”

“What’s the matter?” I asked, I was very concerned.

“It does not concern you, it’s about my brothers, stay with your mom.” He said and stood

As he got to the entrance, I said; “Wait Raymond.”

I ran to him and hugged him, very tight.

He wrapped his hand around me and said; “Take care Alice.”

We disengaged and he walked out.


Raymond walked in thirty minutes after I had texted him about the real identity of Leonard.

Leonard at that time had already started packing all his luggage ready to leave, Rose was in her room thinking, probably unable to absorb the shock of the revevlation.

But I was indifferent about it cause I knew surely that Leonard has something he had been hiding from us.

“Where is Leonard?” Raymond asked.

I was at the sitting room.

“At the dormitory, he is packing his luggage, he feel shameful for his state…for her state and ready to leave.” I answered Raymond.

Raymond walked swiftly to the dormitory and I followed behind.

Raymond tried to open the door of the dormitory but it was closed

“Why will Leonard close the door on herself?” He asked, facing me.

“That’s strange, adjust, let me break the door.” I said and Raymond adjusted.

It took me three minutes to break the door, the door opened and we saw Leonard hunging himself on the ceiling.

He was fast loosing breath.

“Jeez!” Raymond screamed and looked around for what he could help with.

I ran swiftly to the kitchen and came back with a knife, I climbed our bunk and broke the rope that Leonard wanted to use to commit suicide.

As he fell, Raymond tried to carry him on his shoulder but they both fell to the floor together.

Leonard’s eye were red and as his face met with Raymond, he cried more.

“Let me die, I’m not worthy of living anymore.” Leonard said with so much tears running down his face.

“No, sister, you can’t die. ” Raymond said and helped her raise her head in her arms.

“Leonard, doesn’t matter what, we still love you.” Raymond said to her.

“I love you also, Leonard, I’m sorry for your loss of br—ast…” I said but he only cried more.

“Everyone will know now that I’m a female and do not have a br–ast. How can I ever live with that?” Leonard cried out?

Her feeling was like the shame she would go through as a lady without br-ast will be much for her to handle.

Three days later!

Leonard, Alice, Raymond and I were sitted in the living room, mama Any had gone out to get some household stuffs with Rose, we all seated waiting for Raymond’s dad to show up.

Raymond was ready to reveal Leonard’s identity to him.

Raymond’s dad showed up and sat before us.

“What’s it that’s so important?” He asked.

“Leonard is a girl, she had a bre-ast cancer and lost her breas-t, she couldn’live with the shame so she disguised as a male.” Raymond explained.

“Oh! But she doesn’t have to disguise, we are in the civilized world, I’ll arrange an artificial transplant of be-ast on him.” Raymond’s father said but Leonard cried kept crying silently

I curved my arms around her.

“And Raymond… I won’t force you to do anything again, you can have Alice.” Raymond’s father said to everyone’s surprise.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 84


Mama Any walked in and stood akimbo and she saw all of us seated. The atmosphere was warm.

“Sir, is anything the matter?” Mama Any asked and Raymond’s father explained what we just told her.

Mama Any gaped at Leonard and walked to her.

“It’s not the end of the world.” She said to her.

I stood so mama Any could sit beside her, Mama Any felt so pathetic for Leonard.

“And what is Alice doing here?” She threw the question up in the air.

“I have no idea but I won’t force my son to do anything again, I realize I will be enslaving him if I insist he does what I want, it’s his life , he can live it anyway he wants.” Raymond’s father said.

“But you can’t do that sir, seeing that Rose’s father and you agreed that they will marry in the future, I do not want any quarrel with this family and Rose’s family.” Mama Any said.

“I was coming from Rose’s father place, I told him that it seems Raymond and Rose may not end up together as Raymond seems to have fallen in love with another lady. He said he knew when Raymond didn’t vote for his daughter.” Raymond’s father said.

He swallowed and continued; “Well, he only demanded a ransom of $1.2million, I paid him at the instance. The agreement is now nullified.”

“Oh! If that’s the case, Raymond can go head with whoever he wants then.” Mama Any said.

She faced Raymond and said; “Sorry that we had forced you in the past, I only have the interest of this family at heart, I hope you forgive me.” Mama any said.

“I never took offence at anyone.” Raymond replied.

Mama Any then turned to Alice; “Forgive me, my daughter.”

“I wasn’t holding grudges in the first place, and…thank you for not ordering my expulsion, I was already prepared for it.” Alice said.

“No, we won’t do that anymore.” Mama Any assured.

-Four days later-

We were all at the hospital, the family stayed around hoping that the br–ast transplant on Leonard would be a successful one.

Few hours later, Leonard walked out and looked exactly like a female.

We all ran to hug him. He was on a smile too.

“Thanks for showing me love.” He said and we all jubilated for the successful operation.

“So…what female name do you bear in the past?” Alice asked Leonard.

“Alicia” He answered and we all chuckled.

“Similar name with that of Alice.” Mama Any said.

We arrived at school as usual on a Monday morning, it use to be three boys but, two boys and one girl at that moment.

Raymond and I won’t stand and watch anyone mock Leonard.

As we walked to our class, Pearl ran towards me and said; “I got you an ice cream.”

I smiled and signalled for Raymond and Leonard to continue walking, they left me behind with Pearl.

“Why did you like buying me ice cream?” I asked and collected the ice cream from her.

I began to drink it.

“Cause I like you.” Pearl answered.

“How do you feel saying that?” I asked.

“Nothing, I said ‘like’ not ‘love’. ” She answered.

“And…do you love me?” I asked.

She looked away and then lowered her head shyly.

“I promise to brighten your mood if you tell me the truth?” I requested

“Yes.” Her voice was low and shy.

“I love you also.” I said and she raised her head up in surprise.

“You love….” She looks around as if someone else was there….”you love me?”

“Oh yes! I do.” I answered and she blushed.

I held her cheeks and kissed her lips. It was my first time kissing a girl and I didn’t regret it.

“Sweet!” She mumbled softly while I chuckled.

“Really, so you actually laugh?” She asked.

“Who doesn’t? ” I asked and held her hands into mine.

“Do you mind the two of us going shopping together on Saturday?” I asked.

“Pearl, I sight you.” Alice shouted from where she was.

She was upstairs, at the corridor, looking at us.

“He just said he loves me.” Pearl shouted back and I quickly covered her mouth.

“You are announcing our relationship already to the whole school.” I said but she turned to me and kissed me passionately.

I love it.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 85


It’s a new life for me, been trying to hide my real identity to the world, I learnt how to walk like a male, how to speak like a male , how to act or react like a male cause I felt like I would live all my life pretending to be one.

I thought when people around me finds out about my identity, they will hate me for who I am.

I feel elated when my brothers showed me love, even Raymond’s father had to pay for the bre–st transplant.

I just do not know how the students will react when they find out that their labour prefect had suddenly turned into a female.

“Leonard!” Albert called as she entered the room that we are found of meeting.

I had sent a message to him that I was there.

“Wao! you now look like a lady before others.” She said.

He was the only one that knows my secrete and still loved me nevertheless.

“How do I look to you?” I questioned.

“You have always looked like a lady to me.” He said.

I lowered my head shyly.

“Call me Alicia!” I said.

“Hum! I’ve always asked you for your female name ,I’m glad you tell me.” He said and walked very close to me.

“Can I see your br–ast?” He asked.

I allowed him pull off my clothes and my br—st got exposed to him.

He touched it and said; “Wao! looks exactly like a br–ast?”

He then placed his mouth on the left ni-ple and s–ck it briefly. He took his mouth away and hugged me tight.

“You love me this way, right?” I asked him.

“How do you want me to prove it? I love you with passion.” He said and we kissed deeply.

We engaged in deep rø-mance.


“Even your father had agreed for a ransom to be paid, we can’t force Raymond into doing what he is not willing to do.” Mama Any said.

“Will I just loose Raymond just like that? I’ve being drooling on him and dreaming about him loving me all my life.” I lamented before Mama Any.

She had invited me over to her room

“If it is not coming from Raymond’s heart, there is nothing you can do. I’m sorry.” Mama Any said.

As I lowered my head sadly, mama Any spoke up again; “You are a very beautiful and popular model, I’m sure you have many guys already wanting to be your boyfriend, follow your heart and choose the one your heart desires.”

“In other words, my presence here is not needed anymore?” I asked.

“Don’t see it that way, the family still loves you. If you want to stay around, you are free to stay.”Mama Any said.

I sighed and stood. ” Fine, I’ll move on.”

I walked painfully to my room and start packing my luggage, at last, Raymond would not have me as his girlfriend.

That really hurts me.

I placed a call across to my driver to come around and pick me.

He came few hours later with two of my bodyguards.

They helped me carry my luggage out and I was driven away.

On getting home, Raymond’s call came through.

He had never for once called me and now that I see his call, I was nervous.

“Hello, Rose.” He was the first to speak.

“Raymond.” I only called his name.

“I’m sorry if I had hurt you in the past, you are a good girl, you do not have to feel inferior just because our relationship do not work out, not everything in life works out. I hope you don’t turn it into enmity?” He asked.

“Not at all…though I was hurt that what I had always hope for never happened but…I still wish you the best in life.” I said.

“I also wish you the best in life, take a good care of yourself.” He said.

“Hum! tell Alice I won’t hold any grudge against her when we meet in the future.” I said.

“Certainly. Bye Rose.” He said.

“Bye.” I replied and he hung up.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 86


It was finally the week of our examination, I knew I was not as brilliant as Raymond but I tried my best to read as much as I could.

Plus Raymond explained practically all topics that seems complicated to me.

Raymond had said we should go to the school’s VIP restaurant. As we arrived there, we walked in and was surprised to see Donald and Pearl sitting before each other and having a meal together.

I only waved at Pearl while Raymond shot his brother a bright smile.

We both went to sit.

Raymond ordered for food.

“You didn’t ask for what food I like, what kind of boyfriend act that way?” I asked.

“Who said I’m your boyfriend? You are not my girlfriend and I’ve not yet declared that we are in a relationship.” He said.

“But you said I will be your girlfriend once I come out in flying colors in my exam?” I asked.

“Yes, you will. But if you fail, I will pass you on back to Albert.” He said.

“So I’m a ball that you can just pass around, okay…I’m not eating anymore.” I said and folded my arms.

The attendant served us the meal

Raymond ignored me and took the spoon, he got a spoon full and ate, he did not bother to look at my face.

He got another spoon full, he raised his head this time and stretched the food to my mouth.

“Eat this.” He said but I closed my mouth still.

“Are you embarrassing me or what?” He asked and I opened my mouth. I ate the spoon full.

“Are you angry cause of what I said?” He questioned.

I didn’t reply but only shot him a girly look.

He smiled and said; “let’s eat together.”

I joined him in eating, we did not speak to each other until we were done eating.

We walked out of the restaurant.

“I did not like Albert anymore.” I said.

“But he likes you?” He asked and looked at me.

” I don’t care…” I said and looked away.

He curved his arms around my neck and pecked my cheek. I felt goosebumps on me and I looked at his face.

“I won’t have to leave you to go to Albert if you can come out in flying colors in your exam, I hope you have read very well?” He asked.

“I tried my best.” I answered.

Two weeks later, we were already done with our examination and today was the day that our result would be out.

I really wish I did excellently well so Raymond can declare me officially as his girlfriend.

I can’t wait.

Few hours later, Pearl appeared before the class all of a sudden and shouted; “Our result is out, go and check yours at the board!”

Everywhere scattered as everyone ran to the board to check their results.

I stood nervously and waited until everyone in the class had disappeared including Pearl.

Raymond then walked in with a file in his hand, he looked so glamorous and handsome.

“Raymond.” I took a step closer to him but stopped , since he was coming to me.

“Here is your result, I collected it from the principal.” He said and held it in the air.

“Oh!” I exclaimed as my heart beats heavily.

He had known my fate while I was here, nervous.

“Well, you failed.” He said and it was like my heart sunk into the deepest of waters.

“I failed you.” I said and lowered my head sadly.

“You failed yourself not me.” He said and threw the result to the floor like it was nothing.

“I taught you for hours, tried all my possible best to ensure you come out in flying colors, days of inviting you over to my place and teaching you, but you are just so dumb.” He said.

“I’m sorry?” I apologized. I was so heart broken and felt bad that he was scolding me.

“I have decided not to have anything to do with a lady that is not intelligent, go back to your ex please.” He said and turned.

I bursted into a loud cry, I was so heart broken

He turned back at me slowly and said; “I…already love you. Either you pass or not, I’ll still love you?”

My tears dried up instantly and I looked into his face.

“You did excellently well in your exam, though?” He said and chuckled.

I ran to him happily and he carried me up like a baby.

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 87


Raymond dropped me gently, we were still in the class.
He said; “Anytime you stay around me, there is a surge of happiness that I feel.”

“Same here.” I said and blushed.

I didn’t bother going to check my result on the board, I just picked the one that Raymond left on the flood, I went with him outside of the school.

“Now that your dad has settled all issues with you, are you going to return home?” I asked.

“I spoke with dad already that I already paid for a year, I won’t want the money to waste.” He said and I nodded.

“How about your car, can’t you get it too?” I asked.

“It’s before my house already.” He answered and I nodded happily.

We arrived at his place and I saw his car parked outside.

“Dad will keep now continue giving me allowance as bbefore.” He said.

We both took an elevator to his room.

“I hope that Leonard will be able to live with her new identity.” He said.

“I hope so too.” I said.

“Come here Alice.” He said and I went to him.

He made me sit on his laps.

“But…you always tell me that Marie told you to do this and that about me, is it true?” I asked.

“Ask another question.” He said and kissed me briefly.

“I was actually wondering of it was Marie that told you to carry me on your la-p?” I asked.

“Alice, I loved Marie as a dog, I now love you as a girlfriend. You do not have to feel jealous.” He said.

“Hummm!” I hummed.

“Go home and speak to your parents that you will like to live with me for the rest of the year.” He said.

“You want us to begin to live together?” I asked.

“Dumb question, you are now my girlfriend, stop asking such question. Go home quick and give me feedback.” He said.

“Do you know what happens between a grown up male and a female when they live together?” I asked.

“You have so many silly thoughts fill your head. I won’t touch you until we are both done with the university.” He assured.

“Touch me.” I said and stretched my hand to him.

He held my hand pulled me to him.

I was now so close to him.

“But you just touched me, so what are you talking about?” I asked.

“Do you intentionally ask me dumb questioms or you are silly by nature?” He asked.

“To touch means s–x right? I intentionally ask those questions so you can speak more…” I said.

“I said it ,you are intelligent. ” He said and kissed me deeply.

“Where would we travel to now that we have vacated?” I asked him

“Let’s visit England in London, we can get to watch football matches together. ” He said.

“But, I do not even like football.” I said.

“I will teach you to like it.” He said and carried me inside his room.

He placed me gently on the bed.

“Thought you sent me to my parents to ask them if I can stay with you for the year?” I asked and he climbed on me gently.

“Haaa….thought you just said you won’t touch me, head boy?” I asked.

Head Boy.

Written ‘Feathers.’

Chapter 88


Raymond and I arrived at England, it was so beautiful being in the plane with him.

We both lodged at one of the most expensive hotel.

After we settled in the room, I had changed into a white gown while he was on a casual dress.

We planned on staying in England for three weeks before returning to America.

“Sorry to disturb you, but what food would you like us to serve?” A white screen that was inbuilt in the wall turned on and someome spoke from there.

“Can you see us?” I asked the woman.

“Of course not, but you can see me which is most important.” The woman answered.

“Better! ” I said and then ordered for a type of food.

In a jiffy, the door spoke; “You have a server at the entrance, should I open?”

“The door is speaking?” I asked as I turned to Raymond.

“Must you act too local?” He asked.

I went to the door and said; “Open.”

The door opened by itself and a very beautiful buy s-exy lady walked in with a tray of the food that I had ordered for.

Her cleavage was revealing, she went before Raymond and served him , as she bent, I hurriedly went to Raymond and covered his eyes.

“Leave quick.”I said to the lady.

She walked away swiftly.

” What is the matter?” Raymond asked after I removed my hand from his eyes.

The lady had already left.

“Huh! That lady…did you see her cle-avages?” I asked.

“I do.” He answered.

“Gosh! do you like it?” I asked.

“I do.”He answered.

” Jeez! do you like her already?” I asked.

“I do.”He answered.

” Does that mean you will marry her?”I asked.

“I will.”She answered and I became very sad.

I went to the screen that turned on few minutes ago but was now switched off.

” If you can hear me, please tell your servers to stop dressing like pro-stitute, one of them had just stolen the heart of my boyfriend.”I said.

I felt Raymond’s hand on my waist, he turned me to him and said; “I didn’t see anything, Also , no one would hear you.”

“But the woman just spoke?” I asked.

“She will only turn it on when she is ready to and even at that, she would give an alert so she won’t have to intrude on our privacy, you are not just used to wealth.” He said.

“I’m getting used to it.” I said and he kissed my neck.

“I feel horny.” He said and I blushed.

“Head boy! last time you cli-mbed me and I thought you wanted to make love with me , now you are telling me you are feeling horny…Hmmm.” I said.

“Do you want me to keep to my promise?” He asked.

“If you won’t break my heart, my body is yours.” I said.

“I won’t, In the future, I will marry you.” He promised and we engaged in deep romance.

The End.

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