December 2, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 47

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 47

Oscar’s POV

Around 7 PM, Jessie invited me over for dinner, I went to sit on the seat at the dinning table, my food had been well served.

I did not know if my d——!k is working but I’ll be confirming soon.

Jessie came to sit before me and poured a drink inside two glass cups.

I pulled one to me and she held one too.

“Cheers to our new life.” She said and we tøasted.

I intentionally poured mine on the table but made it look like it was accidental.

Her eyes archened and turned dull, she stood and walked away.

I knew she went to pick the anky to clean the table so I quickly drugged her drink before she came.

After she came, she helped clean the part that the drink fell on.

She was on a bright smile, She drank and I drank the new drink she poured me.

Right there, she let her face fall to the table and she slept off soundly.

Her three days sleep has begun.

I carried h-ër to the bed ro-øm and placed her gëntly on the b-êd.

I ùnbù—ckled my bë—-lt and began to stroke my d—–!k hoping for it to rise

After so many strø-king, it began to r-ise and gain strength.

I undrë&–sëd Jessie and made hë;r fülly nã—-këd.

I climbed her and centered my hãrdened d—–!k on her pù—-Y.

I pushed in and began to f–!k her, I noticed that blood spilled to the floor but I continued cause it was so sweet.

I increased the pace but she didn’t wake.

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At some point, I cù—-mêd inside her and I cøllapsed on her.

I was glad that I could f—–!k and everything went as planned.

The only thing making me sad right now is that I can not remember a thing of my past.

I would have made some quick decision.

I put a call across to the boss and he picked it at the first beep.

“How is it going?” He asked.

“I made love with her sir.” I answered.

“Really? ”

“Yes, she’s still sleeping. ” I said.

“Did you rel-êasë inside hê—r?” He asked.

“Yes, I did.” I answered.

“Good, clean h-êr up and make it look like nothing happened.” He said.

“Okay….but since I’m done mæking love with her, can’t I wake her?” I asked.

“No, just leave her.”