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V Couple. Chapter 48

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 48

-Three days later–

Jessie’s POV

I woke and stared around the room, It was like I died and wake.

I didn’t see anyone in the room. After comfirming that I was really in my room, I stood and sat upright.

What really happened?

I felt sound and I didn’t feel anything odd.

I stood from the bed and sauntered out of the room, I saw Oscar sitting at the living room and reading a magazine.

I walked to him and sat beside him.

“How are you?” He asked.

Mere looking at his face, I knew something was wrong.

I couldn’t place what was wrong, I made my heart still and thought of what happened last before I slept.

I remembered that we were both eating and then I slept off.

That was strange.

“Oscar, did you drug me?” I asked.

“Why would I?” He asked staring heavily into my face.

His face carries so much expression.

“I was wondering how I slept off after we had eaten that day.” I munbled and stood.

I walked to one of the calendars at the living room, I was stunned to see that I had slept for three days.

“What! ” I turned to Oscar. “How can I sleep for three days?”

“I did not want to wake you, I thought that was how you live your life.” He said and I quickly ran to the bathroom

I was checking my p—-Y to see if I was still fløwered but I was not confirming it.

Could he have made love with me?

I need to do a v@gī-nity test asap.

I went to dress and walked out without telling Oscar anything.

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I drove to the hospital and went to the doctor I had met the last time I went.

I told him what I was there for and he made me lay and conducted the test on me.

“The hy-mën is there…” He said.

“Meaning I’m still flowered?” I asked.

“Sure, I just do not understand how you got pregnant.” The doctor said as he went to his seat.

“The pregnancy is divine.” I said.

Tbat was what I strongly believe. I do not believe Joe can do something so inhumãne.

I’ve known him for many years, I know what he can do and what he can’t.

Yes, he’s lü–sting after me but he will never drüg me to make love with me.

I still felt uneasy even after the test.