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V Couple. Chapter 49

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 49

Five Months Later!

Jessie’s POV

My stomach was now big, anyone would easily know that I was now pregnant, I still believe I’m flowered even when it was now obvious that I was pregnant.

It wasn’t logical but I believed it.

Three months later, when my pregnancy clocks nine month, I delivered a bouncing baby boy.

Oscar had not been able to recover his memory still.

After the child clocks two months old and I could now walk around, I decided to perform a DNA test in a bit to confirm if it was Joe: my brother that owns the baby as he had claimed or Oscar , who probably made love with me when I was asleep for three days or the baby was divine as I had believed.

I went to the hospital to conduct the first test, the result proved that Joe wasn’t the father of the baby.

That was really a relief for me, I can’t imagine getting pregnant for my own brother.

I did a second test to confirm if the baby was for Oscar and it was confirmed.

I was so angry, and I knew that he must have drùgged me on that day that I slept for three days and then made love with me.

I drove back home and met Oscar on the computer.

I threw the result of the test I did to him and he read it.

“I’m sorry, I had to.” He said

“But how, you lost your memory, how can you easily thought of drugging me and making love with me?” I asked.

“I’m really sorry, forgive me. The boss made me do it.” He said.

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I thought about the day the boss told me to excuse Oscar and him, I suspected indeed that something took place between them.

“I really want to remain flowered in my marriage, this is not fair, you guys ruined my life.” I said as I cried.

I went beside my baby and continued sobbing.

Oscar walked to me and sat beside me gently; “If you do not want the baby, we can give it out to those that adopt babies… I’m so sorry for the pain I caused you.”

“How about my v@g—-!nīty?” I asked.

“I’m sorry.” He pleaded.


Three days later, I started falling in love more with my son, he looks more beautiful, just as handsome as Oscar.

I’m happy I have a baby, I stopped regreting that Oscar made love with me.