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Head Boy. Chapter 33

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 33


I was dressed in a black suit and a red tie, my shoe was polished dark and shiny. My hair was well shaped and I looked my best as I stood before Raymond.

Raymond was dressed in a white gown and has a hair like that of a lady, he was staring into my face and smiling.

I was blushing as I gazed into his eyes.

Crowds were seated watching us, it’s our glorious wedding and I’m happy everyone came.

The pastor with a microphone to his mouth said; “May you now kiss the bee?”

I smiled and drew Raymond close to me, I moved my lips to kiss him and my eyes opened.

It was a dream.

I stood from my bed and angrily hit my bed several times, why in the world do I have to wake up at a time like this?

I should have kissed him in my dream first, Gosh! Wrong time to wake.

Every time, I always pray I have this kind of beautiful dream and now that I have it, I can not kiss him.

I was angry at myself, if Raymond can not show me love in reality, he should at least show me love in the dream.

I checked my wrist watch and saw that it was few minutes to 7PM, I started getting dressed for school.

Alice’s POV

As I rode my bicycle to school, I kept thinking about what happened yesterday. I thought about every single thing that happened that I could count the number of hours I slept.

Like seriously? Raymond waved me bye?

He also said he did not hate me again?

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Why did he even hate me before?

Maybe because I’m poor or… maybe because I’m rude.

If he didn’t hate me, does that mean he likes me?

Wait! the opposite of hate is like right?

I paused my bicycle and stepped down.

I want to examine how he reacted yesterday.

If the opposite of hate is like? So when Raymond said; “Alice, I did not hate you, he actually meant, Alice I like you, right? ”

Huh! Can he like me?

Or…maybe he was drunk yesterday and said that.

Maybe he didn’t mean it.

If only he can mean it, I will be the happiest lady in the world.

I stepped back on my bicycle and continued riding but my mind was on what Raymond said to me yesterday.

I stepped down the second time from my bicycle and leaned by a tree.

Wait! Raymond first of all said he did not like to have conversations with me cause I’m a victim of poverty? Meaning that he hates to talk to me, but later, he said, he did not hate me again.

Yes! “He like me” I said to myself and happiness blew in my belly.

I rode and shouted all of a sudden; “Raymond likes me.”

Passer by just watch me and continued what they were doing.

I think I’m going crazy.

I slapped the head boy and he kissed me, what if I give him blow in his head, he will do more than kissing.

I get it.

I didn’t even realize that I was driving like a snail to the school, it was when I got to school that I realized that I had come late.

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I saw many people on the assembly ground already.

I went to park my bicycle and the head girl and two other female prefects who walked with her came to me.

“You will be serving a punishment for coming late.” The head girl said.

“I know…what’s the punishment?” I asked and she smirked wickedly.

“Well, you choose; I either deliver you to Leonard to give you a straenous work or you do what I want you to do.” She said.

Leonard? that guy hates me so much.

I don’t want to be his victim till I’m done with this school.

“What did you want me to do?” I asked.

“Good, you will dance before everyone and after few minutes of dancing, you will pull off your top uniform and throw it away, leaving you with whatever is under.” The head girl said.

“Just say you want me to strī–P nakë-D before everyone.” I said and looked away annoyingly.

“Well, it’s your choice. I can call Leonard to judge you if you would not do what I want.” She said and I quickly shook my head.

“Don’t call Leonard!”

But I was only on an white jumpy undergãrment.

“I’ll do it!” I said and she exchanged happy glance with the other girls.