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Head Boy. Chapter 34

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 34


I was standing with the head girl at the perfect stand pole in the assembly hall. All prefects were on tag so anyone would have easily known that I came late and was ready to be punished.

I waited till the usual assembly events unfolded, the head girl whispered to the assembly prefect and she went on stage to whisper to Leonard who was addressing the students after the principal’s speech.

Leonard nodded in response to what the assembly prefect told him and he faced the student and said; “Something quiet fun, yet demeaning is about to happen.”

The crowds began to murmur, wondering what was about to happen.

“Unlikes others who arrived late and will serve their punishment after the assembly hour, there is a female student that will be serving her punishment differently.” Leonard said and the murmur continued amidst the student.

“Guess what she will be doing?” Leonard chuckled.

There were all sort of guesses amidst the students, I was just standing nervous.

I’d rather do this than allow Leonard himself punish me, that would be brutal.

“Bring the girl forward.” Leonard ordered and the library prefect led to me to the pulpit.

There were many people people who recognized me as the girl that hugged Raymond and as the girl that bought ice cream for them.

There were sad sayings admist the student wishing that it shouldn’t have being me.

Leonard didn’t know it was me until I approached the pulpit, he was stunned and looked away from me.

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“She will be dancing before us all.” He said with a smile and threw his hands up in the air.

It’s what many male student love to see cause any assembly special dance always come with the female remøving her uniførm.

“Leonard signalled for the band men to began to play while he excused the stage for me.

The band began to play and I began to dance, my eyes met with Pearls’ and I saw her gloomy face but turned away.

I will learn not come late next time, it’s not their fault.

After dancing for few minutes, the head girl signalled for me from where she wass that it was time for me to remove my tøp.

I danced for few more seconds and started to pù-ll ō-ff my top unīform gradually.

My jumpy undërgãrmënt was beginning to reveal itself, I danced more and as I almost removed it all, a male uniform’s suit covered my front bœdy.

Everywhere suddenly became quiet and I, myself was stiff.

I turned back gently and saw the head boy rāppïng his unïfœrm sùit around me.

He looked into my face and said; ” Wear your uniform properly and walk away.”

“But you do not have yhe power to do that.” I told him.

His face turned colder and he said; “I’ll do it.”

“You will dance?” I asked and Raymind left his suit with me and walled before the crowd.

“I’ll do the dance.” He shouted but the crowd frowned at it. No one would want the head boy of Kochi college to disgrace himself.

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Leonard stepped forward and said; “No… You can’t, if you do not want her to serve this punishment, fine…I’ll give her another one.”

Albert: the assistant head boy started walking to the stage. He’s my ex and I do not like to see him around.

“Let Raymond serve Alice’s punishment.” He said and Leonard turned to him in surprise.

“Let’s vote! if you want Raymond to serve Alice’s punishment, pick number from the right.” Leonard said and just 20 people’s picked number.

“If you do not want Raymond to serve Alice’s punishment, take number from the left?” Raymond said and the students started picking number.

When the numbers were growing greater than 50, Leonard ordered them to stop.

“Majority carries the vote.” Leonard said to Albert.

Raymond walked away while I wore my cloth properly, I walked back and went to stay on the line of my class.

Albert only looked at Raymond and went back to the perfect lodge.

“March inside.” Leonard ordered and every students marched inside.

Leonard’s POV

It was break, Raymond, Donald and I were sitting in the senior perfect’s lodge.

“Donald… did you see that? Raymond, why did you publicly disgrace yourself?” I asked Raymond.

“Disgrace! Marie cried till it was night yesterday cause of how I acted to Alice, Marie is sick and I’m sad. If Marie knows that I stood and watch Alice disgrace herself before the crowd, he would not be happy and may do something worse to himself.” Raymond said.

“There are rumours that you are lovers, this is not a good thing for us.” Leonard said.

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“We are not lovers, people can be silly. I would have done that to anyone.”

“No.” Donald said and looked at Raymond. “That was an act of affection. It hurts me.”

Raymond went close to Donald and crossed him by his neck.

“I’m sorry if that hurts you, but since you love her, you should have protected her.” Raymond said and took his hands off.

Donald didn’t say a word.

I was stunned that Donald loves Alice.

What! why will he love that ordinary poor lady? that’s so disgusting.

We heard a knock and I shouted; “Come in.”

Alice walked to Donald and said; “You send for me.”

“Yea, the lunch I told you about, can we go now?” He asked.

“Yes.” Alice replied and Donald stood.

They both walked out.

“Leonard, why do I feel sad seeing Donald and Alice go for lunch together?”Raymond asked with a very sad look.