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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 14

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(Love is the word)



Melvin’s POV

I looked down casted as I walked down the road. I chose to walk this time.. I needed it.
My mind swayed back to Kayla’s word. Well, ordinarily she acted like a human that she is. Maybe because I’m a beast, I tend to think like one and apply the same method to humans. Kay and I are two different people, it’s only normal that she acts that way. Maybe I should give her time, at least now I’m free from being terrified that she might tell on me. I didn’t mean to scare her that way but it proved to be the only way..
It stopped her right?
I should probably just give her some space, probably let her think and rethink about the whole thing. Very soon she might have questions and look for me. I’ll just have to stay somewhere close enough and ready so she doesn’t have to search much and end up walking away


My determination to becomhihiman is now even more stronger than before. I just hope Kay doesn’t stay too long to reconsider.. My time is ticking out with each second and I can feel death lurking around.. I now get to feel unusual pains, experience certain weaknesses and perspiration. Belle had told me it’s some of the things I’ll experience when the curtain starts closing up on me and death draws closer. I feel it already but I plan not to give up, at least not yet. I have to still believe that I won’t end up this way..
I have to help myself too..
Kayla’s POV
It was so saddening and unfortunate that the first thing my eyes landed on once I woke up was the necklace resting comfortably on my chest. My problems once again rushed to my head. I sighed and stood up, stretching my body.
I walked out of my room to the living room and noticed mom isn’t home yet, so I walked to the kitchen. I sight the dinner mom had made yesterday and pushed it aside.
Last night I can’t remember doing anything else but falling asleep after moments of shedding tears on my bed.. It was just the only thing I could do.



I made hot water and brewed coffee in it, leaving it to settle I walked back to my room and brushed my teeth before showering and getting myself ready for school.. Left to me, I’d prefer skipping school today but in a second thought it didn’t sound like a great idea anymore cos I’ll have to spend the whole day doing nothing thereby getting to think about this stupid necklace all day. I’ll rather go to school, get occupied with the teachings and go home when it’s over.
I dressed up, cleaned my glasses and settled it back on before walking to the kitchen. The coffee was already warm when I took it but I drank it anyways with few slices of bread with jam. I was done with breakfast so I grabbed some Money and walked out. I flagged a cab down, told the address to the cabbie and we were off to my school.
I successfully got what I needed from locker and made it to class. I walk to my seat and found someone else on it, her head was shoved down on a book and I noticed that her hair was long and full.
Obviously sensing a presence she looked up from the book. Seeing her face made my brows furrowed. I would best describe her as my lookalike.

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She has pointed nose like myself and had reading glasses on, the only difference was the freckles she had close to her cheeks and her long and full hair but all the same she looked very pretty.. Our face structure was the same and even under the makeup that she wore, I could see the striking resemblance between us.
“Hi” she beamed a huge smile at me.. She must’ve also seen the resemblance cos she frowned a bit then smiled after.
“That’s my chair you’re sitting on” I said
“Oh..sorry. I had no idea it was taken” she said, standing up and grabbing her books.
“Well do you mind if I sit here” she pointed to the empty chair and desk beside me.
“It’s not taken so..I guess not” I shrugged my answer to her and she flashed me a gleeful smile before dropping her books on the desk and jumping to the chair..
“So um.. I’m Clara” she suddenly said and I gave her a blank look.


Wait.. Does this mean she wants an introduction.. With me?!
“Oh well..okay” I said to her and she looked kind of sad but she looked away.
Was she expecting me to tell her my name as well? Introductions like this one means friendship, does that mean she wants to be my friend?? In Melville high??
Doesn’t she knows the lonely boring and bullied nerd or what? And again, I’m really not interested in friendship, I don’t know why but I love my geeky lonely life.. It’s one strange thing about me and besides, having friends isn’t something I’d want to try again.. Look where it got me when I tried.
I turned to the girl and just when I was about talking a staff walked in.


“Okay everyone. Good day to you. I’m sure you all must’ve noticed a new face in this class so I’ll just do a brief introduction before we start the day’s work. Clara, come forward please” he said and I tilt my head sideways to see the girl beside me standing up and walking forward. Oh.. She’s a new student. That explains it but still me.. Of all people. It’s probably because we look compatible.
The teacher did a few introductions and she was ushered back to her seat. She walked back to sit beside me, I gave her a look and she adjusted her glasses and gave me a smile, I returned it slightly and the teacher began the day’s work.


During lunch break, while everyone went the cafe to eat or busied themselves with one thing or the other, I pushed my head down to my desk and let my mind drift on the necklace. My hand found it and my fingers slide to and fro on the tube..
Is this really my fate now?
“Hey” I heard a knock on my desk and I quickly pushed the necklace back into my shirt and raised my head up to see Clara standing there.
“Sorry if I disturbed you. I was wondering if we could go to the cafeteria together” she said.
“Sorry but I’m not really in the-
“It’s fine, I understand. I’ll just grab you a bite on my way” she said with a smile and before I could protest, she was already out of the class. I sighed and grabbed one of my notes to read. I read for minutes, forcing my mind to focus solely on it and nothing else but it wasn’t easy.. At a time I found myself thinking about Melvin’s words and dreading it..

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“Here you go” I saw a wrapped up hamburger and a diet coke. I traced it to see Clara, she had a smile on while urging me to take it.
Okay, she’s being extraordinarily nice to me.. I mean me?!
I gave her a small smile and collected it..
“Thanks,” I told her as she walked to her seat. “And I’m Kayla” I told her and she gave me a toothy smile and jumped to her seat.
I know now that she’s a smile freak. That’s one difference between us.
I unwrapped the burger and took a bite out of it. I took the coke, ready to open it.
“Let me help you with that” Clara said, stretching her hand to reach for the coke.
“It’s fine I can-
The can was snatched from me before I could complete my words and she puffed it open for me before giving it back to me.
“Thanks” I collected it from her and that was when I saw all the snacks that she had on her table. She caught my stare and smiled at me..
“It’s how I eat” she beamed and I nodded before looking away and taking a sip from my coke.


School went on for the day and was over in no time, I walked out of the class, grabbed my bag and began my journey toward the school gate.
“Kayla! wait up” I stopped and turned to see Clara running towards me, her backpack jumping behind her. She stopped beside me and breathed out.
“You were walking so fast” she sighed out to me.
“Oh um.. Sorry” I said.
“It’s fine. It’s probably me that isn’t used to swiftness. I just wanted us to walk out together” she said.
“Oh okay” I said and we began walking out quietly..


We had small conversations until we reached the school gate, she left me to join her dad that she told me had come to pick her up. I noticed the change in her countenance as she walked to meet him but I bade her bye instead and walked to the park.
I got a bus and was soon on my way home, I took a seat close to the window and looked out of it, thinking and thinking.
Getting home, I left my backpack and took my shoes off, I packed my hair and walked out to the kitchen.. With a sigh, I grabbed a pack of Pringles and walk to the living room, I turned the TV on and started opening the pack.. My gaze moved up to the TV when a word caught my ear and the news headline made me focus my attention on the TV.
**The Cops: Fully equipped as they set to go on patrol to the woods to capture the strange Beast**
A sub headline came after it.. **Detective Kincaid assures all dwellers of Melville town that–** I didn’t finish reading as they few lines I read explained the rest to me. Mom told me about the patrol and she sounded so sure that they’d catch the beast. What if she’s right? Melvin lives In the wood right?
What if they reach that depth and catches him? Mom would no doubt kill him if she has to.. And that means..I’ll die! Oh no.
The pack immediately dropped from my hand and I quickly grabbed my phone and rushed out of the house, I carelessly locked the door before running all the way to the woods.


I was close to the wood when I sight some uniformed armed men, surrounding the wood. I slowed down and was successfully able to enter the woods and slip behind a huge tree and hid there I peep at what was going on and I sight mom on a phonecall.
“Yes. We’re there. We’ll be marching in soon..”
I heard her say and I ransacked my head for an idea.
“Come-on! Come-on!” I mentally hit my head when I couldn’t think of anything. I peeped again and mom was the only one facing towards the woods while the other busied themselves with igniting the machines and equipments, mom was done with the call.
I quickly took my phone out and called her.. I saw her check her phone before answering.
“Hi honey, see I’m


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“Mom.. I have something to tell you” I said, the panic rubbing off on my voice.
“What’s wrong?” She suddenly sounded alarmed, obviously at my voice.
“Can you turnaround first?” I asked and saw her brows first furrow then she turned, at once I jumped out of the tree and moved farther away and began running..
“Kayla.. Are you there?” She asked and I immediately tuck my phone into my pocket and kept running.

“Quick movement detected detective Kincaid!” I heard someone inform her.
“Shit!” I cussed and fastened my steps.
“It’s our guy.. Quickly! Everyone begin!” I heard mom’s voice and I wondered how I could hear her so clearly even though I was far away from where she stood . Suddenly heavy boot marching the floor followed and I fastened my steps even more.. All coming towards my directions. I heard the barks of dogs and screeching tyres of cars.

I was drawing further into the woods when I sight Melvin, he was sitting on a fallen tree branch and staring into space. As I draw closer he immediately turned sharply toward me and stood up.

“They’re coming for you! You have to leave here!” I yelled and as he made to talk, I reached him and took his palm in mine before leading him forward in a run. Sparks flew to my skin but I ignored them and we kept running deeper into the woods.. Our palms intertwining.
Melvin’s POV


“.. You have to leave here!” Kay told me, her voice filled with panic. Before I could tell her that I knew about it and could disappear before they get here, she took my palm and led my forward.. I didn’t know when a small smile tug at my lips as our palms intertwined and we kept running, her steps didn’t falter..
I couldn’t believe that she could risk her life that way to save me.. How did she even get in?
Now I’m starting to have high hopes again..
I was still lost in my thoughts when something hit me and at once a striking pain followed, my steps faltered and I stopped before crashing to my knees. Kay immediately bent towards me, I had been shot in my leg. She examined it and when she looked up tears had formed in her eyes.
Immediately the footsteps got closer and bullets flew around, her gaze immediately snapped up to me in fear..
“What now?!” She shrieked at me in fear as the sounds got closer..
They were drawing near and I can’t use my powers, not when Kayla is here. I feel totally weak.. I can’t even stand up to run.. My power’s useless with Kay here.
I looked at Kayla, her eyes held fear, excess fear and I shook my head at her.
Who do you think Clara is?
I should’ve just named this story mysteries instead .