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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 35

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(Love is the word)

Kayla’s POV
“Um.. Will you let me in or-

“Oh yeah, sorry. Come in” I moved aside and he walked in. I breathed out and closed the door before turning in..

Jake’s gaze was on Melvin and just as soon as I closed the door, it turned to me.
“Jake, meet Melvin, my friend” I introduced, feeling completely nervous.

“Hi Jake..um, I should be on my way now, Kay” Melvin stood up.

“Oh..Yeah, bye” he gave Jake a small look and walked out.
Jake stared after him.

“So um.. Do you need anything before we go?”

“No thanks. Just get prepared quick” he said.

“Yeah, I’ll just grab a jacket” I told him and walked to my room. I picked up a jacket from the hanger and checked myself out in the mirror. Well I don’t look bad, I think I’m good.. At least it’s comfortable to me and I’m sure Jake wouldn’t mind, it’s not like it’s a date anyways.

I walked out and we head out of the house.

The movie was well, not too okay for my taste but it was somehow manageable. I wonder when last I watched a movie filled with so many romance and random high school life. I’m always stuck more with widelife and they seem very cool to me but this, well there’s no harm going back to old ways; is there?

Mom didn’t call and I assumed she didn’t get home yet, as the bus drove Jake and I home.. I noticed him trying to make moves at me and when we talked, he tried really hard to make the whole subject about us but I was always quick to chip In something different and even though I knew he felt irritated by it, he kept his cool.

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Not like he has a choice anyways.

The bus stopped at his station first.
“Are you not getting off?” I asked when he didn’t make any move to stand up.

“No.. I’ll just get down at your stop” he said.

“Won’t that be stressful for you, I mean it’s kind of far to your side” I said.

“I know. I just want to be sure of your safety first” he said.

“Come-on Jake, I’ll be fine, okay? Don’t give yourself that much stress cos of me. Get down before the bus takes off” I said.

“You’re sure?” He asked and I nodded. “Okay. Goodnight then. I’ll call you” he said and I nodded.. He moved to the exit.. I sighed in my seat as the bus began moving again.
I feel so tired and sleepy from all that watching and my neck was hurting.. I’d go to bed once I get home. I stretched.
The next morning, I prepared for school and mom dropped me off, I waved her bye and walked into the school building. I got to my locker and was about pulling it open when I felt a known presence. Alarmed unknowingly, I turned and my gaze landed on Melvin. I heaved a relief sigh, shut my locker door and turned to him.

“Hi,” he said, pushing his curly hair off his eyes. I smiled slightly in response “I wanted to tell not to go to my house any longer today” he said.

“Why?” I asked “you found another way that doesn’t involve me out?”
I asked, hoping it’d be true.

“No but Belle said Lucinda will be having a ritual today, she’ll be communicating with the rest of her kinds in the secret room and there’s absolutely no way you can go in without any of them seeing you” he said and I nodded..
Well, I normally would be scared hearing this but somehow, I’m getting used to this horrors..

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“Okay, so when is it safe enough?”

“Tomorrow, it’s closest to weekend so it’s better, Lucy will be at work by then. And I’ll keep your mom distracted from coming home” he said and I nodded with a sigh.

“So how do I know where this ‘secret room’ is?” I asked, emphasizing on the secret room.

“I’ll lead you to it, you just have to follow wherever you feel is right” he said.

“Ho-” I was about to ask him how he was going to lead me without being there when I realized that we have a connection now and in this world, almost anything is possible. “Okay, I’ll do it tomorrow then”
I had barely finished my words when I heard the bell, signifying the commencement of first period.

“I have morning class so I’ll go first” I said to him and walked to class. Getting there, as expected Clara was already on seat and she was the first to greet me. I smiled back at her and the history teacher walked in.

It was the third period and last before lunch break and the English teacher was doing her job while we paid attention.
She suddenly looked at me..
“Is there any problem Miss Kincaid?” She asked.

“What?” I asked, surprised.

“Your.. Neckband is glowing. Can you please turn it off now?” She asked and my gaze immediately slapped down to it and truly it was blinking red..

Oh geez!

“Um,” I quickly covered the light “Can I go out for a second ma’am, I need to use the restroom” I said and she gave me a look, I saw the resistance in it but she finally said..

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“Okay, don’t stay too long” she said and I nodded before standing up.

“Is everything alright, Kay?” Clara asked, obviously seeing my nervous face.

“Of course. I just nee to use the restroom, I’ll be back” I tell her hurriedly and rushed out. As I got to the passageway, I began thinking of what could be wrong, Melvin is in school so he’s definitely in trouble here.. I rushed to his class and peeped through the window but couldn’t find him. My heart was beating in a different tune and it completely confused me, it was more like I was in panic or something and I could hear growl sound emanating from me.

I immediately rushed down the stair and my feet began leading me, I found myself in the gents and I was walking to it.. I passed through the entrance and trailed gently through the fleet of doors.. I stopped at one and raised my hand, placing a knock on it.. It was locked from the inside which means it was occupied but I couldn’t leave it..

I placed my ear on it and I began hearing soft fainting pants..
“Melvin?” No response.
“Melvin are you in there?” I called again and a small growl responded in his stead and then the unlocking of the door came next. I put my finger on the knob and twisted it, it gave way and the door pulled open..

I quickly entered and closed it and just as I turned, a shrieked scream passed through my lips and I almost jumped out of my own skin, I put a palm on my lips to prevent myself from yelling further… But my eyes dilated in complete shock!

Before me was a horrible sight of Melvin, not just himself but him in his beast self!