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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 36

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(Love is the word)

Kayla’s POV
With my mouth hung widely open, my palm reached for the door knob while my gaze still stayed fully on the beast. I touched the door knob and pulled it sideways repeatedly, trying to open the door but it wouldn’t bulge..

Huh..why wouldn’t it open now?!
I twisted it further and harder but nothing and I realised there was no escape route.
I was stuck here.. With him!

His breath was hard as he stared at me, his eyes holding so many emotions. I gulped the bile that had suddenly rendered me speechless and faced him..

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me?!” His voice was filled with so much horror and fright.. I shut my mouth and took in another huge gulp.

“U-uh..” I tried talking but ended up sounding like mush, his heavy breath echoed in the small room.

“M-m-mel..vin” I had barely said the word when he, with an extremely hard grip; pulled me forward. His super sharp nails dug into my skin in the process, causing it to bleed and with the ferociousness of his grip on me.. The blood spilled and flew across the room, some spilling on the closet and some on his rough face, touching his lips.

He licked it up and almost like a flash, he began transforming, his rough and hairy skin giving way to a scar-free and fresh one.. With a shocked face, he became normal.

He saw it, looked down completely at himself and gave me a confused look.. I dug myself deep into the door..
Hoping it’d just break and let me out.

“W-what was that?” I sighed out, realising I was fast running out of breath.

“I-I don’t know!” He enthused, giving me a twitchy look too.

“Well..” I gulped, hearing the bell sound. “You’re fine s-so I should go before anyone sees me in here” I rushed my words and opened the door before running out..

Geez..stupid door! Why did it suddenly open now.
As I got out of the bathroom door, I sighed out loudly, shaking my head as if taking out the thought that I had just seen Melvin transform.. I shook it vigorously, took in quick breaths and ran to class.

I didn’t see Melvin throughout the rest of school hours and I was glad, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and hoping this necklace wouldn’t blink red. I was so faraway in my thoughts, I didn’t hear Clara talking to me and she rolled her eyes at it. School ended for the day and I took the bus home.

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I got home and showered, thoughts of today’s event flocking to my head as the warm water strolled down my body. I quickly turned it off and walked out.. After a quick dry, I changed to a simple dress.

I walked to my bookshelf and picked a book, going to the kitchen, I grabbed a glass of orange juice and walked back to my room, I had barely flipped through the page to where I stopped when I heard the doorbell ring.
I put a clip onto the place I stopped and walked to the living room, I got to the door.

“I’m coming!” I yelled when the bell rang again. I pulled the door open and for a while stood a bit stunned at the guest.

“Clara?” I called.

“Okay why do you look surprised at my presence, I told you I’d be coming over” she said but I couldn’t remember when.
I must’ve been carried away with thoughts of Melvin.

“Oh um..yeah, please come in” I stepped aside and she walked in.

“This is such a nice house!” She complimented.

“Thanks. Sit, I’ll just grab my book and get back” I told her and walked to my room. I walked to my room and bent to pick up my book, getting it, I turned and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw Clara standing right behind me.

“Sorry.. Did I scare you?” She laughed and I shook my head.

“It’s fine” I smiled at her.

“Your room’s pretty! I wish I had one like yours!” She said walking to my dressing table..

“Well since I’m here, can we just stay here instead” she asked.

“Um okay” I said, sitting back on my bed.

“So where’s your jewelry box?” She asked

“I don’t keep one, not really a fan of jewelries” I told her, drawing my glasses up.

“Ow! That’s so boring! You don’t have even a necklace or something?” She asked, I gave her a questioning look.

“I think, I do” I said.

“Well bring it out, I’m a huge fan of jewelries so I want to see what you’ve got. I might decide to buy that collection too” she said with a gleeful face.

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“I hope you don’t get disappointed at what I’ve got,” I stood up and walked to my drawer, I pulled down the last one and dipped my hand into it, I took out an old small transparent purse where I keep my few jewelries and gave it to her.
“So what do I get you?”

“A cup of what you’re having,” she said. “Orange juice right?” She asked and I nodded. “It’ll do” she added and I walked out to get her what she wants.
I came back with a glass of chilled orange juice and gave it to her, she was holding a necklace and staring inquisitively at it..

“Where’d you get this?” She asked.

“I don’t know.. Probably a gift or something, it’s been so long” I said.

“Well it’s pretty,” she said. “You should put this on, it’d go pretty well with your dress,” she stretched it to me.

“No thanks, I’d rather not” I said.

“Okay Kay, really, your geekiness is getting really big and irritating by the day, at least be fashionable for once, it won’t harm you” he said with an irritated face.

“Well okay but I’m just here all day, it’s not like I have an outing or something” I tell her.. “I’ll wear it to school tomorrow, that’ll be much better”

“But you have an outing, why can’t you wear it now, I mean- well just suit yourself” she sighed and dropped the necklace back. She picked up her juice and gave me a look..
“It’s cold,” she frowned. “I enjoy my drink at room temperature, please get me a less cold drink, please” she pouted and I nodded before taking the drink from her.. I came back with a normal drink and gave it to her, she drank it all up and smiled.
“Thank you,” she smiled “wow..it’s getting late, I didn’t tell my dad I’ll be staying this late. I have to go now,” she said and I nodded. I saw her off to the roadside.
“Thanks for..everything.. I haven’t talked that much with anyone” she said and I smiled.

“Thanks for coming!” I tell her.

“Okay, I should go now. Bye” she waved at me and I returned it, she began walking away.
I sighed and walked back to the house.
Clara’s POV
“How’d it go?” Granny asked once I walked in. I began taking my jacket off.

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“You should’ve guessed that like you always do,” I said and she gave me a stern look. “Well, she refused to wear the necklace-

“What! But she can’t leave without it!” She suddenly snaps.

“Chill gran, I slipped it into her jacket pocket. It’s the same thing as she putting it on” she said.

“But What if she doesn’t put it on?” She asked.

“She will okay, it was set out separately among her other clothing and that means she wants to wear it. So she will,okay” I told her.

Granny sighed. “But you should’ve just cajoled her into wearing it on I mean there are possibilities that she won’t leave with that jacket on!” She said, her fears ebbing in.

“Well she was adamant on wearing it, I didn’t want it to look suspicious so I had to slip it into her jacket. If she doesn’t wear it then you can just use plan B” I said, frustrated.

“But there’s no plan B” she said.

“Then just hope and believe that she’ll wear it” I said before standing up and walking away.
Melvin’s POV
“So you’re saying you turned back to human when you tasted her blood?” Belle asked, her horrified expression giving way to relief and Inquisition.

“Yes. It was bitter but it changed me. I was bemused!” I emphasized.

“And you don’t know how it was possible that you transformed in broad daylight?” She asked.

“I have no idea at all” I told her and she nodded and shut her eyes.. She mumbled few words while rubbing her staff and suddenly her eyes flung open.. She sighed and smiled.

“It’s good news” she tell me with a smile. “A way has finally been paved to make you human!” She said and I smiled.

“Whoa but how? I mean what way is that?” I asked.. Feeling very excited.

“Kayla?” She said, the smile still staying on her face and I frowned.

“Kayla?” I repeated and she nodded. “But how?”

“You need her blood, every single ounce of it to become human!” She revealed and my frown deepened.

“All of it?!” I asked and she nodded “but it’d kill her” I said and Belle nodded again.

“In a simple sentence son, you need her life to keep yours” she emphasized and I gasped.