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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 40

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(Love is the word)
Melvin’s POV
I sprang up at once to my feet..
“You’re lying to me, Belle can never try to harm me! You’re trying to deceive me!” I yelled.

“No Melvin, we’re not. I’m telling you the truth!”

“Well I don’t believe you.. Belle already told me everything, I know you’re trying to deceive me” I said, tears welling up in my eye corner.

“She’s lying to you-

“You’re the liar here! And just so you know, I don’t believe you one bit.. I mean your lie is just so absurd, so I’m leaving and don’t try to stop me, both of you!” I said, tears filling my eyes and threatening to pour. I tried not to blink as I began finding my way out.

“You’re such a big fool!” I suddenly felt a hand yanking me backwards. I turned to see Clara fuming angrily at me. “You really like being in the dark don’t you, you think we’re against you and yet you still stand here alive and spit it out! Are humans this stupid!?”

“Jolita-” her mom tried to calm her.

“No mom, this is it! I’ve heard enough of him treating us like the bad people. If Belle is who you say she is then why didn’t she tell you about the necklace! Why did she make Kayla trip and shorten your life after telling you how to? Why did she tell you I was Lucinda and still let you school with me and if we’re the bad people, why didn’t I harm you when you publicly spat it in my face, why haven’t we harmed you even after knowing that you’ve found out about us! Why?! For you age, you’re such a stupid and thoughtless fool” She yelled..

“Jolita!” Her mom yelled and she sighed, slapping her forehead with her palm..
She suddenly stepped forward. “Melvin-” the woman called, “I was sent by our world cos you have the Luvi necklace. Take a look at this-” she gathered her hair and pulled it to a corner, revealing her bare neck and I checked at what she pointed and found a thick L mark on it, it glowed when I saw it.
“Doesn’t it look familiar?” She asked and I gave it a deep thought..
“Your mom had passed it down to you as a birthday gift. Don’t you remember?” She asked calmly.

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I gave her a blank look.. “It does look a little familiar but I can’t remember” I said honestly.

“The Luvi came from our world, it was given to your great great grandmother as a gift and was asked to pass it down. That was how it got to you and now it’s helping you, through me. You have to believe me, Melvin” she said, almost at the verge of tears.

I gave her a long uncertain look and just as I was about to talk, I felt a rare feeling at my knee and immediately my eyes snap up to her in shock..

“Kayla,” I said “Kayla’s is in trouble!” I said and she immediately froze..

“Oh no.. Lucinda has gotten her”

“Belle?” I asked, still having a bit of unbelief.

“Yes, come-on!” She pulled me forward and without a second thought, I followed.
~Kayla’s POV~
I was moving the necklace to her when it suddenly slipped off my fingers and fell.. She gave me a deep frown..

“Sorry..” I said and immediately bent to pick it up and as I stared at her bare feet, I noticed something on her two front toes.
The strange red mole mark I had seen in Lucinda’s toe as well, she had it and it looked exactly like hers.
With my body bent downward and my fingers touching the necklace on the floor, I thought about why Belle should have this too and I could only arrive at one direction, it caused me to gasp.. This explains why she’s suddenly against Melvin..

Is Belle… Goodness!
“Why arent you getting up?” The depth of her voice sent a deep chill to my skin.

“You’re her!” I stood up, giving her a confused look.

“What’re you talking about?” She asked, eyeing the necklace that I had put away.

“You’re Lucinda, aren’t you? You have the same mole as her on your toes-
I didn’t complete my words before I began choking, my words hung in my throat and I found it hard to breath.

My palm found it’s way to my neck and I tried frantically to stop it..
Belle suddenly began laughing wickedly..

“You found out too but unfortunately it’s too late!” She smirked evily and choked me more..

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“What’re you doing to me?” I stammered, tears gleaming at the corner of my eyes as the pain became more intense and life sucking.

“Nothing. I just want to take what’s mine” she began walking to me.

“Traitor” I said, a tear sliding down my cheek.

She scoffed. “It could’ve been just you, Melvin would’ve escaped this if only he agreed to kill you but no! Even In his state he still hasn’t forgotten you, he still chose you! I gave him a chance but he trampled on it like a dummy!” She frowned deeply, her eyes darkening in anger.. As I held my neck, Belle reached me and I found myself moving to a side. The necklace dropped from my hand and Belle gave me a smirk..

“You should see this first!” She said and almost immediately, she began transforming and her skin began peeling off and the farcade was pulled open to reveal a younger lady with a charming face and silky long dark hair.. She gave me a smile and it was the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen but at the same time, it was wicked.

“Belle!” Someone yelled behind me and almost immediately Melvin appeared.. I could see his emotions on his face and it was nothing but hurt..
Lucinda laughed and gave him a look..

She smirked. “We meet again but unfortunately it’s my departure time already” she smiled at him and began walking towards the necklace but like a flash, it got snatched before her.
~Melvin’s POV~
Hurt wasn’t enough word to describe how I felt..
I was shattered and perturbed.

Belle had been Lucinda all along..

Kayla looked like she was being strangled when I got there. Jolita’s grandmother had told me to go in first and try to distract her while she work from that spot.
I Couldn’t explain how I felt when I saw her transforming to Lucinda. All atom of doubt I had contained discharged from my body and I felt a sudden anger come in its place.

Jolita was quick enough to get the necklace before she could and she gave her a hateful look..

I was quick to catch Kayla before she could fall to the ground cos she suddenly started to fall..
Jolita passed the necklace to he granny who immediately appeared..

Suddenly everywhere began trembling and thick dark clouds began to gather in the sy

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Lucinda’s iris immediately turned deep red and her face was filled with complete anger.

I was quick to hold Kayla tight before she could drop.. I moved back with her.
“She’s causing destruction” Granny said, . “You have to get out of here! I’ll distract her.. Go!” She yelled.

“Gran” Jolita yelled, moving to her..

“I’ll be fine. I promise. She can’t harm me when I have the Luvi, I’ll be back but you have to leave here.. She can harm you all, she’s doing it already” she yelled.. “Go, quick!”

Jolita immediately moved to me, assisted me in carry Kayla and immediately we rushed out of the cave and began running with all our might even though it proved a little difficult cos Kayla was weighing us down.. We gave it all our best..

The ground didn’t stop shaking and even in the darkness we were able to find our way.
After what seemed like hours we finally reached the building and moved in.. She helped me lie Kayla on the floor and our eyes met, she looked away. She stood up and began heading out.

“Will she be okay?” I asked her and she stopped before nodding.

“She’s only asleep. she’s perfectly fine” she said and walked out. I took a blanket and covered Kayla up to her shoulder. I stood up and walked out as well. Jolita was standing at a corner and staring at the farther part of the sky..
I went to stand beside her.. Her attention abruptly diverted to me but she looked away, taking her gaze back to the sky.

“I’m sorry for the insult earlier” she said.

“I deserved it” I told her, looking at the sky too. “Your grandmother will be fine, right?” I asked bringing my gaze to her.

“I hope-
She couldn’t complete her sentence when we suddenly heard a deafening sound like a bomb or a lightening strike and when I looked at the sky, a thick foggy smoke covered a part of it, like an explosion had happened..

“What just happened?” I asked rhetorically and Jolita gave me a look, fear was boldly written in her eyes. She began shaking her head..

“Grandma!!” She yelled in fright before charging forward..