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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 23

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV

I got home and met mom in the kitchen cooking.. After a brief usual greeting, I head to my room and freshened up.. Recalling the fight, I settled to having a shower and as I washed up I suddenly felt a striking sharp pain at my forehead, it was so painful, it made me m0an loudly and grab the faucet for support before I could fall..

I sucked in my breath and tried to breath in slowly with my eyes shut and just as I opened them the pain flew away with a snap, it was as if I had felt nothing initially and at first it felt strange.. I placed a palm on my forehead to see if I’d feel anything but I felt nothing.

I came back to normal..

I finished up with my shower and walk back to my room, I put my clothes on, properly hiding the necklace in it before making it back to the living room. Mom was busy setting the table.

After dinner, I head back to my room and read myself to sleep and when I woke up to knocking on my room door, it was morning.

Mom dropped me off at school the next day and drove for work. I sling my backpack across my back and made it for the school building. I got to my locker, exchanged my backpack for my books and snap it shut and almost immediately I saw his face, he was leaning on the lockers wall and staring at me.
I tear my gaze from his, balanced my books on my palm and made to walk away when he stepped into my front.. I gave him an angry stare.

“Kayla, we need to talk” he said.. Every single word releasing a sort of anger and uncertainty in me.. I maintained my blank look on him.
“I saw you come in and I followed you here so-

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“There’s absolutely nothing for us to talk about Jake” I dig into his sentence and made to walk past him but he blocked it. Sighing, he ran a palm over his curly dark hair.

“Look Kay, I know I’ve been more of a d!ck to you and yeah, I totally deserve this attitude but I’m here to make things right. Please let me” he said, his voice sober.

“Let you do what exactly, Jake? And yes, you’ve not only been more than a d!ck, you’ve been worse than that and you still are so please stay off” I said angrily.
Wow.. I really let that out pretty loud and hard.. I think this new me sure has it’s advantage.
Well who the fvck does he think he is to stroll in and off my life like I’m some thing. And what does he mean by making things right? Definitely not bringing us back, is it?

“Wow.. You’ve truly changed” he emphasized.

“You don’t expect me to remain that girl you knew from months back or lose focus cos you broke up with me. You made it clear then and I perfectly understood-

“And I made a mistake then. I’m truly sorry for what I did, honestly, I didn’t mean to end us that way or hurt you. It was none of my intentions, I-I just don’t know why I did it” he said and I sighed.

“Well guess what, I don’t care anymore and I have a class now if you don’t mind” I said , ready to walk past him but he grabbed my wrist. I couldn’t help but feel the sensation as our skin met.
It’s strange that I still feel something for him even after months..
My body weakened but I didn’t lose my grip, I carefully yanked my hand off his and I saw the hurt in his eyes.

“I want you back Kayla” I heard him say under his breath and I gave him a shrewd look, his eyes bearing every epitome of seriousness.

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“Like I’m a liability or something you can go back to whenever you want.. Sorry Jake, but that time’s past now” I said and moved past him, heading swiftly to class.

One thing I’m sure of is that if at all I’m going back to Jake, I’ll make it hard for him and be sure that I wasn’t about to be played again. Truth is, he still had the looks and charms and it’s kind of surprising that they didn’t have the hype they normally have on me then but a part of it was still present.

I made it to class and met Clara already on seat and sucking on a lollipop, we had a brief greeting and I settled on my seat. The day’s work began.

After few more lectures, we had lunch break and Clara had to go alone cos I was busy with my note; after promising to get me lunch of course

I suddenly felt pressed, so I jammed my note shut and stood up from my seat. I head to the bathroom, did the stuff and walked out. I was going down the hall when he suddenly appeared in front of me.
With a frown, I made to brush past him but he grabbed my wrist again, I faced him with a glare.

“What’re you doing Jake?” I questioned, ignoring the tingling feeling and showcasing my irritation.

“Kayla please, just listen to me!” He begged, w€tting his lower lip.

“Listen to you say what?”

“I want you back Kayla, I mean I want us to go back to how we used to be. I’m in love with you” he said calmly and slowly and I gave him a muted look. My mind beating fast at his words in skepticism.

I was literally speechless.. I took in a slight gulp.

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“I’m sorry Jake but I don’t think I’m interested in this again” I said and tried pulling away from his grip but he tightened his grasp.

“I understand that you’re probably still mad at me but I’m serious this time I swear,” he pleaded,letting go of my wrist. He took out a card from his pocket and stretched it to me.

“My mom’s having a party tomorrow night, I want you to come. I want to introduce you to her as my girlfriend and prove to you how serious I am” he said and I became confused..

Is he being real..

I wanted to ask, I wanted badly to inquire more about this. To be sure he’s being serious but instead, I find myself taking the card from him.

“Thank you” He smiled at me.
“I’ll see you later” he said and bent toward me, I realised he was about to kiss me so I pull away and he immediately stood upright, rubbed his nape nervously and bitting on his lower lip.

Really isn’t that too quick??

I walked away, heading back to class.

I got to my seat and left the card in my backpack, I’ll decide on my attendance later. I opened my book and almost immediately it was dragged from me and slammed to the floor, I muttered under my breath and looked up to see the Tina girl staring at me in anger..

“You really have guts, don’t you” she said, fuming and I shook my head at her.
“Look, I’m not in the least bothered that you’re sneaking up on my ex cos he’s like dump to me now but trust me I can get him crawling back to me anytime I want so enjoy it while it lasts!” She said and walked dramatically away.

Okay she came all the way here to tell me that?
And by ex.. Does she mean Jake?