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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 16

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(Love is the word)



Melvin’s POV

I glance at Belle after the sudden silence.. She was quiet and staring into space with a look that I couldn’t decipher. If she was hiding it then she’s doing a good job at it.
“What’s wrong Belle? Don’t you like my idea?” I asked.

“It’s not about the idea son. I’m just scared for you” she said.
“Why?” I asked her, my gaze full on her.
“Cos you.. And Kayla together can be dangerous”
“Dangerous. How?”
“You’re doing all this because of her right?” She asked.
“No. I’m doing this for myself.. I told you I’ll do anything, this is part of it. And that part about dangerous, is it about her being my death?” I asked.
“Not really but you have to promise me Melvin that no matter what happens.. You won’t have any mutual connection with her” she said and my brows narrowed.
And she just called me by my name again?? This definitely is serious.
“I don’t exactly get you Belle. What do you mean by mutual connection?”
“Y-you know like.. s£x and those stuffs” she shrugged and I chuckled on how she pronounced it like it was a new word.
“s£x? Can someone like me have s£x?” I asked rhetorically.
“Well Belle if that’s your problem then you can stop worrying now. Nothing of the mutual connection you talk about can happen between Kayla and I. I mean she doesn’t even like me and apart from that, my main aim is to become human and set everything right. Not to fall in love” I assured, resting my head on the ground. My gaze now resting upward at the moon.
“You never can tell. Such things do happen and to avoid that completely you have to always listen to me and obey only what I tell you to” she said.
“Of course” I assured her giving her a look.
“But.. Do you feel anything for her?” She asked, her eyes holding so much curiosity “I mean Kayla?”
I gave her a look before sitting up.
“No. I don’t feel anything for her” I told her and she first gave me a long blank stare with cocked brow before nodding and looking away.
“I’ll be inside” she said and stood up before walking away.
I rested back and shut my eyes.
¥¶Kayla’s POV¥¶
Clara immediately looked away from me and pulled away.
“Sorry, didn’t know the necklace was that important ” she said and sat back on her seat.
“Your iris suddenly change color and did you feel the spark back there?” I asked.
“My iris changes color to express my feelings, it how I was born so it’s perfectly normal but about a spark, nah.. I felt nothing” she said, shaking her head slightly “now will you quit giving me that look?” She asked.. I gulp and faced my food while she faced hers.
I took a careless bite out of my food and just as I finished chewing with no interest, I felt presences and before I could look up.. I felt a warm liquid running down my scalp to my face and then my clothes and leaving a thick brown chocolate stain on it.
Oh please!
With parted lips, I looked up.
“Oops.. I thought I saw a trash bin right here. Wait was that you?” Delia asked in full sarcasm.
It’s the three devils again..
“What were you expecting Delia? Girls like her always look like trash.. Next time you check for a face” Gina retorted.
“Poor nerd.. What do we do about that stain now?” Kira chipped in, looking at me with a fake pity look. “Oh right.. You need a wash up. She grabbed the bottled water from my table and took the lid off before emptying the whole content on me from my hair. It strolled to different part of my body..
I kept my face down and bore the mean treatment that didn’t seem new or strange.. I didn’t know Clara’s expression cos I didn’t look at her face.
She dumped the empty bottle on my laps.
“Now that’s much better, don’t you agree. I hope it makes you forgive me but to be honest I don’t give a fvck” she said and I sensed the smirk that must’ve formed on her lips, in her words.
“Come-on girls” she added and I sight their shoes moving simultaneously.
I sighed and my gaze gradually shot up to meet Kay’s.

“Here” she passed me a piece of handkerchief. Her face void of expression.. I collected it from her gratefully and stood.
“I’ll be in the bathroom” I told her and she nodded.
“I’ll just meet you in class” she said with a blank stare and I flashed her a small smile before walking away.. Ignoring the prying eyes of desperate haters.
^^°Clara’s POV^^°

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After the fun part came the boring part which was listening to the teachers talk about boring and uninteresting stuffs about whatever.
The only nice thing in this school is the tasty foods and well.. My new friend Kayla. She seem more like an introvert and doesn’t talk much.. Just the kind I like and honestly, it’s pretty great having people to talk to apart from the animals in my habitat.
This human life do have something good to offer.
After school, I bade Kayla bye and moved to the taxi that had come to pick me.
Well, I introduced him to Kay as my dad to curb any suspicion. I can’t get caught now.
I got in and he started the car and began driving, during the ride I took out a chocolate bar from my backpack.. One of my very best snack that I recently got to discover in that school.. I made sure to fill my backpack with it.
The cabbie dropped me at my destination and I paid him.
The ride was pretty interesting too. That’s why even though it’s useless I still take it.. It’s another thing I like about this place.
I head into the scanty part of the wood and with less than a step I was home. I quickly rushed inside, grandma was on the floor, sitting and staring at nothing.
“Good afternoon granny” I greeted, taking my backpack off and flinging it. Caring less where it lands.
“You found her, didn’t you?” She asked.
“Ugh! You’re such a spoiler. I wanted to say it as a surprise. Why do you always have to read my mind?” I asked but she was quiet. “Okay, yes. I found her. The whole sign showed it and she has this strange necklace on her neck. She refused to let me touch it” I said, taking a large bite out of the chocolate.
“It’s a connection. I saw the mark on his knee” she said.

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“What mark. Wait, you found him already?”
“I found him a long time ago. I only met him and I saw it. He doesn’t have much time to live, he’s being manipulated and I have to stop that” she said and I rolled my eyes.
“And how do you plan on doing that, you once said your powers are nothing compared to hers” I said, grabbing another chocolate pack.


“It is. That’s why I’ll do it from here, it might seem strange to them but it’s the only thing I can do” she said.
“I hope it works cos I really can’t stand those mean ugly-looking ladies, I almost had to deal with them myself and I’m pretty sure I would’ve if I had intervened.. I just can’t stand their guts on her! They better not try that with me” I grumbled.
“What do you expect.. It’s part of the curse. That’s why you have to keep being Clara.. It’s a good confusion and distraction while I do my part from here”


“Okay gran.. Do your stuff. I’m getting a weird itch wearing this face. I’ll go take it off” I stood up and walked out, taking another chocolate pack..
So here.. There are two revelation in this chapter that I want a smart reader to figure out..One’s easy and the other’s pretty difficult but I hope I’ll get people to prove me wrong .