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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 26

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(Love is the word)

Kayla’s POV

He opened the door to the house, making me still and walked in while leading me from behind.. We stepped into the house.

“Oh there you are Jake. I need you to fetch the milk carton from-
The slightly elderly woman stopped talking when she noticed me and her gaze moved from me to Jake and then back. I didn’t know when I tightened my palm on Jake’s.. She’s staring at me and I’m dressed this way.. Oh geez..
Mrs Stones, I’d recognize her anywhere, when Jake and I dated he had shown me pictures of her and the rest of his family.. But I just haven’t met any of them in person and I can’t believe I’m meeting them this way.

She suddenly wore a smile and faced Jake, giving him a questioning look.

“Mom, meet Kayla. My girlfriend” the words made me gulp and her gaze sprang to me again.. Sending a chill down my spine.
She suddenly shut her lips with her palm as she gave me an awed look.

“Whoa.. She’s even more cute in person” she smiled toothily at me, I blushed slightly.
“And you’re just in time for my treat. Come on and have a seat” she grasped my hand from Jake and I gave him a look.

“Uhm.. Mom, she didn’t plan on staying for the party. She had to come because she had promised me to and now she has to go back home” he said and I nodded.

“Ow.. That’s too bad. I wanted you to meet Jake’s siblings”

“I’d love to Mrs Stones, really but-

“Oh please, just call me mom” she chipped in and I gave Jake a grimace, he shrugged.

“Um okay, mom. I didn’t plan for this meeting, I mean look at me.I’m not even properly dressed and I didn’t inform anyone I’d be going out.. So I have to go before my absence is noticed” I said and she frowned dramatically.

“Okay then but we’ll do this some other time right?”

“Of course-”
Okay what do I throw in next.. Is this how a typically son’s girlfriend behave..
Maybe a compliment.
“And you have a really nice house by the way” I added nervously.

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“Aw thanks. And I’ll be glad to show the rest of it to you during your next visit” she said with a pink face and I nodded..

“Okay Kay, let’s go” Jake said.

“Yeah.. Bye Mrs- mom” I quickly added and she nodded.

Jake and I walked out of the house, he led me to the gate and we walked out of it to the taxi park.
“I really don’t think introducing me to your mom as your girlfriend was a good idea” I told him as we walked into the cold night.

“Why, I did it to prove to you how honest I am” he said.

“I feel guilty that you had to lie to her” I said.

“You always feel guilty about anything that involves you.. That’s just you but don’t worry, we can cover this up once you agree to date me” he said and I gave him a glance, his face was serious.. I kept quiet.

“Okay.. We’re here,” I said disrupting the awkward silence when we got to the park.
“Goodnight Jake” I told him and he nodded slowly and before I could look away, he grabbed me by my shoulder and inched me toward him..
Our eyes met and he leaned in, going for my lips, he was getting close and I didn’t know when my head moved back and away from his.. Seeing the move, he suddenly pulled away and helped my up properly, disappointed.

“Isn’t that a little too quick” I said and he nodded with an awkward laugh.. Itching his temple.

“Y-yeah. I’ll just see you in school tomorrow, go ahead.”
I walked to a taxi and got in.. Jake waved at me as it began moving and I waved back before looking away.

As I stared out of the window, I thought of Jake..
Do I still love him?
It’s been months already and lately I don’t find myself getting all jumpy at his presence and even when he tried to kiss me, I wasn’t expectant and didn’t even know when I moved back.
Maybe I do feel something different from what I used to feel when we first met but still I’m not sure, if I really want to date him again.. I don’t even understand myself or my feelings.

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I rested my head on the headrest, letting out a sigh.
I woke up the next morning with a strange new energy and as I rolled off the duvet, I jumped happily off my bed.. Slipped my feet into my flops and head for the en-suite.. After a fine brush and a warm bath, I prepared myself for school and head out.

“I was about coming to call you for breakfast” mom said as I stepped into the living room and noticed the meals in the dinning. I sat and we had breakfast.
As I ate breakfast, I felt kind of unusual and had a feeling like I was forgetting something and I paused and rechecked myself but I found nothing amiss but still the feeling didn’t go.

Mom dropped me off at school and I head to my locker, grabbed my books and made it to class.

During morning lectures, I felt even more uneasy and skeptical with an unknown reason.. I sighed and felt a sudden nerve envelope me.
“Excuse me Mr Drew” I called for the teacher’s attention, standing up.

“Yes Kayla” he answered, giving me an impatient look.

“I need to use the restroom” I said.

“Right now?”

“Yes sir, it’s urgent” I said, giving him a secret eye roll..
Okay, when did I start giving eye rolls to teacher.. This new me!

“Okay. 3 minutes” he said and I immediately rushed out of the class to the restroom.
I reached there, rested my hand on the sink side and stared at my reflection in the mirror.. I saw the sick look on my face but I didn’t feel any sign of it in my body. I turned the faucet, washed my face under the running water and dried it with my face towel, it looked more normal and I twist the faucet to stop the water before walking out.. As I reached the exit, I noticed a group of girls including Tina.. They’re obviously her new friends since her old ones left her for being such a petty thief.. I ignored them and started my journey back to class..

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“I had no idea that someone prefers wearing her flows on her skirt” I heard her voice and I took a peek back and realised she was referring to me.

“She’s shameless, what do you expect” another chipped in and it took a moment for me to understand what they were talking about..
I quickly turned and checked my skirt and Alas! There was a thick blood stain on one side, very close to my butt..

Wait.. My flow was today?
But I didn’t even feel it, I mean my menses is what you can describe as crazy cos it comes with a very strong and crazy pain that makes you roll on the floor and want to scream until your lungs start to come out.. That’s why I always mark a day out before it comes so I take painkillers and reduce the pain the next day or two but this one-
The necklace! Damn..

I heard harsh laughter behind me, from Tina and her goons
“That’s not nice at all” a girl suddenly walked up to me..
“Here.. You’ll need this” she gave me a small bag and I took it from her with a frown and she turned to the other girls..

“It can happen to anyone and for the record, you all look like zombies laughing like that” she said coldly to them and walked out the next moment.. The girl looked strange and totally unfamiliar, I only noticed her blue eyes and long dark hair. And why’d she defend me like that?

I walked back to the restroom, turned out the faucet and began cleaning my skirt up.. I was done Washing the blood out.

Okay, now how do I stop it from staining me again?

I was in my thoughts when my gaze suddenly caught the small bag I had earlier received from the girl.. Curiously, I picked it from the floor and opened of and a confused look stayed on my face when I saw the content.

Sanitary pads…