September 25, 2023

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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 30

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(Love is the word)

Kayla’s POV
. I plopped to a couch with a hard sigh.. I wonder who he was?
Good thing I had arrived earlier, he was losing a lot of blood and at the same time running out of breath.. I had seen how he was swerved off the road by an insane driver and how he just kept moving like nothing had happened.
Good thing I had called the paramedics and they had arrived almost immediately before I left..
Well, it wasn’t surprising that the road was close to empty at that moment.. It’s something you should expect from a small town, probably the smallest in the city.

Now that I think of it, the guy does look familiar but, well I can’t place where I’ve met him from in the past. I stared at the jam in my hand, blood stain hanging at the mouth.. I sighed, he would’ve died if I hadn’t passed by to purchase a bottle of jam since we ran out of some.. It was still early in the morning. I stood up and walked to the kitchen to have breakfast..
I prepared for school and hit the road.. I arrived, head in and took the stairs.

Melvin was standing at the first floor rail and talking to a girl who was smiling or should I say blushing and extremely hard too.. I took a step toward them, contemplating if meeting him now was the best time..

I itched my temple, gave them a look, shook my head and turned to head to class..

“Kayla..” I heard his voice and caught unaware it made me freeze and I turned to face him, pulling on a smile. I saw that the girl was not with him anymore and he was standing alone.

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“um hi” I said nervously.

“Hi” he walked up to me, paused, check the distance between us and pulled back.

“Uh.. I have something to ask you” I said.

“Um.. Okay?” He said and I shook my head at him, leaning.

“I-I don’t think here’s safe enough to ask stuff like this, I mean it’s about you.. You know, your beast self?” I shrugged. “Let’s move over there, it’s safer” I told him.. Moving away from the rail to the end of the hall.. I took in a long breath and opened my mouth to talk..

“Wait, is this about the fainting thing yesterday?” He stopped me and I lowered my brows at him.

“You felt it too?” I asked.

“Yes.. It was the reason you experienced it too. It’s part of the connection and I got a new mark too” he said, pulling his collar aside to reveal a part of his upper chest and I saw three dot like deep inscription on him.

“What does it mean?”

“That I’m dying” he said stiffly.
Okay how can he say that so normally.

“What?” I gave him a twitchy look..

“Yes.. It’s supposed to be just me but since I gave you part of my life, I’m drawing closer to death and feeling sudden excruciating pain is part of the symptoms.. It get worse evertime, telling how close it is” he expounded.

“And if you die.. Then I die?” I asked and he sighed, nodding slowly.

Okay hearing that now, scares the hell out of me.
“Okay,” I sighed. “And if I help we can break this right, I mean this death stuff?”

“Yes” he nodded.

“So how do I help?” I asked.

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“By breaking the curse” he said.

“What curse?”

“Lucinda’s” he said. “I told you I wasn’t born this way, I was cursed when I was younger by a witch that I thought was my friend. She made me a blood sucking beast. I only get to turn human during the day and act partly as one” he explained.

“So you kill every night?”

“At first I did but Belle found a way to stop it and it’s been helpful up till now” he said and I chuckled nervously..

“Okay.. What’re you now, Fiona?” I asked and he shook his head.

“I’m serious Kayla. We can end all this if you just help me break the curse” he said, his voice complete serious.

“But why does it have to be me.. I mean they’re other girls that can do this right?” I asked, fear seeping in.

“It has to cos you’re my chi-mate.. It’s more like fate-

“Wait..chi-mate?” I asked, even more bemused.

“Yes. It’s destiny. Remember when you asked for my name when we first met. I knew nothing about myself then because of the curse but I was able to remember because of you. That’s why it has to be you” he said.

“Okay this is so confusing and weird. Is it some kind of fairytale or what?” I asked. “Like I’m your Chi-mate and can break a curse?” I asked, my brows narrowing in utter confusion.

“Yes. I don’t know exactly why too but we must’ve been connected” he said.

“Wow.. This is, I mean.. I’m so confused. Why would somebody want to curse you?” I asked “I mean there’s a reason right?”
I asked and he nodded, sucking in a breath.

“We were friends, really good friends. I had no idea that she was in love with me, I mean, I’m still confused about it but she said she did it cos I chose Clara over her” he said. “She cursed us both cos she was jealous and angry” he said.

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“Stuffs like that happen?” I asked and he nodded.

“And this Clara girl.. She’s just like you too.. I mean beastly and.. Blood sucking?”

“No.. Hers is different”..

Okay seriously, this is so creepy and well..unbelievable

“Okay,” I breathed out. “Since this is weird and kind of unbelievable, I’ll just think about it” I sighed again.

“It’s true Kayla, I can tell you all about it. Clara is-

“No, please no.. This is something that I shouldn’t hear right now.. Geez!” I sighed.. “Okay I need to go to class now and I do hope I get to concentrate” I said before walking past him..

What the heck was that?!
This is a pretty hard pill to swallow this early, I mean geez..

I got to class and first thing I noticed was the null mood as everyone busied themselves with their phones while talking silently and I noticed a girl crying at a corner with some other girls consoling her..
I walked in and got to my seat..
Clara was with a guy I realised was Jake and immediately he noticed my presence, he turned from her to me and then to her before turning back to me with a confused look..

He looked at Clara and then at me, his brows deeply narrowed.

“Kayla?” He called, glancing back at Clara.

“Hi.. I’m Clara” Clara waved at him, giggling and opening a gum.

He stammered, giving me a look.

“We look alike.. Yeah” Clara shrugged, blowing her gum..

“Wow!” Jake breathed out.