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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 6

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(Love is the word )
“What do you see?” She asked him..
“Darkness”>Darkness” came his reply.
“And now?” She asked again after a while.
“More darkness, very thick this time” he answered her, his eyes shut and his body still positioned in a meditative posture.
“Any light?” She asked and for the first few seconds, he said nothing..
“Yes, a little” he answered her.
“And now?” She asked again.
“Light. More light” he answered. “Forest. Trees. Streets. Stores. Houses. Churches. Clubs. Vehicles. School, wait.. School?” He repeated the word again. “I feel her presence in a school. Very familiar” he said, his shoulder going high.
“Good. Now try to trace her” she cajoled..
“I-I can’t” he said after a while, a frown crawling to his face. “It’s unpleasant. Her smell” he said with a grimace but his eyes were still tightly shut.
“That’s because she’s your death. It’s won’t always be like that though. You have to ignore the unpleasantness and trace her” she said..
“I feel her but I can’t see her, she’s in a school” he answered.
“Do it again” she cooed him..
He was quiet for a long while and suddenly he started vibrating, whimpers flew from his mouth as he kept shaking.. She looked at him strangely and his eyes flung open. He looked around and his gaze rested on her. She cocked a brow at him.


“I felt hot. It was like my whole body was on fire” he said in a hoarse tone.
“That explain why you can’t trace her. She’s untraceable cos she posses a power more stronger than yours” she explained..
“So how do I find her?”
“We’ll have to use the seeker. It’ll take time but we’ll get her”
“Do you think it’ll work on her, considering how powerful you said she is?”
“We already have a hint that she’s in a school.. So it’ll work. I just have to look up on all the schools around here. It’ll just take time” she said and he nodded.
“What’s that?” She asked, pointing to his shoulder. He trailed her finger to his shoulder and there was a burn on it. His brows furrowed at it, it looked fresh.. He didn’t feel any pain but the burn looked deep and painful. His gaze quickly jerked to hers and her gaze moved from the burn to him, she gave him a knowing look..
“It’s her”
Kayla’s POV
“I have no idea about what you’re accusing me of” I said and almost immediately a hard push met my shoulder, making me stagger backwards.
“Liar! I saw how you stared at it yesterday, you were obviously jealous of the phone cover and since you couldn’t get it, you stole it!” The red haired girl accused.
“It was just a harmless peek! It only took one second and simply because I glanced at it doesn’t mean I stole it” I said.
“Yes. It. Does” she shoved me backwards with each words and my back hit a wall.
“I’ll give you one last time nerd, give it back now” she said, her palm stretched out to me.
“I didn’t take your phone cover!” I defended honestly for the umpteenth time. And immediately the red haired girl dashed towards me, she grabbed me backpack from my hold and began unzipping it.
Wait.. She has no right to search my bag. I’m not a thief and she’s not even the owner of whatever phone cover they were talking about but she seem more affected about it’s loss. It’s probably because she’s the thief and she’s trying to pin it on me so she wouldn’t be figured out.
As I made to charge toward her, her friends held me back to the wall, making my movement impossible but I didn’t stop struggling.
She zipped down the whole sides of my bag and upturned it, emptying it completely and roughly to the ground. I gave her a hard look as she used her legs to scatter my stuffs, spreading them all over the tiled floor.
She flipped her hair back before looking at me, throwing the empty backpack at my face.
“You smart bitch.. You left it at home didn’t you?” She asked me, raising her brow up at me.
“I already told you that I didn’t take it!” I answered, raising my voice. Why won’t she just believe me.
“Well Mandy said you did, why would I doubt her?” She asked giving me a cold glare. My anger rubbed off on my breathing, making it hard.
“Listen bitch, I’m not in the least pained about the phone cover, my daddy can always get me a better one but I’m just mad that you keep denying it and trust me, I’m not letting this slide. You’ll pay for this somehow” she said, running her gaze over me. She walked up to me and I saw her hand going to my trouser but it was too late to stop her and her friends still had a hold on me.
She snatched my phone from my pocket and smashed it hard on the floor before I could utter a word. After making contact with the tiled floor, the phone shattered, bits flying around.
My eyes widen as I saw it and immediately the girls let me go, I quickly rushed to it, I crouch beside it and picked the phone up.. I quickly did a scan on it and the screen had lots of cracks on it, some parts of the phone were missing too..
With shaky hands, I began gathering them up, placing the parts I could find back to it’s spot, I adjusted my glasses and tried turning the phone on but it wasn’t working.. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to after that harsh smashing.. It’s completely ruined. I sighed and put it into my backpack, I packed my books and other stuffs before slinging the bag back across my shoulder and walking to class..
Some really mushed up mornings.

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After the random school activities, I head home.. I got to the bus station, hopped on when it arrived and moved my bag to my Laps when the bus began moving. Getting to my bus stop, I climbed down with some other conveyers.
I head home, passing through an alley to make my journey faster. I heard footsteps behind me and before I could turn, I was dragged roughly by my shoulder and slammed on the wall.
My glasses were at the verge of falling at the gesture but I was quick to catch it.
I looked and saw Shane, his other guys were beside him. My heart lurch forward as reality dawn on me.
He flashed me a lopsided grin.
“Shocked?” He spoke up, the smirk still on his face. “We left you in school today for this?”
He revealed.


“What do you want from me, Shane?” I asked and he stepped closer to me.
“Me? Want something from you?” He teased. “You think I’ll be here if Andrew was with us?”
He raised his voice.
“Look, I’m sorry about Andrew. I didn’t know he’d be given detention and I’m sorry about it. Can you just let me go?” I said with pleading eyes.
“Let you go?!” Billy gawked at me, coming to stand really close to Shane.
“You know for a nerd you have some really daring guts!” He seethed, charging toward me.. He raised his hand up and I suspected he was going to smack me, my eyes shut itself out of fear and I bent my head downward, waiting for it to land.


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Five seconds past and I felt nothing. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked around me..
My gaze dart to the floor and I saw Shane, Billy and Zach on it. Weakened and wounded. Another guy stood in front of them, standing akimbo and backing me.
I noticed Shane had a cut on his cheeks and his breathing was the hardest..
“Now off you three go!” The guy said and immediately the trio sprang up and rushed off. I took in a huge blob of saliva, relieved that I had been saved.
I bent and tried to get my breathing back to normal.
“Are you okay?”
I looked up to see him and my brows narrowed from the familiarity of his face..
“You?” I questioned, looking him over.
“Yes, it’s me” he said, giving me a lopsided smile. “I told you we’d meet again right?”
I nodded absentmindedly. I stare at his face, his chin had a small cut and blood surrounded the cut.
“Y-you have a cut” I told him, trying to touch it but he pulled back sharply. “Is it from the fight?” I asked and he nodded wryly.
“But it’s okay”


“If you want I can help you treat it. My house is just two blocks away from here” I said.
“Um.. Okay” he said after a thoughtful silence. I nodded and led him, I noticed he was steps behind me.
We walked until we got to our house, I walked to the porch, fetched the house keys and opened the door. I walked in and he followed, I locked up behind him. He stood on the carpet, staring at the house and tilting his head from side to side..
“I’ll go get the first aid box, you sit over there”
I left him in the living room and got the first aid box from the storage room. I left my backpack on a couch and walk to him with the box in my grip.
I sit beside him and took out a cotton board, leaving the box on the coffee table. I moved it to his lips and he pulled his head backward.
“I need to wipe the blood out first” I tell him and he slowly pushed his head to me.
I wiped the mouth of the wound and left the bloody cotton bud on the floor. I took a cleaner one and applied a healing ointment on it. I pull back to him and placed it on the wound..

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“Ouch!” He pulled back sharply.
“Sorry. I should’ve warned you that it stings” I said with a placating look.
I pull closer and applied more of the ointment on it.
“You left In a hurry the last time. How is your wound now?” I asked him, trying to start a conversation?


“Fine” he answered simply and held my hand, I felt the spark just like the last time from the touch and he pull away immediately.
“That’s enough” he said and I nodded before putting it away, I reach for the plaster.
“You got shot seven times, why?” I asked him and he was quiet, I raised my face from his chin to his face.. He was expressionless.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it but you’re really lucky to have survived it and this quick too. It doesn’t always happen, you know” I said, covering the wound up.
“All done” I told him.
“Thank you” he said.


“You’re welcome and thanks for earlier. If you hadn’t shown up and helped me, I don’t think I’d have made it home in one piece” I said and he gave me a strange look..
“So our last time meeting was kind of weird, confusing and all and it ended the same way but here, we meet again. I told you the last time but I don’t think you remember it considering how much pain you were passing through then, so I’ll say it again. I’m Kayla, Kay for short. You?” I asked and he gave me a blank stare for a while and suddenly his brows twitched like he was thinking about something, he suddenly jerked up and when his gaze met me, he had a curious look. A grimace scurried out on his face too.
“I-I’m Melvin” he said like he the name sounded new to his ears.
“Okay Melvin. It’s nice to meet you”