November 28, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 51

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V Couple.

Written by Feathrs.

Chapter 51

Oscar’s POV

I walked away from the kitchen and went back to the baby that I had l-ãid on the chair.

I stared at the baby and closed my eye.

Jessie would really be hurt when she finds out what my intentions were from the start. I do not know if this is the right thing to do.

Nevertheless, I do not plan on staying in this marriage, I do not love Jessie, I just want to make love with her and get out.

“Food is ready baby!” Jessie shouted happily.

I faked a smile and went to join her at the dinning.

As we ate, she stole romantic glances at me and I just smiled weakly.

After we were done eating, she went to check the baby and said; “She’s already sleeping.”

She carried the baby to where he sleeps.

I was still seated at the living room wondering how I would walk out of the marriage.

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Jessie walked to me and held me by my wrist, she dragged me to our room.

“Wait here.”She said and went inside the bathroom.

With the sound of splashes of water, I knew she went to shøwer.

She appeæ–red beføre më nã–kēd and my mouth drøppëd in shock.

She’s got the perfect figùre 8 figure and I indeed love what I’m seeing.

Her b—-St were firm and ripe like œranges. Her posture was beautiful and the area of her p—-Y was tempting.

” F—–!k me.” She requested and I chuckleed instinctively.

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Like seriously? so a day would come when she had be requesting for me to f—-!k her.

It’s what I like to hear.

I yãn–KeD my clœ-TH-ës øff angrily and wøs nœw nãK–ë-D too.

I walked to her and planted my lips on hers, we kissed passionately.

Jessie’s POV

I percived Mike stand and walked to where I stood n@-Kë-D. He cu
üpped my br—-@st from b–êhind and kīssed my nëck gëntly.

I m;;ø::ã-ned gently and rested my back on his chest.

He pressed my b—St and I m;;ø;;ã—Ned louder. I grïn-ded my @s-s on his d—!k and his d—-!k, it became stronger than he was.

He made me tu-rn to him and he la-nded his li-ps on m-ine, I coll–apsed to the wall as he kis-sed me pass-ionately.

He kis-sed me for few minutes and took his righ-t fin-gërs tø-wards the are-ã of my p–;;–Y.