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Head Boy. Chapter 36

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 36


I had just returned from lunch and was to gist Pearl all that happened but his face was disturbing and full of fear when I sighted her.

I settled first and asked; “Pearl, what’s going on?”

“They had find out that Raymond’s result was changed indeed, they are presently investigating those that changed it.” Pearl said and my heart skipped fearfully.

If we are caught, it’s an automatic expulsion for me.

That would be a bad news for my poor mom and dad.

“Why don’t you confess to the head boy, maybe he can help us…he likes you and will protect you.” Pearl said.

“Imagine that you are the head boy and someone came to confess to you that he changed your result….remember it led to his public disgrace, how would you feel?” I asked.

“I’ll feel bad, indeed.” Pearl said and turned back to her desk.

“We would be expelled if we are caught.” Pearl said and someone approached our sit.

Both of us turned in fear and saw Albert.

My mind was blank for a second.

“The principal sends for you.” He said and it was like my heart was really thrown away.

My head ached badly when it dawn on me that I would be expelled from school.

“Have they caught us already?” I asked Pearl in whisper.

Pearl placed his hand on her chest, her heart must be beating heavily than a bakery engine.

“You should follow me.”Albert said and began to walk away.

Pearl and I hurriedly stood.

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” My stomach is disturbed, I feel like defecating.” Pearl said.

“Better suspend the shït… ” I said to her

“Anytime I get too scared, I always feel like defecating.” She said and I quickly ran to meet Albert.

“Albert! what were we called for?” I asked but he didn’t act like he heard.

“Please, answer me.” I requested frustratingly but he just snobbed.

I held his wrist and dragged it gently and left it

He then paused and turned to me.

“I’m the assistant head boy and I’m sent on the principal’s errand most times, how can I know what he wants to see you for?” He asked calmly.

I sighed and shook my head not wanting to believe that I was about to he expelled.

He turned to start walking again but paused.

“I would have helped you but you walked away from me at lunch, how dare you?”He asked.

Pearl was few legs away from us but could hear our conversations.

” I’m sorry, how would you help me? what were we called for?” I asked.

“It’s about the change in result of the head boy.”He answered and my head ached heavily like it was being pounded.

” I…I… erm…” I stuftered and held unto my forehead.

“Did you do it? did you change the head boy’s results?” He asked and I only blinked and looked at Pearl where she stood.

“Well, I wish you good luck.”Albert said and began to walk while Pearl and I followed.

We arrived before the principal and he said; ” There are investigations going on about who changed the result of the head boy, the labour prefect and the game perfect. There is a high chance that the investigation team might confirm that you were the ones who changed it. Someone also sighted Pearl at the printer’s shop a day before we announced the result. I’ll advise the both of you to confess before we find out ourselves. If we find out ourselves it’s automatic expulsion, if you confess the truth to us, you will only be suspended from school for just a session, in other words , you would only repeat your class.”

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Pearl and I exchanged glances, we were dumbfounded.

“Should I leave sir?”Albert asked.

” No, I need a witness. Stay.” the principal told him.

“We didn’t do it.” Pearl said all of sudden.

I was still at a crossroads thinking of what answer to give.

“Really?” the principal asked. “You girls are playing with fire, answer me before we find out.”

“We didn’t do it.” Pearl insisted.


Rumour had filled everywhere that Alice and Pearl were the closest suspect as to who changed the result of Raymond, Donald and I.

Well, I can’t say I will happy if the investingation team finds out that Alice and Pearl were really behind it. But I won’t have a competitor anymore.

We had closed for the day and I was now drivng Raymond and Donald home.

“Raymond, did hou hear the rumor about Alice?”I asked.

” Yes, I’ll speak to dad about it.”

“To do what?” I asked.

“When we get home.” He said and I knew better not to say any word again.

After we arrived home, he went straight to his father’s little yard.

The man stays there sometimes to receive fresh air and stare at many beautiful stuffs there.

“My son, you are welcome.” The man said and Raymond nodded without saying a word.

“I’m disturbed dad.” Raymond said and sat before the man.

“Tell me about it?”the man requested.

” Call my school and tell them to stop investigating about the matters of our poor result, my brothers and I are willing to let go.” Raymond said.

“The principal called me and said one Alice and Pearl were the closest suspect, I would have helped you , son…but mama Any told me that same Alice Anderson is beginning to steal the love you have for Rose. Remember we all want Rose for you.” His father said.

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“I never loved Rose, dad. Maybe I was confused with my feelings when I was young but I do not think I love Rose. I didn’t love Alice either. ” Raymond said.

“But you want me to put a halt to the investigation cause it pertains to Alice? I need to do some exercise , son.” His father said and walked away.

it was the first time ever that Raymond’s father will be denying him of what he wants.