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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 37

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(Love is the word)
Melvin’s POV
Belle lowered her brows at me..
“It’s good news, right? You’ll finally become human again.. Oh thank you!” Belle raised her both palm up In a sort of gratitude to whatever.

“I..don’t know” I said, pulling my gaze away from her.

“But why?” She asked “Wait..are you in love with her or what?” She asked, shock replacing her expression.

“Look Belle it’s-

“Seriously Melvin! You’re in love with her.. But I warned you, I knew something like this would happen and I warned you about it, how could you disobey me?!”

“I’m not in love with her, Belle!” I cut her off. “I just, I just don’t think I can do it” I said honestly.

“But you said you’d do anything to become human?”

“Yes, I said that but killing her.. I don’t know Belle. What about Lucinda?”

“Look son, Lucinda isn’t someone that can be defeated easily, and to be completely honest, even if she’s eventually defeated, you might not be in existence to witness it. You have only but a very short time left. I had to pray for another way and this is it” she explained, I w€t my lips, bringing my gaze back to her with a frown.

“So she’s the only way?”

“To be completely honest, yes” Belle said with a small frown.

“But..I can’t. I mean I don’t think I can do it” I said, confused.

“Remember Melvin, if you don’t do it then everything you’ve worked so hard for will be a waste and.. You’ll die. Kayla was meant for this as you chi-mate” she said.

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“So chi-mate means that her life will be used to save mine?” I asked.

“No, it means that she’s your ultimate helper and a sacrificial lamb for you, and her whole being becomes your liability.. It’s her duty son” Belle explained “I understand how you feel but right now all I can think about is you.. Your dream and how to help you fulfil it”

“So you’re saying that I should kill her?”

“It’s not’s fate and you must obey it” she said.

“But what if we can stop Lucinda, what if we win?”

“Then that’ll be good but.. Well, let’s see how it goes first” she said, patting my shoulder and moving away.. I shut my eyes for a very long time, biting my lower lip really hard until it starts bleeding..

Can I do this?! Oh geez!
Kayla’s POV
School the next day went smooth and normal and yeah, I didn’t get to see Melvin.. It was as if he wasn’t even in school and finally I’ll be spending the weekend home and thinking less about know what but again, it’s today.. I’ll be meeting a witch and doing things that I’ve only seen in movies and didn’t believe, existed but here, I won’t only be seeing in reality, I’ll also be getting involved in it.

When school ended, my fears extended and as I dressed up for the task I thought of mom.. Melvin already promised to keep her distracted.
I heaved a loud sigh and grabbed my jacket from the hanger, I pulled in on the v-necked shirt I had on. I have purposely put on something flexible and free in case a need to run arrives, there’ll be no barrier to slow down my pace. I sighed in front of my mirror as I picked a rubber band and tied my hair up in a small tight bun.

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I put my tennis shoe on and hit the road, as I hopped on a bus I find myself giving the right bus stop and realised what Melvin meant when he had told me that I’d be able to find the way.

When the bus dropped I let my legs do their work and they led me to a gate, a huge gate.. I read the signpost, it was exactly the same as Melvin had given so I pulled the gate open. I stepped in, my heartbeat went up to a fast pace as I took another step in before closing the gaye.. It made a loud sound, causing me to shiver but no one came out, even the gatekeeper’s house door didn’t move. I sighed and moved fully into the large compound.

If this truly is Melvin house then he must be one really wealthy and influential guy.. I mean, I haven’t even moved into the house but this place already reeks of wealth.

I walked to the door and raised my hand to knock but I kicked against it and turned the knob instead.. It gave way and the door moved, I opened it and stepped in.

The spacious living room was void of humans when I stepped in, I closed the door gently.
The urge came to spend time admiring this beautiful haven.

Once again my feet did their work and as I moved forward, I noticed that the necklace was glowing blue, a very deep and beautiful one.

I reached a door, probably Lucinda’s and pulled it open before walking in.. It automatically shut on it’s own, making me jerk hard. I sighed out, holding tightly at my chest.. I looked around the room but found nothing unusual and suddenly my gaze moved to a wall.. I was about walking to it when my gaze caught something else.. I looked closely and realised that it was a fat cat in a small red box. It was not surprising that I could see through it, I mean I once saw through a brown purse that wasn’t even transparent.
I noticed a chain wrapped around it’s neck and it’s furs covered a bit of it.. The chain grabbed its neck like it wanted to squeeze life out of it..

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Why would anyone tie a cat this way? I looked at it’s eyes and realised that it was filled with tears, both from suffocation and pain. But apart from that something else drew me to the cat, the way it stared at me like it could see me held so much familiarity and it was as if it was drawing me to it..
It looked so familiar..

I took a step toward it, meaning to help it.. I had barely taken another step when the door flung open..