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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 21

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(Love is the word)



Melvin”s POV

She gave me a look after I burst into laughter..

“I was just kidding!” I said, trying to suppress my laughter. I can’t remember when last I’ve laughed this hard.
“It’s not funny” she chided.
“You should’ve seen your face” I blurted out, still laughing.. She reached for me and slapped my arm as my palm covered my lips.

“Anyone would’ve acted that way and I wasn’t all that shocked at it. I mean you’ve killed people after sucking their blood, so-” she shrugged nonchalantly “I just hope this joke doesn’t get real and takes me as a victim” she said with a slow sigh and I frowned..


Wow..I can’t believe she’s this scared of me.. Did I freak her out that much?
As I push my gaze back to her, she was getting on her feet and gathering her books..
“Where are you going?” I asked.
“Lunch period’s over, I have to leave before I get pitch forked by your many escort” she said and walk away.
“Wait for me!” I called after her and stood up too but she only increased her pace.
Kayla’s POV
I walked towards the hall, heading to my locker to fetch my books before beginning my journey back to class. I was drawing closer to my locker when I heard distant footsteps, gradually they drew closer and before I knew it I was roughly pushed and my back hit a wall, sending a sharp pain to it in the process. Suppressing it, I caught my glass from falling but couldn’t save my books and I looked up to see whoever pushed me that hard. It was Becky.
“Why did you push me so hard?!” I asked but got a smirk as a response. I ignored it and bent to pick my books but they were brushed aside carelessly by a foot, I looked up and immediately got dragged up by my hair, I whimpered.
“W-what are you doing?” I shrieked, trying to pull myself off.
“Just cut the act and bring it out!” She bellowed, tightening her grip on my hair.
“Let go Becky.. I don’t know what you’re talking about” I defended.

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“Oh please Kayla, you know exactly what I’m talking about and you better hurry up before I beat you real bad” she said and I shut my eyes at my burning scalp.. She was pulling my hair pretty hard and her friends were preventing me from helping myself.
I have no idea what she’s talking about..
“But..I don’t even understand what you’re saying” I cried, “please let go” I said.
“I will if you quit the pretense. Just because I let you get off with the first one doesn’t mean I’ll do the same for this one, okay. So just bring it out now!” She yelled and I managed to look around to see so much stares at us..
“Tell me Kay, how do you think Melvin will feel knowing that he’s hanging out with a shameless thief and a low life. Someone who can’t admit her wrongs, huh?” She asked me and I didn’t know where the strength came from but I successfully yanked her off me and gave her a frown.
pain itching my sides.
“This is about Melvin?” I asked, catching my breath.

“It’s about you stealing my designers silver bangles, I saw you staring hungrily at it in class so you must’ve taken it!” She spat at my face. “And then you push yourself around Melvin like a desperate bitch! Aren’t you the most shameless thing ever?!”
I gulped the hurt.
“I know nothing about your bangles” I replied her simply and bent, gathering up my books and I felt it being pushed off my grip. I looked up to see one of Becky’s friend..
“You lying thief!” She sent a slap across my face, disarranging my glasses.. “You had better bring it out it out now or I’ll report you to the authorities”


“I said I didn’t take them, okay!” I yelled “I don’t even know what you’re talking about” I defended.
As she made to hit me again, I caught it and I didn’t know how but I was suddenly able to look through the purse she held in her palm and in it I saw three bangles, pretty and very attractive and I had no idea why but I felt like they belonged to Becky.
The missing bangles she was talking about!
“Why don’t you bring it out” I said, pushing her hand down.
“What’re you-
She couldn’t complete her words before I dragged the purse away from her grip and tore it open..
Wait what.. How did that happen? Tearing something as thick as that in one try, I didn’t even have to put in much effort.
She tried collecting it from me but by then the whole content of the purse was already on the floor, including the bangles..
I noticed the sudden shock expression on her face.
“What?” Becky said walking toward me. She bent and picked the bangles from the floor “Tina. It was you?” She said, turning to the girl with a flabbergasted look and I could see the shocked expression on everyone’s face..
The Tina girl suddenly became speechless as she stared at her shoes.
“You Bitch!” She glared at me and I didn’t know when I smirked. I could swear I wasn’t myself.. I didn’t know what was inside my body..
Or controlling it.
She mmediately raised her hand to slap me and I caught it and gave her a slap..
Okay.. What! That wasn’t me. What’s happening to me.
I twisted her hand backward and pushed her, it was so hard that she fell on the lockers, the handle meeting with her nose and I think I saw blood falling from it. My glass fell in the process and I suddenly became partially blind and she must’ve taken that as an opportunity cos I felt myself landing on my butt to the floor. I heard whimpers and then angry shouts/gasps, then footsteps.
The footsteps gradually began to go down and while I sat on the floor, I used my palm to sweep the floor hoping it’d touch my glasses but I couldn’t reach it.. I didn’t even see where it was.
I felt a presence and saw the dim figure of a person.
“Here” I heard the familiar yet distant voice and I immediately caught sight of my glasses and I grabbed it from his hand and put it on.. My sight became clear..
My gaze immediately rested on the figure that had become clear and a blank stare rested on my face..
My heart beat with sudden anger.
“Y-you have a cut” he bent and made to touch my cheek but I slapped his hand away, giving him a glare and at the same time a gob smacked look.
How dare him!
“Mind your own business, Jake” I said angrily and stood up, ignoring his offer to help me up. I pushed past him and felt his palm encircling my hand, preventing me from walking.. I gave him a glare.
“Look Kayla-
I yanked my hand off his and walked away to class..

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“Kayla wait,” Melvin ran up to me.
“Stay away from me!” I told him “All of you!” I yelled, tears blinding a side of my eye and I changed direction and ran to the bathroom, hiding my teary face.
Melvin’s POV
I stared after her as she ran past me, confused about running after her or just staying away as she had said.. Why does she always want me to stay away..
I mean this isn’t my fault right?
Or is it?
But how?

It’s normal for her not to really see me as a friend but I can’t be that bad right? Geez..I must’ve really scared her..
Well, what else could I have done.. It was the only option I had.


I just really hate myself..
I looked down.

“What the heck happened?” I turned to see Clara staring at me questioningly and breathlessly. Alarmed,I quickly shifted away from her..
“Where’s Kayla?” She asked again and I only pointed at the direction she went to without uttering a word.. She nodded and started walking towards it and as she walked, she flipped her hair to her shoulder and I caught sight of it..
The ‘L’ tattoo?!
I cringed immediately as fear rose up like a bile to my throat..
C-clara is…?
My throat dried up.
So who else remembers Jake? Kayla’s ex-boyfriend from chapter one.. Why’s he suddenly here?!
plus who can tell what really happened to Kayla??