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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 38

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(Love is the word)
Kayla’s POV
I pushed my body deeper into the concrete floor, hoping it could go further and shield me more.
Earlier after the door flung open, I didn’t know when I became so fast but I found myself swiftly moving to the extra large bed and hiding under it. I didn’t feel satisfied and I wished I had chosen a better place but I just had to do whatever I could to prevent myself from being seen.

My shut eyes gradually open, I must’ve snapped them shut out of fear. I looked around and sight a feet, I noticed a big deep red mole at the front of each toe and the red paint that beautified her nails, was radiant. She stayed at the spot for a long while, making me delve into absurd but possible thoughts..

What if she sees me? What if she’s Lucinda and she has already figured my presence out?

Oh damn!

Her slender feet suddenly began tapping the floor but they didn’t make any move to step forward and with each gentle noise, a pang of fear stabbed at my heart.. Causing me to shiver slightly on the cold concrete floor.
Suddenly the feet turned and a foot moved forward, probably to the exit and I sighed in relief but suddenly it stopped halfway..

Goodness! Did I sigh that loud? Oh geez!
It made a gentle yet daring turn then began heading toward me..

Oh no.. Please no! I begged out in my mind as her steps drew closer to me.

I immediately shut my eyes and out of fear, my palms gripped my jacket and I felt something hard in it. As I opened my eyes, a knock came on the door, flinging my eyes open.

“Who’s it?” Her voice was stiff and cold yet gentle.

“It’s the maid, miss Lucinda. Mrs Stones calls for you, right away” she said.

“Why?” She snaps, her voice harsh.

“I have no idea miss” the maid replied.

Lucinda let out a growl like sigh and I saw her feet moving back to the door, she stopped cos her feet suddenly stopped and then opened the door before walking out. Snapping it shut after her..

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I took in a long sigh and waited for a moment before crawling out from under the bed.

Oh lord! I can’t believe I just met a witch! Oh please save me lord.I really don’t want to die now!

I gulp and walked to the wall where I had been led to initially, I pushed it forward and hard and it gave way.. I paused, a bit terrified when a door came through.. I stepped into it and the door closed behind me, turning back to a wall.. I looked in front and my heart almost jumped to my mouth when I saw all that the room contained. I calmed myself..

What else was I expecting to see In a witch room? Roses?

I mustered up some courage and walked into the secret room, searching for the red hook Melvin had told me to find behind a box.. As I walked around the room, looking around and trying not to freak out, my gaze immediately caught a box.. A transparent one and I moved to it and when I stared I saw a younger version of Melvin, his eyes shut and him lying peacefully or should I say trap-pily.
Seriously? How on earth would someone do this to a human, I mean what could’ve been his offense? Melvin said they used to be close so what happened?

I immediately began looking around the box, searching for a hook and as I walked to another side of the box, my gaze caught another glass box, very similar to the one Melvin was in.. I suddenly felt a deep urge to go to it and I found myself obeying it.. I walked to the box, it was painted red with a small opening at the top but to me it was transparent, I could look through it and when I checked, I screamed out in shock..

I immediately place my palm over my mouth to suppress my loud voice.. I blinked rapidly and looked again and —
What the fvck! Why am I here? Why the fvck am I here and- hold on, this looks more like Clara.. Though she looks very much like me but this was exactly her version of me.. The long hair, glass-free eyes..
Why is Clara here?

Does she know about it, is that why Melvin was with her the other day.. Wait.. Is Clara a beast too? I gasped. Melvin once said Lucinda trapped him cos of Clara so it’s Clara, I mean the one I know?

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Oh my goodness!
What the heck is all this?!

I sighed out all my confusion for the moment and walked back to Melvin box again, I began searching for the hook again and I finally found it, I quickly held the handle and just as I was about to pull, the necklace I wore began blinking red..
Geez! Trouble!
Did Lucinda find out already!

I suddenly felt a bad presence from afar coming close, it’s definitely her. I began pulling the hook, I pulled and pulled but it didn’t seem to be moving..

It was more like the stuff was rooted deep into the ground but I didn’t stop pulling, I sighed out.. Gathered strength and pulled with probably all my might, causing a muffled sound to emanate from my mouth but nothing I did pushed it to move.. It didn’t make even the slightest shift. I sighed and rubbed my forehead which was suddenly starting to get sweaty from perspiration.
I pulled again, running out of strength.. The footstep was drawing closer though distant, I gave it one last pull and when I Couldn’t succeed, I quickly rushed out of the room.

There must definitely have been another way to get that stuff out and maybe Melvin didn’t tell me about it or he had no idea..
Successfully and unnoticed, I reached outside the house.. Truly I had almost been caught, Lucinda had almost gotten to me but she got distracted by something else..

I sighed loudly and began my journey back home.
•°Melvin’s POV•°
I threw yet another pebble into a porthole of muddy water, it was what I always do when my nerves began to fail me.. My feeling was normal, nothing unusual and I knew that Kayla was safe..
I picked another pebble and threw it, Belle’s words rang repeatedly into my head like echoes.. I was faraway from the cave but still in the woods cos I needed sometime to think while concentrating on helping Kayla..

I need Kayla’s blood to be human. I mean, I would’ve completely doubted this but I saw it myself, her blood had transformed me.
It explains why it has always been bitter, it’s because it was different from others and meant to cure me if she couldn’t succeed..

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I faced the sky.. ‘Please make her succeed’ I really don’t want to do that to her but what if she doesn’t? What do I do then?
I’ll be forced to choose between giving up my dream and killing her..

I w€t my lower lip and threw another pebble.

I hope Kay succeeds, please help her succeed, I hoped she pulled the hook and saved us. My gaze tore up to the sky again and I suddenly felt an emptiness, it was as if a weighty part of me had been out!

“She won’t pull the hook!” A voice suddenly said beside me and I turned immediately to see an old lady, she was leaning on her staff like walking stick and looked very familiar..

I shifted away from her “Who are you?” I asked her.

“Oh you do know me, Melvin” she said and my brows lowered In confusion.

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“Easy peasy! I’d always know your name even in five lives from now” she said.

“Who are you and how-

“Do I know that Kayla won’t succeed with Lucinda?” She completed and my eyes grew wide..

What the heck!

“Your life’s like an open book to me and about who I am, let me refresh your memory!” She suddenly smiled and immediately blue crystal colored flies began dancing above her head and as if being ordered, the moved to mine and almost immediately, I remembered where I had met her..

The old lady that had healed my wound up when Kincaid was after Kay and I..

“It’s you!” I said and she smiled before nodding.

“I should’ve come to you long time ago but I had some things to handle first.. Come-on Melvin, come with me” she stretched a palm to me, giving me an intoxicating smile and as if being manipulated, I placed my palm on hers..

She helped me up with her surprisingly great strength and stared deep into my eyes. She began leading me and like a sheep being led by its master, I followed her..
. .