October 1, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 53

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Virgin Couple.

Chapter 53 (Semi final)

Jessie’s POV

–Two months later-

Oscar and I have grown closer as couple, I now allow him to f—!k me anytime he wants, I even demand it more than him.

Our baby is now two months old, My boss at work had given me three months off, I would be resuming next month and I can’t wait to see my colleague.

I stay at home all day, only Oscar had resumed work.

It was time for Oscar to have come but he hasn’t, I was disturbed but trusted that he would come home.

Few hours later, it was late already and I still haven’t seen Fred.

I became very disturbed and then decided to place a call across to him.

He picked it at the first ring and I waited for him to come out with a reason why he had not return home.

I had not been able to sleep all because he had not arrive and I was even angry that he couldn’t text me a message to inform me.

“Oscar!” I finally called after a long silence.

“Yes?”His voice was cold; as if he was angry.

” Why aren’t you back home, are you alright?” I asked.

“I’m not coming to you again.” He answered.

I don’t think I heard what he just said.

“What do you mean by you are not coming back home?” I asked. I wasn’t placing a meaning on what he just said, yet.

“Well, I have recovered my memory.”He answered.

” And so?”

“I actually never loved you in the first place, I just wanted to make love with you cause you are adamant on being a v@—gī-n in your marriage and I already fulfilled that.” He said and for few seconds, I felt like he was joking.

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“Oscar, is that a prank or something?” I asked , not taking what he said seriously

“I’m serious, don’t call my number again. I never love you, let that sink.” He said.

I felt really heart broken, so I was played all this while?

“How about our son?” I asked.

“Well, he should be fine with you. In the future, you can tell him about me, bye.” He hung up and I dropped the phone slowly on the bed.

My heart bleeds, I turned to my baby who was sleeping and cried softly.

I felt shattered.

So Fred was only playing me all along and never loved me?