December 2, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 92

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chaoter 92

Ethan’s POV

I had drove out from my mom’s place and was now driving to the warehouse. I would just deal with Brandon as mom had said.

I had dealt with Mae Josephine and she is now where she belongs, I shouldn’t have even paid for the replacement of the brã-t’s eye in the first place.

I arrived at the warehouse and stepped down, I was glad when I saw Rose sitting on a chair, I looked around but couldn’t find Brandon.

“Can someone tell me what is going on?”I asked.

” We went after them but they seem to he extra prepared, Brandon escaped but with a gun his arms. We are sorry the job isn’t clean as expected. but our bullets are dangerous, he would hardly survive that.”The head of the boys that worked for me said.

I was pained that they couldn’t get Brandon.

I went to meet Rose but she was indifferent, she just started at me without saying a word.

“Rose, are you alright?” I asked and she only looked around.

“I… I don’t know you.” She said and my heart skipped.

I turned to the man that leads the boys I paid to work for me.

“What happened to my wife?” I asked him.

“She was injected to loose her memory, we find out that the drug that will heal her is with Brandon. Brandon drugged her so that she would forget her past and start a new life with him.”The man answered.

I was relieved when I was informed that it was an amnesia that was as a result of an injection, It can be easily healed compared to when her head is being hit.

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” Rose, I’m your husband… and you will be fine, do you hear?”I asked and she nodded.

I helped her up and hugged her tightly.

After we disengaged, I faced the man that head the boys and said; “Brandon need to he dealt with once and for all, don’t rest until you get him.”

“Alright sir.”He answered and I walked out with Rose.

I opened the door of my car and helped her step in.

I went to the drivers seat and drove home.

After we arrived, she kept looking around and scared.

” Rose, remember you were skeptical on either should make love or not? well mom has finally given us the go ahead to make love with the assurance that nothing evil happen. Are you happy? ” I asked but she just stared blankly at me.