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My V Husband. Chapter 13

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 13.

Rose’s POV

‘At Night- Same day’

Mom came out of her room with a bottle of groundnut, she was pouring it on her hand and eating like a little child with no problem.

“Mom!” I called like I’m greeting her.

“It’s time dear.” She said and sat at the edge of the biggest chair in the living room.

She continued eating her groundnut.

“Time for what, mom?”

“That husband of yours that is behaving like someone that came from the 15th century, do I look to him like I’m a Queen to him?.” My mom said loudly to herself and chewed more groundnut.

“Your room. Take me to your room.” She added

“You mean the room that Ethan and I sleeps?” I asked.

“Of course, and you are wasting my time already. ” she said and stood like someone that needed to be somewhere as soon as possible.

I got really nervous and uncomfortable. “What are you going to do do there, mom?”

“Rose, take me to your husband’s room.” Her voice was stiff and strong this time. I exhaled heavily and obliged to her request.

On arriving before the entrance of Ethan’s room, I looked up to mom. “Here is our room.”

“Good.” She exclaimed and planted a knock on the door.

She planted series of knock on the door but no one came to open.

“Are you sure he is inside?” My mom asked.

“Sure.” My reply was brief and certain.

My mom twisted the knob and surprisingly, it gave way.

Just as I expected, Ethan was seen sitting on the floor like a Muslim cleric praying. As far as he has concern, he is meditating.

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My mom chewed more groundnut as she starred around our beautiful room.

“Your room looks so great and big.” She complimented.

“Thank you mom. ”

“If only your husband can be this great and big on bed.” She must have said that purposely so Ethan could hear

But Ethan didn’t even behave like someone that heard as he continued his meditation.

My mom sunk to the bed in a roudy way and looked to the direction of Ethan. She must be wondering what in the world he was doing.

“He’s meditating.” I quickly said hoping I satisfy my mother’s curiosity.

“I didn’t ask.” Her reply was more like an insult and I kept quiet.

“Meditating!” She murmured underneath her breath.

“Hey, servant Ethan!” She called the name but Ethan never reacted.

“Mr. Ethan, can you stop what you are doing and look up to me.” My mom pressed further.

About few seconds later, Ethan stood to his feet.

“Good!” My mom said.

“Mother in law, you must have come to spend the night with us , but there are other rooms you could sleep.” Ethan said.

My mom grinned sarcastically. “May I know why you haven’t made Love yet with my daughter?”

Ethan’s face illuminated. He hesitated before he spoke. “I’m still a flower and I’m shy.”

“Shy? Do you hear yourself?” My mother scolded and ate more of her ground nut.

“Rose, pull off your cloth.” She set her face back to Ethan. “Mister or Servant Ethan, pull off your trousers, you must make Love with my daughter before me.”

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“Mom!” I called feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t ‘mom’ me and do what I said.

” Mom, I can’t.” I said obstinately and turned my back at my mom. Even if Ethan and I are to make Love, mom shouldn’t be there.

“I’m done.” I heard Ethan say.
What did he mean by ‘I’m done?’

I turned to where he is and I saw that Ethan had stripped his trouser off, his d**k was dangling naked before my mom.

Mom was staring at it in shock with her mouth wide opened????????

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