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Head Boy. Chapter 40

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 40


Pearl and I were not In lines of our class, we just hung around with the teachers that were staying behind the student like soldiers.

Each teacher stays behind the class they manage, none of them asked us why we didn’t join the line which was unusual.

They probably knew Pearl and I had been expelled and was only playing around.

“Alice, see that.” Pearl alerted me and pointed to the stage.

I gaped and saw the head boy with microphone in his mouth, it’s my first time seeing the head boy address the students since he was appointed as the head boy.

He really looked cute on stage, his face was colder than it use to be. I can’t say he looks angry cause his face does not absolutely express anger.

I was stunned when I saw him challenge the principal for a debate.

Everyone knew it was the right of the head boy to challenge the principal for a debate on any conflicting decision made by the head boy but everyone know that it’s just there in the law and would never be followed by any head boy of Kochi college.

But here is head boy, standing fearless and challenging the principal for a debate.

“Did you think he is doing that because of us?” Pearl asked.

“We will find out.” I answered her.

My heart was beating heavily cause I do not know what the outcome of this challenge would be.

“Are you nervous?” Pearl asked me.

“To be sincere, yes! ….you?” I asked.

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“I’m just thinking about ice cream.” She replied and I rubbed her hair roughly.

The principal who had gone to his high reserved seat looked round in shock.

It was the last thing he was expecting.

The Principal stood and adjusted the glass on his eyes, he then walked before the stage.

He took the mic from the pulpit and faced the head boy.

His face held so much anger, he felt ashamed and embarrassed to be called out by the head boy.

“What’s the matter?” the principal asked as he leaned his right arm on the alter. Two teachers approached the stage with two chairs.

They made the two chairs faced each other and took the pulpit away so the students can see clearly, the debate that was about to take place between the head boy and the principal.

The principal sat on a chair while Raymond sat on the second chair.

They were facing each other while the students watched keenly.

“I am of the opine that the decision you made concerning Alice Anderson and Pearl James is irrational, bias and bigøtry.” Raymond said.

“All my decisions are fair and all my staffs and students knows that. Plus…the fight is for you, your result was changed and we acted well, just as your father wanted.” The principal said.

“You acted well by investigating, sir. But your decisions should be reconsidered… Alice and Pearl should not be expelled cause it wasn’t confirmed they did the act.” Raymond said confidently.

The principal smirked and scoffed. “Don’t be silly , boy. ”
The principal faced one of the staff who was standing nearby and said; “Get me the head of the investigation team.”

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“Alright sir.” The staff answered the principal and walked out hurriedly.

He came back about two minutes later with a man dressed in black suit, he wasn’t walking swiftly at all.

He looked like a man in his late thirties, his steps were elegant and he dressed corporate.

All this while, there had been a pin drop silence amidst the students.

There must be many spculations going on amidst the students.

Everyone knows that the same law that gives the head boy the right to challenge the principal on any decision that doesn’t go well with him and other prefects, also states that, if the head boy challenges the principal for a debate and loost, he would be expelled.

This law is what had made many head boys in the past not see any reason to ever challenge the principal, irrespective of what decisions the principal made.

But here is Raymond daring the principal even when he knows what was at stake.

I sighed and glanced at Pearl, she was also staring at the stage with full concentration.

She must be as anxious as I was.

Donald and Leonard were fully concentrated and wasn’t smiling at all. There seem frightened like they were scared that their beloved brother would be expelled.

The decent man who heads the investigation team stepped forward glamorously and was given a microphone.

“The head boy challenged me that our decision to expel Alice Anderson and Pearl James were baseless and senseless, can you imagine?” The principal exaggerated when reporting to the head of the investigation team.

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The man who heads the investigation team smirked. His looks on Raymond were one that tells that he believed that Raymond was so stupid to challenge the principal.

“You dare challenge the principal when you know what is at stake?” The man who heads the investigation asked Raymond, but his words were more like threatenings.

“Defend your investigation on this matter, sir. ” Raymond said and adjusted well on the chair as he sat like he wasn’t scared.

He crossed his legs and watch the head of the investigation team waiting for him to defend himself.