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A Simple Kiss. Final and Epilogue

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Surri’s pov
I felt pressed and turned on the lights. I went to the bathroom and used the toilet before coming back to my room.
To my suprise, Kyong was on my bed.

“You naughty young man. “I said coming to him on the bed.

“I just couldn’t get a shut eye. “He said and pulled me close to his body.

We engaged in a short kiss before I tried to get under the cover of the blanket.

“Geez; a scorpion! “He yelled.

I looked to where his eyes were… There was a black scorpion on my bed!!

Kyong and I jerked up in shock.
Before I could say ‘jack ‘, kyong took off one of his snickers and hit it on the scorpion.

The scorpion was weak but was surely alive.

I was still in shock. That scorpion could have beaten me.

I alerted mom and we got rid of the scorpion.

Mom was shocked to the bone and she was more than grateful to kyong.

“You see why you should have let us stay together in one room. Who could have killed the scorpion?? “Kyong said to mom.

Mom hit him by the arm.

“Thank you alot kyong. If not for you, my baby girl would have been screaming in pain by now due to the stung by the scorpion. “Mom said non chalantly.

“So, mrs Jin, can Surri and I spend the night together now, huh? “Kyong asked mom.

“Fine… But Surri, stay far from him on the bed. “Mom instructed.

“Sure thing mom. “I said nodding.

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Kyong turned off the lights and pulled me to his body.

“Didn’t you hear mom’s instructions? “I asked and he shook his head.

“I’ll die if I obey them. “Kyong said and I blushed excitedly.

“Um.. Kyong, I don’t mean to point fingers but when mom was taking you to your room, I caught Oprah with an evil smirk and wide smile. “I said.

“Are you saying Oprah has something to do with the scorpion attack? “He asked.

I nodded.
Kyong sighed.

“She must be insane to pull such a prank! “Kyong spat angrily.

“She’s gonna be leaving tomorrow anyway and am gonna distant her from us…. Infact, I have a suprise for you tomorrow morning. “Kyong said.

A suprise…
I really can’t wait!

Kyong cuddled me as we went to sleep.

Oprah’s pov
Its like that girl has a guardian angel or something. The stupid scorpion didn’t even give her scratch much more a bite.

Oh! Am so frustrated right now.

Am out of ideas and am starting to feel like Kyong will never notice me in this life.

I’ve totally lost him to a stranger whom I introduced myself.

I cried myself to sleep knowing I’ve failed.


I woke up with kyong by my side and we had breakfast together.

I couldn’t take my mind off the suprise.

Am dying of curiosity!!

We entered the car and the driver drove us to who knows where but alarmingly, he stopped us at an Airport.

I got down with kyong by my side.

“Kyong, what are we doing here? “I asked.

“Surri, I want us to be on our own for a month or two… Just for both of us. Am taking you to my pent house in USA.

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“We’ll live together and stay together.

“Surri, will you marry me? “He asked.

My heart dropped like a missile.

Me? Marriage?

“I love you kyong, but don’t you think its kinda early to wed.? “I asked.

He smiled.

“Just say yes Surri. Our private jet awaits. “He said.

“But mom… ”

“Already taken care of. “He chipped in.

I smiled.
“Okay. I’ll marry you. “I said.

He smiled.
“Aren’t you gonna cry? “He asked like a baby.

“We’re not at a funeral mister. “I said taking his hand.


Kyong and Surri had their wedding four months later.

Surri was blessed with two girls and named them after her friends at the orphanage.

Oprah met man later on and got married. Though the two couple had a tough time understanding each other, they still made peace and had two boys and a girl.

Mr Sam and mrs Jin never reunited but became friends in their own way… What really transpired and let to their divorce is still a mystery.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed This story?

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