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A Simple Kiss. Episode 2

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A Korean story

Episode 2
Kyong’s pov
She’s here?? But how?

“You know each other?? “Mrs Jin asked and Surri stuttered.

She nodded slowly.

“Uh… Why wouldn’t you know him, he is a celebrity “mrs Jin said inbetween laugh.

“I’ll take you to your room dear, so you can settle down ” mrs Jin Said and took Surri’s arm and they left.

I looked back at The detective and caught her looking at me but she looked away quickly and left.

Surri’s pov
Oh my God, I just walked right into oppa Kyong’s web. I can’t believe he’s here… Closer than ever.

My room was spacious and a huge bed that could contain six people comfortably was at the center of the room.

The huge wardrobe was filled with fine dresses, shirts and trousers.

Mrs Jin left to let me freshen up. I removed my clothes and went into the bathroom.

I had a warm bath and tied a towel round my chest.
I came out of the bathroom and got the biggest shock of my life… Oppa Kyong was standing before me.

I went backwards cause I was really scared.

“Nice to meet you again Surri “he said.

I couldn’t stop drooling over his cute face.

“You… You kissed me “he said.

I stammered.

He began coming close to me
Unfortunately, my towel loosened in a snap and it fell down on the floor.

I was suprised and gasped. Kyong didn’t notice cause he was looking at my face.

I grabbed the towel and tied it round his face cause I was confused on what to do.

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“Surri! What are you doing? “He asked.

I took back the towel and tied it round my body.

“You’re extremely crazy in the head! ” he yelled.

“And I think you’re a fraud! Are you here to get another kiss? “He asked

“Mrs Jin… Is my mom “I said shamfully.

He looked at me from head to toe.

“Stay away from me “he said with a serious look. He left my room.

I began breathing fast, Kyong hates me now. I shouldn’t have kissed him.

Tears filled my eyes.

Kyong’s pov
Am starting to hate Surri tho. I liked her before during the concert.

I hate to say this but She’s just like other girls. No, she’s worse.

And she’s gonna be living with us… Yuk!

Immediately I walked into my room, Oprah knocked by the door.

I received her and she came in.

“Uh, I brought you a welcome home gift “she said giving me a medium size box.

I took it and dropped it somewhere, wherever, I didn’t care.

“Thanks “, I said.

“How was the concert? “She asked.

“It was good “I said wishing she could just leave.

“See you around “she said and walked out.


Oprah’s pov
Kyong is so cold… I don’t know why I still love him though he doesn’t even know if I exist or even know my name.
I left the mansion heading back to my office.

…… The Next day…..
…… Evening…..
Kyong’s pov
I came down the stairs dressed up all cozy cause I was going on a meet up with my homies. The night was cold.

We were going to celebrate the successful concert.

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Dad and mrs Jin sat on a couch in silence. While Surri sat far away quietly staring at the TV.

“Where are you going to Kyong? “Dad asked.

“Meet up with the boys “I said.

“Okay, take Surri along. You can as well make her feel at home “Dad said and Surri looked at me when I fixed my gaze on her, she looked away.

“No dad “I said.

“But why? Pity the poor girl “dad said and with a grudge, I agreed.

Surri hurried to her room to get a scarf. She wrapped it round her neck.

We both left.
The car stopped in front of the Bar house. Surri and I got down and I noticed she was maintaining her distance.

I didn’t bring any disguise cause the bar was reserved just for us.

We went in. The boys, Kim, Eun Ji and Jeremy with kim’s girlfriend sat around a huge table with drinks lined up.

Immediately they saw Surri with me, there eyes glistened.

“Whoa… “Jeremy said

“Wow, who are you? “Eun Ji asked.

“His sister “Surri said.

“She’s our maid “I said

Surri’s head snapped at me.

“You… “She paused and looked away in anger.

“Which one should we believe? “Jeremi asked.

Surri and I sat down buy separately.

Jeremy passed us our bottle of beers.

We began drinking and talking about a lot of stuff.
It was already late in the night.
Surri was drunk.

She kept saying nonsense and because of her, I cut the night short with my friends.

I dragged her up and we exit the bar. She couldn’t even stand so I carried her up into my arms.

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