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A Simple Kiss. Episode 5 and 6

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a Korean story
Episode 5

Surri’s pov
Mom had tears in her eyes.

“What are you still doing there Surri? Go get your bags. This marriage is over! “Mom half yelled.

I glanced at kyong, his face was expressionless. I couldn’t read his thoughts.

Mom and I went upstairs. When we got to her room, I stopped her.

“Omma, what’s going on? “I asked curious.

“That man was never meant for me. His a liar “she said.

“What happened? “I asked.

“I’ll tell you in the car. Just go and pack your things. “She said.

I was forced to obey her and began gathering my things.

Kyong’s pov
Dad was also furious.

“That woman is just a burden. Let her leave! “He said angrily and stormed out.

Surri’s leaving?… Why is all this happening.

Surri’s pov
Mom and I were ready to go. We stood by the entrance of the house waiting for the driver.

Mom doesn’t want me to go back into the house and all I wanted to do was to see kyong.

But by the way, he doesn’t look bothered about me leaving…. And ot pains.

The car came and mom and I entered. Just then, Oprah walked into the compound and headed for The main house.

With what she was wearing… I knew she was here for Kyong.

I buried my head inbetween my legs and cried.

Why can’t I ever be happy with the one I love??

Oprah’s pov
I saw them leaving and I laughed inwardly. My plan worked!

I went towards Kyong’s room to go and console him and God willing, we might make out and he’ll be all mine.

I entered his room and saw him drinking. I came over and hugged him from behind.
I pecked him.

He groaned and pull me away.
“What are you doing?! “He asked.

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“Am sorry,…. I just wanted to keep you company. “I stuttered.

He was calm and sat on his seat and continued drinking. I sat beside him. I poured myself a drink joining him.

He looked just sad.

Surri’s pov
Mom and I arrived at a house. She gave me the keys to my room and gave me a new phone.

I laid on my bed as I scrolled through Facebook looking for Kyong’s based pages. I stared at his pictures till I fell asleep.

Kyong’s pov
As Oprah and I sat together on a couch drinking, my guard walked in

“I’ve traced their location “he said.

I nodded grabbing my coat.

“Where are you going? “Oprah asked.

“Work…. “I muttered and left.

The driver drove me to Mrs Jin’s address. I knocked for a while.
She opened the door.

“Kyong?! Aigoo, what are you doing here? “She asked.

“I want to see Surri. “I said tho. I couldn’t believe am saying this.

She let me in and directed me to Surri’s room.
I exhaled before coming in. She didn’t even notice my presence cause she didn’t turn or move.

I stared at her from behind and saw her with her phone. I looked into it. My pictures… She was looking at my pictures.

I was suprised.
She turned and saw me. She hid her phone and sat up.

“Surri…. “I muttered.I sat beside her.

She shifted from me with her hands folded.

“Surri.. What’s wrong? “I asked.

“You don’t care about me. You didn’t even care to say goodbye. “She said and sniffed.

“Your mom could have chopped my head off. “I said.

She was quiet then her fluttered up and we both kissed.
I kissed her like I would die if I didn’t. Just kissing her felt right.

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I took of my heavy coat and we both advanced. I hope this doesn’t lead to something else. She’d hate me.

A Korean story

Episode 6
Surri’s pov
Kyong and I cuddled each other as we both stayed in silence.

“Kyong, do you see me in your future? “I asked quietly.

He was quiet for a while but then I looked up wondering what was keeping him from answering.

“I don’t really know Surri. It depends on how we keep this relationship. If we truly love each other, respect and having for time each other. And most of all, Trust. ”

He paused and let go of me. He looked into my eyes.

“Do you trust me? “He asked and I nodded.

“I trust you kyong… Do you also trust me? “I asked .

“Very much Surri. “He said and I smiled.

“I trust you am not sure you trust me.. You know, the girls are always flocking around me. “He said with a smirk.

“Am a jealous type though. “I said shyly.

Kyong smiled.

“But don’t be suprised when Boys will begin calling me here and there… Asking me to be theres . “I said.

“Look who’s talking… “He said and threw his face away.

“What, you don’t think am pretty? “I asked bewilded.

He shook his head.

“No, that’s not what I meant.. “He said.

I frowned even more.

“Oh, you think you’re the only one that is been noticed by the opposite s£x?! “I said.

Kyong’s pov
I knew Surri meant business when she didn’t let my words drop.

“You’re… You’re so wrong! “She yelled.

“Just cause am not a celebrity doesn’t mean I don’t have fans. ”

“You know what..? Get your car keys. We’re going to where I grew up. “She said kneeling on the bed.

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“No need for that Surri, I believe you… Okay. “I said trying to hold her arm.

“You think am ugly… “She said as tears filled her eyes.

“Go Kyong. Just leave me in peace! “she whimpered.

I tried to touch her but she wouldn’t let me. Am the worst oppa in the world.

Am out there making other girls happy when I don’t know how to make my own girlfriend happy.

She sat at the edge of the bed far from me. I sat up and just stared at her.

Kyong do something!

I decided to sing for her.

you’re my peace of mind in this crazy world.

you’re my everything I’ve tried to find

your love us a pearl

you’re my Mona Lisa, you’re my rainbow skies

And my only prayer is that you realize..

you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes…

I stopped when she turned. I rushed and we embraced each other.

“I… I love you Surri. “I said as a tear escaped from my eyes.

“I love you too kyong. “She said.


Oprah’s pov
I stood outside Kyong’s mansion pacing around as I waited for him to come back from the so called work.

His driver that he had left with returned hours later… The car was empty.

“Where’s kyong?! “I yelled in despair.

“He’s with his girlfriend. “He said.

Surri… That wench!
I have to put and end to her quick and fast. Kyong is mine and will surely be mine.

“When will he be coming back? ”

“He’s spending the night there. “He replied.

Oh my… What if they….

“Take me to where he is right now! “I ordered going back to his car.