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A Simple Kiss. prologue and episode 1

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A Korean story

Famous singer Kyong goes for a concert at a local city in Korea

He meets Surri who was one of the maids there
Both of them were hot headed and hardly got along but Kyong liked surri cause she wasn’t as crazy as other girls were towards him

She was plain and open minded

The concert was over and Kyong had to return to his city
On the day he was leaving, Surri seized the moment she got and gave Kyong a short kiss on the lip and ran away before Kyong could unleash his anger cause he was clearly irritated

Kyong was back with his family… Mr Sam his foster father and he’s newly wedded wife, mrs Jin who was now his step mom

Kyong hardly talks to his parents and he was still taking in the fact that his Father wouldn’t let him live alone

Mrs Jin on the other hand is searching for her long lost daughter who she got separated from years ago

Young detective Oprah who was a year older than Kyong was given the case of mrs Jin’s missing child

In no time, she found the girl and it happened to be ‘Surri’.

whats gonna be Kyong’s reaction when he meets Surri again?
Whats gonna happen when detective Oprah falls Inlove with Kyong?

we meet again
A Korean story

Episode 1
Kyong’s pov
The plane landed safely as we got to the airport. My manager and I alit from the plane and the rest of the band carried our luggages.

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My ride home was already there. I got into the car removing my sun shades while the driver carried my luggage into the booth.

I slumped back on the seat as I remembered the incident that took place earlier before I left the concert ground

That girl, Surri, she kissed me…

Words couldn’t describe how I feel right now, I thought she was different.. But she took advantage of me with the chance she got.
Does she know the price and worth of kissing me?
An ordinary maid..

I’ll let it slip cause I would never see her again.

In no time we got home

“Oh! My son is here safe and sound ” my foster {non immediate} Dad said when I walked in

I half hugged him

“We spoke when I was in the plane dad, stop missing me too much ” I said not believing this old man here, well he’s not too old tho.

Dad’s new wife Jin walked in
She’s young and am still wondering what she ever saw in dad that attracted her to marrying him, oh right… HE’S MONEY

She smiled at me but I just glanced at her

I retired to my room afterwards to rest

Jin’s pov
Despite Kyong’s rude behavior towards me, I was still in a good mood today.

I had called detective Oprah earlier concerning my missing daughter and she said she has traced her location and she’ll be visiting her soon

my sweet innocent daughter… I can’t believe I’d see you soon

Surri’s pov
I laid on my bed as I felt butterflies in my Tummy again remembering the brief kiss oppa Kyong and I shared

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I just hope he isn’t mad at me or feel like am just too vulnerable. I didn’t even ask for his permission before kissing him.

I’ll never see him again tho.

A knock came on my door and I dragged my feet to it. I opened it to see a pretty young lady in a black outfit.

“Am detective Oprah wang and I believe you’re the one living here “she said

“Of course, as you can see “I said

She held a serious look like she was taking in the words I just said or something..

“Am looking for Surri Pang “she said

“That’s me “I said as my lips stuttered
Tears flowed from my cheeks as detective Oprah told me about my mom and that she has been looking for me for a while now

Oprah gently touched me on my shoulder

“She wants you to come live with her “she said…

After a week, I was done pulling my stuff together. I went with Oprah to meet my mom

I arrived at the exclusively big house.. More like a mansion

Oprah and I walked into the house

The nervousness was just much

A lady walked down from the stairs, she wore an elegant Korean dress
Our eyes met and I realized she was my mom cause we had the same eyes

She came over and embraced me shedding silent tears

“Mom… “I muttered

She kissed my hair as she pulled out from the hug

I saw a figure by the staircase, backing us, I looked closely, after a while, he twirled round and I saw his face

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Both our eyes widened

“Oppa Kyong! “I yelled