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Always you. Chapter 12

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I didn’t even know till today that Megan works as a waiteress.
There are many things we don’t really know about each other.
When Talia had wanted to make her feel bad about herself.
I just started talking about how independent Megan likes to be.
I was glad when her face brightened up over my little white lie.
I had walked away with William,he introduced me to other elites.
I’m definitely sure that I’m gaining William’s partnership by the time this trip is over.
I decided to head back to the table but Talia stopped me.
“Who would have thought you would end up with Megan Reid….then again being engaged doesn’t mean you guys would end up”She chided.
I sighed….even if the engagement is fake…I can’t risk telling her that…she might sell me out to her dad.
“I love her, Talia and she loves me too. I think that’s enough reason for us to end up eventually”I replied, seriously.
“What do you even see in her?”
I don’t like the fact that Talia is still as clingy as ever.
“What I see in her is no business of yours”I replied and tried to walk away but she stopped me again.
“Can’t you see what happening,Brad?As a boy,you became mine long ago and the man you’ve turned into also belongs to me.Fate has brought us together again and you’re just going to let Megan….”
“Stop this!Stop saying trash. I thought I have gotten over this in high school, I’m just going to do business with your father, I’ve got no business with you”With that,I walked passed her heading back to my table.
I don’t believe in that sh*t.
When I got back to the table,Megan wasn’t there.
Where the hell is she?


I walked into the washroom,to my relief,it was empty.
I bent and splashed water on my face.
I heard someone come in and only half looked up but frozed when I saw a stunningly beautiful woman looking straight at me.
As I watched,I saw the woman lock the door behind her so no one else could come in.
I didn’t feel fear.I just felt bemused,I stood up and shook my hands out,wiped my face with a towel.
“I never thought you would come all the way to Paris to find me”
A foreboding chill crawled down my spine as I met the woman’s dark slumberous eyes in the mirror.
It was the woman I’d longed to see for so long.
“Mom”I muttered and turned to face her.
“Gosh! Megan.You wouldn’t want anyone to hear that”
“Can’t I call you that?”
“My husband owns mobilotech, I wouldn’t want him to find out that I have a twenty-four years old daughter,it could ruin my marriage”
My brain throbbed.
She was ashamed of me now.
“Aren’t you even curious about how I’ve lived without you?”
“I know your grandma took good care of you,dear.Try to understand me,huh.I’ve got two kids now.My daughter reminds me so much of you”
My fist clenched.”Is that why you followed me in here?To tell me you’ve got a replacement for me?”
She moved closer to me.
“I had to move on with my life, Megan.And I don’t quite appreciate that I ran into you here.You’re a grown up woman now,you can take care of yourself.As much as I hate to tell you this but if we ever ran into each other, let’s pretend we don’t know each other. I love my life now and I wouldn’t want you to ruin it for me.”
Tears pricked my eyes as she turned to leave.
“I missed you. I missed you so much”I told her but then she opened the door and walked away.
It’s heartbreaking to think that this was the woman who always took me to school,who called me pumpkin….whom we did everything together.
I gasped fighting back my tears…my insides felt as if they were being lacerated.

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I stared at Megan as she walked up to the table.
She slowly sat down.
I could see sadness written all over her face.
“Are you okay?”I asked really concerned.
She only nodded.

As I drove home,I noticed she kept staring at her hands then at the window.
She looked so forlorn…it was an expression I had never seen on her face before.
She always looks tough not sad.
I heard her sniffed, I glanced at her again and realized she is crying now.
I quickly came to a halt by the side of the road.
“What is it?”I asked starting to freak out too.
She dashed tears away with the backs of her hands but they wouldn’t stop coming.
“No… nothing.. I’m sorry”She murmured.
I just stared at her.
She was trying to stop crying but couldn’t.
Seeing her tears made my chest tightened almost painfully.
Not knowing what else to do…. I pulled her into my arms.
What could have happened to her at the party?
Even if Talia had bad-mouthed her privately… I know she wouldn’t have broken down like this.
I wanted her to stop crying.
I wanted to cheer her up.

That night I couldn’t sleep.
She still didn’t open up to me after she stopped crying in the car.
I slowly sat up.
I didn’t find her on the bed.
I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen.
I found her sitting on a chair in the breakfast bar.
I sat beside her.
“Wanna talk about it? Perhaps did it have anything to do with Talia?”I asked.
“I met my mom at the washroom”
I know she lived with her grandmother but I don’t really know what happened to her parents.
“When my dad died,she left me with my grandmother. I had expected it would be me and her now but I guess not.Even after she left,I couldn’t hate her,I just wanted to see her again…but she’s moved on and she doesn’t want me in her life…she said she’s married to the owner of mobilotech and she’s got kids now…she doesn’t want anything to do with me”
She sighed.”I’m sorry,I know I might sound whinny”
“Of course not.Everyone has his/her past to talk about.And I’m sure what you’ve been through really s*cks…my mom raised me,she told me when she fell pregnant,my father didn’t want anything to do with her so I also don’t want anything to do with him. I know that’s nothing compared to your rejection because you have a lot of memories of her but you have to move on too…if she doesn’t want you… just think of it as her loss, you’ve survived years without her,show her you can be better off without her.She lost an amazing and beautiful daughter….”I paused seeing her cheeks turning crimson.
“C’mon…. where’s my strong woman?”I nudged her playfully.
She huffed.”Your strong woman?”She asked now in her normal tone.
“And she’s back”I announced and we laughed.

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I didn’t know talking to Braden could feel so great…he has made me feel better again.
He suddenly puts his arm over my shoulders and pulls me close.
He’s so warm and his arms felt so strong against my back.
For a second,I put my head against his chest and let myself feel vulnerable in his arms.
He leaned over and kissed the top of my head.
“Feeling better now?”He whispered.
I find myself reaching for him.
My hand slid across his stomach,over his abs and settles around his waist.
It doesn’t feel odd holding Brad.
I know that should make me concerned but I can’t let myself think about that right now.
At that moment,I just want to be cuddled.
“Yes”I whispered back.
We stay like that for a while until I twist to sit back in chair but when I do,my face is within inches from Brad’s.
Our eyes locked…. I didn’t know he had such beautiful eyes.
Being this close,I noticed his long eyelashes too.
They line his eyes like a gentle shadow.
I dropped my gaze a bit and noticed the shape of his cheekbones then his lips.
He panted slightly and he looked uneasy like he wants to kiss me.
I licked my lips and barely open my mouth.
We move closer to each other….drawn together….. hypnotized.
We can’t seem to look away or break the spell.
Our lips met.
His are so soft and warm on mine.
Brad is gentle at first but then he becomes more demanding and kisses me deeper… fervently.
My breath is gone.
My awareness is gone.
All I can concentrate on is Braden’s lips.
The way they feel….
The way they taste…

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