February 3, 2023

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Always You. Chapter 2

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I walked through the pavement heading to my apartment building when my phone rang.
I sighed staring at the caller ID.
It was my Grandmother.
I have been ignoring her calls for weeks now because I know what’s she’s going to talk about.
“Hey,Gram”I picked up this time knowing she would show up in my apartment if I ignore her again.
“Finally,Meg…I was starting to think you misplaced your cellphone”
“I was just busy with work”I lied but she obviously didn’t believe.
“Anyway…Paula’s granddaughter just gave birth”
Here we go again.
“That’s great news”I replied, sarcastically.
“She’s just twenty-one and you’re twenty-four”
I rolled my eyes,happy that she can’t see me.
“Not everyone gets married at that age”
“I accept that,and I hope you finally have a boyfriend now”
I rubbed my hand on my forehead, exasperated.
“I still haven’t found my type”
And just like that,she exploded… yelling at me through the phone.
I had to remove the phone from my ear for a moment.
“You have never introduced any guy to me as your boyfriend… since high school? What’s the problem, Meg?Have you beaten all the guys that might’ve asked you out?”
I laughed,I have beaten up a lot of guys….maybe my future husband had been one of them…. that’s if I have one.
“I don’t fight anymore”I assured.
“Then what’s the problem?Do you hate guys?”She lowered her voice.”Are you a lesbian?”
I frozed.
fvck no!
Yes I’ve never had a boyfriend but I don’t like girls.
When I maturbate,I always think of d!cks and handsome faces so I’m definitely not a lesbian, right?
“I like guys.Don’t worry,very soon, I’ll introduce you to a man”I assured again but I know that ain’t happening anytime soon.
“I hope so”
“So how have you been, Grandma? How’s the greenhouse coming along?”I asked changing the topic and luckily I got her into talking about some other things but before she ended the call,she also reminded me that I’ve never had a boyfriend and I need one.
Do I really need one?

I walked into my apartment, sighing into the darkness”>darkness.
I turned on the lights and quickly fixed something to eat.
I sat on the couch and turned on the TV.
A Rom-com was being showed.
“Anytime,I look at you,my heart beat is always out of control”The female lead said to the male lead.
“Lies”I huffed.
I don’t believe it’s possible to feel giddy because of someone.
I don’t believe it’s possible to spend the night thinking about someone.
All these stupid douchebags!
Yeah…all the guys I’ve met are all douchebags.
That’s why I always beat the shit out of them.
My grandmother said I fight because I’m always angry.
Angry because I still feel abandoned by my mom.
My dad owned a dojo…where he trained people with boxing and mostly martial arts.
I love following him to the dojo and he taught me the skills in Taekwondo,karate and kung Fu.
I love being powerful…men shouldn’t be the only one who feels they have all the power in the world.
Too bad for me,my dad passed away in an accident.
I thought my mom and I were going to hold onto each other and stand together to get over the lost but she left me with my grandmother.
She said she didn’t want anything to do with me anymore.
It was as if I suddenly lost both of my parents.
Every night I missed them.
We were so happy….if anyone would’ve told me that I would grow up alone,I wouldn’t have believed.
I had to start another high school…it was as if I had to start another life.
I moved from Brooklyn to Chicago. I lost contacts from all my old friends and because I was a new annoying girl,I couldn’t make any friends again.
My grandma couldn’t afford a tertiary education for me.
I work as a waitress in a fancy restaurant now and the pay is quite good.
I got into fights a lot and that strangely relieved my anger and sadness.
Maybe I had really beaten up my future husband too.
Crazy, right?
I am so fvcked up.
I glanced back at the TV.
A kissing scene was being displayed.
I slowly touched my lips.
Would I ever be kissed someday?
Or had my aggressive behaviour pushed away any potential boyfriend?
It definitely had.
I shook my head brushing aside every negative thoughts.
I’m okay…. it’s fun being alone.
“Oh really”My subconsciousness sneered but I ignored her.
My doorbell rang.
I frowned.
Who the heck could that be?
I walked up to the door and opened it.
It was a guy whom I know lives at an apartment down the hall.
“Heeeeeeeyyy”He began, nervously.
I smirked.He seem scared of me.
“How may I help you?”
He swallowed.”I’m Noah, I live in this apartment building too, approaching you like this might seem creapy but I have good intentions”
I grimaced slightly.
Is he going to ask me out?
Should I scare him away or just try him out?
He might not be all that bad.
“What do you mean?”
He ran a hand through his hair.”This might sound crazy but it’s just the reality.It’s like this,my boss is in need of a lady to pretend to be his fake fiancee for two weeks so I’m supposed to bring a lady to him by Monday”
What kind dumbass offer is this?
I know where this is going.
He wants me to be a fake fiancee.
Not happening!
“Why did you even think I would be interested in this shit?”I asked, disgustedly.
Noah shrugged.”I just thought you might agree.The two weeks would be spent in Paris and you’ll be paid a great amount of money”
My head exploded.
I have always wanted to go to Paris.
And I’ll be paid!
He called out the figures and more fireworks exploded in my head.
“I’ll pay you right now if you agree”He said.
Oh my!
He means business.
I didn’t even care to know who his boss is.
This was a lifetime experience.
I deserve some fun.
I could create some ground rules between me and his boss.
And this money would go a long way in my life.
But I still had to act tough.
I cleared my throat.
“I’m only agreeing to this because you seem desperate.As a good person,I wanna help you out”I said, calmly.
He snickered then nodded
“Thank you”
After that he asked for my account details.
When he left, I walked into my apartment and started dancing.
Today is Friday and by Monday…. I’ll be heading to Paris.
I’ve seen a lot of pictures of that place.
I can’t believe I’m having this opportunity to see it.
I suddenly wondered why Noah chosed me for this.
Anyway,it doesn’t matter because I’m going to make sure I visit all the places I have in mind.
“Paris……here I come”

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I stood in the airfield waiting for Noah and the neighbour whom he told me agreed to the proposal.
The pilot was good to go.
Noah had gotten her an engagement ring already and everything was good to go too.
From afar,I saw his car driving into the airfield.
I smiled quite happy with the way things were going until he came to a halt and alighted from the car with the lady.
They started walking towards me and when my eyes and brain registered her face…..
I started to panick.
Even if she looked more like a woman now…I can still vividly remember her.
Megan fvcking Reid!
No…. no….no…
This is not happening.
This isn’t Megan.
This is a dream….a bad dream.
I quickly closed my eyes and counted One to ten.
Yeah…. I’m going to open them now and I’m not going to see her.
When I opened my eyes again,the reality whipped me like body blows.
What the fvck is wrong with Noah?
I said annoying…..
I didn’t mean a fighter….I didn’t mean the most pesky person in the world.
As they moved closer to me,her eyes narrowed and she recognized me.
“You”She muttered.
“fvck you, Noah.You didn’t tell me that this…. this woman is your neighbour?”I asked, breathlessly.
“Is this jackass your boss?”She asked, shooting daggers at me.
“You too already know each other…. it’s good then”Noah
“It’s not good!”We both retorted at the same time.
“You could’ve at least told me her name”I yelled
“If I knew it was you, I wouldn’t have agreed…why the fvck didn’t you tell me his name?”She thundered.
“Why am I taking the blame for this?The both of you didn’t ask for each other’s names!”Noah yelled too clearly frustrated.
“No…. I’m not going anywhere with you”I declared.
I can’t spend two weeks with this woman.
Who knows if she has gotten more violent?
My d!ck can’t go through pain again.
I can’t even stand the sight of her.
She crossed her arms over her chest.
That movement made me noticed her small bre@sts.
I eyed her… everything is so bad about her.
“As much as I would like to back out from this,Braden Cromwell…but it’s too late….the money isn’t refundable after payment”She announced.
“You….you paid her?”I asked him.
I was slowly losing my voice.
“You told me to go ahead with everything”Noah reminded.
I felt breathless.
Where had all the oxygen disappeared to?
I’m feeling fvcking suffocated.