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Confused Boyfriend. Chapter 5

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(He’s in love with two girls)

Chapter 5
Angela’s POV
I picked up the books and neatly arranged them back into the shelfs; sad and lost in thought.
The Frank I spoke to earlier is very different from the one I spoke with this morning – totally different.
When I was done arranging the books, I sat down mindlessly.

“Hey girlfriend” It was Gabriella, my best friend.

“Gabriella” I cried out her name.

“What is it? ” She asked me.

“Did you see the new girl” I asked her ” Our new classmate” I added.

“I was gonna ask you too, the one with Frank right? ” Gabby asked.

“Oh my God, are they still together? ”


“That girl, can’t you see it? She is taking away Frank from me, she doesn’t look ordinary” I said. Yes, she doesn’t.

“Well, not only Frank but all the guys. Our classmates are drooling over her even some girls are already wishing they were guys or lesbians. I’m sure you won’t want to imagine that, I had to leave the class for good, she could bewitch me too if I don’t”

“So what’s that suppose to mean? ”

“The girl is so pretty, I don’t think she is from this earth”

.”Is that what you are supposed to tell me? I’m afraid, I don’t wanna lose my Frank to one beautiful looking witch! ”

“Then you’ve got a long way to go” Gabriella said and I sighed heartbroken-ly.

“Angela” I heard Frank’s voice called me.
Frank? I raised my head up to see him nearby and without the Paulina girl.

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“Frank is still yours, see” Gabby whispered to me then she left us alone.

“Angela” Frank called my name again and he walked towards me.

Pay back time – I thought.
Then I began to act like he doesn’t exist.

“Hey” He said and took a seat in front of me.
I didn’t say anything .
“OK, i know you are very angry but I’m very sorry as well” He apologized.

I shrugged “Are you? ” I asked.

“I am I swear”

“I thought you were gonna throw away our three years relationship away like that. Do you even know that my mom has been imagining our wedding day in her head? How do you expect her to feel when she finds out that one girl juts came in between us” I half-yelled coldly.

“It would.. It would never happen again” He said and held my both hands, intertwined then his his as he stared into my eyes.
I think Gabriella is right, Frank is still mine.

“I’m sorry okay? ” He apologised once more then I finally smiled.

“Apology accepted” I told him.

He stood on his feet and made me stand too, then he gently pulled me himself and hugged me then gave a short kiss on my lips.

“Can I ask you for something?” He asked me

“Of course, go on. Anything for you baby” I replied smiling.

“Will you.. Mmm, will you lend me that novel? ”

“What novel? ”

“Paradise on earth”

I was kinda shocked, I mean Frank isn’t a story lover or wait, does he wanna give it to Paulina? No, he can’t.

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“Why? ” I asked him.

“My brother, Freddie is visiting home soon and you know, he loves novels and magazines more than anything else. I… I just wanted to surprise him with a novel” He said, rushing all his words to an extent that I can’t even figure out if he is telling lies or not but why would he lie to me?

“You mean Freddie will be home soon? ” I exclaimed.


“Then let me hand over to you more than one novel. He is sure gonna love them” I said and rushed over to the shelfs and made several pick. –
housemaidm in love with an housemaid, Love or revenge, Young couple, The story of us, Desired love, confused boyfriend and lastly Paradise on earth.

Frank’s POV

I stood there and watched her move from shelfs to shelfs picking different novels.
OMG am I this good at lying that she couldn’t even tell that I was telling lies.
But I wasn’t lying about Freddie, he is my twin brother, my non-identical brother and he loves novels. He promised to come spend some days with me and would go back few days after our birthday.
So it was half truth, half lies.

But, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m not trying to break Angela’s heart. I still really love her and somehow I’m so attracted to Paulina, her charming beauty did the magic.

“Here” She dropped some books on the table.
(This story is written by Wunmi Ijaola)

One, two, three, four, five, six and seven. Seven novels! OMG but I asked for just one.

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“These are super intriguing stores by the same author. WISAN has always been my best writer” She said and here is Paradise on earth. She said pointing at the one on top of the books.

“O.. K” I said not knowing what else to say.
Then I carried the books, “Do you need my help? ” She asked.

“Oh no. Thanks darling. I’ll be right back” I said and carefully ran out of the library with the books.

I met Paulina outside..She has been waiting for me.
“Here are some very interesting novels. She gave it to me and I’m very sure you’ll love them” I told her and gave the books to her.

“Oh my Goodness Frank. You are a darling” She said while checking out the books.

Oh My! She just called me a darling.