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Confused Boyfriend. Episode 20 (Finale)

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(He’s in love with two girls)
Written by Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter 20

*-* School
Angela’s POV
“Hey” I walked over to where he sat – James.
He was at the cafeteria, with a book in his hand titled “Haunted”. This guy will never get fed up of horror novels.

“Hi” He said to me but paid more attention to the book.

“Are you avoiding me somehow? ” I asked him.

“No, not at all, why would I? ” He said.

“Hmmm, Okay” I muttered and I took a sit beside him.
This actually should be the first time I would walk to him and talk to first.
“Hmm James” I bit my lips, looking for a perfect way to distract him and make him listen to me.
“I was drunk on Saturday and my mom told me a guy brought me home, I’ve been trying to find out who it was but I don’t know” I told him.

“Okay” He just said and I gave a light huff.

“By chance, were you the one? ” I asked him.

“Me? What made you think I was the one? ” He asked.

“I don’t know. I have absolutely no idea of who it was and I have been asking every guy still I’m yet to find who it was. It wasn’t Frank, My sister told me the guy is tall and he has doll eyes” I paused.
“I have embarrassed myself enough by asking every tall guy with doll eyes and you are the next guy who has a doll eyes” I told him.

“Well, I’m not the one” James said and I sighed Heavily this time.

“Oh My God, I drank only one bottle of alcohol, how could I have been drunk?” I muttered to myself.

“Pardon? Did you say you got drunk after drinking just one bottle of alcohol? ” James dropped his book and asked me.

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“Yes. At least, the only thing I can remember was asking a bartender for one bottle” I said and he laughed.

“And what’s funny? ” I asked him.

“Miss, you drank almost nine bottles. Nine bottles! ” He said and my eyes widen.

“Huh….Did you see me? Were you the one who took me home? ” I asked him.

“It’s the littlest help I could render. At the end of it, you.. ” He began to stare at my lips and I folded it instantly like.
Huh, did I…

“Did I… Did I… Ki–” I wanted to ask but he interrupted me.

“Your mouth! You vomited on my back! ” He spelled and I breathed a sigh of relief then chuckled.
“And unfortunately when I got home, the washing machine was faulty. So I had to wash the cloth myself with my bare hands and legs” He said and I laughed, I didn’t want to but I couldn’t bear it and he smirked.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry ” I said.

“Yeah, you should be” He said, took his book from the table and looked away.

“How did you know that I was in a bar? ” I asked him.

“I followed you. I’ve been watching you closely” He said then suddenly gasped.
“Gosh” He murmured to himself.
“It was coincidental” He quickly said.

I kept mute for a moment.
“James, you said you have been watching me closely” I repeated what he just said but he didn’t say anything.
“Ok, I… I think I understand” I said one by one.

“What do you think you understand? ” He finally spoke, dropped his book on the table and stare into my eyes.

“You-You said I should tell you when ‘I understand’ ” I told him.

The serene look in his eyes was so lovely, charming and pretty.
I wanted to further ask if his one sided love was me but…

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“Angela” Frank voice interrupted the sweet serene.

“Fr- – Frank” I turned.
Since all this days, I’m just hearing his voice.

“Hey, Hi” He said to me then took his glance to James.

“Once upon a time Frank” James said but Frank ignored him.

“Why didn’t you come to my birthday party Angela? ” He asked me.

I scoffed:”Frank, did you just remember that I exist? ” She paused. “One faithful day, I lost you”

“No, you haven’t. I… I don’t remember breaking up with you Angela” He said wanting to hold my hands but I moved back.

“We don’t need words to signify that it’s already over between us. Authoress Wisan is right, so many years in a relationship do not guarantee that both partners would end up together and forever” She said.

“I’m very sorry Angela. I was confused, foolish, stupid, almost insane, I wasn’t myself at all, I was bewitched” He said and came closer to me but James stood up and confronted him. He held my hand and pulled me gently to his back.

“She told me to tell you that she hates you” James said and pulled me along with me – away from him.
Wait, I don’t remember when I said so but it’s true, deep down; I truly do.

I suddenly stopped walking with him and turned back to look at Frank and I said to him;
“I heard about what happened to Paulina, it’s on the school newspapers, May her soul rest in perfect peace” I said then continued to walk away with James.

Though, my encounters with Paulina were not smooth at all, I still felt so pitiful that we lost a student, a new student at that.

…. Fast ~ Forward.
Frank’s POV
My parents heard about what happened between Angela and I, they found out already.
Is there anything they could even do? rather than to blame me for being so stupid. My mom especially was very heartbroken. All the wedding imagination have been ruined.
I tried to get Angela but she never looked at me twice. No longer interested in me and was about to move on.

Freddie went back to school and his eyes were as if it will permanently be teary. I hate myself for everything, having to get attracted and stucked to his first crush because of her beauty was my worst nightmare.
Before he returned to Heintal and his school, the news has already spread like fireflies.
Every human that knew Paulina hated themselves for making late Paulina feel so inferior.
It was the saddest news ever, so sad.

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*F ~ F *
February 14 – Valentine’s Day was worst.
Lovers, couples were here and there having fun and dates.
As if I were being punished, Girls avoided me. I couldn’t get to say Hi, not to talk of introducing myself to them. But then, when I had Angela, thousands of girls were flirting around me and I never gave myself to anyone of them.
How could I have left Angela and ran after another because she was endowed with beauty?
Not just her beauty, later I began to fall in love with her. Can I still call it love or lust?

I was alone and lonely in my room, this same valentine’s day was supposed to be Angela and I ‘s fourth year in a relationship but I ruined it all.

I laid on my bed, sad and heartbroken as a tear began to flow down my cheeks followed by another ~ tear.