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Confused Boyfriend. Episode 8

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(He’s in love with two girls)
Written by Wunmi Ijaola

Chapter 8

Frank’s POV
I greeted my parents perfunctorily and ate dinner with them kinda hastily, I couldn’t wait to get to my room and have good thoughts and imaginations about Paulina in my head. I was already having them now but they weren’t as good as I want it.
Paulina hugged me today? It means one day, I’ll be kissing an angel. I smiled to myself but my parents noticed it.

“And what is it? ” My mom asked me.

“Uh, nothing ” I quickly said and drank water.

“So you just smiled without a reason” Dad said.

“Well… I recalled something that happened in school today and it made me smile, I didn’t even know that I did” I said and Dad chuckled.

“How is Angela? ” My mom asked.

Oh Angela, I have almost forgotten about her. Wait a minute, I didn’t even see her before leaving the school.

“She.. She is fine” I said.

“When next will she come here for a sleep over or only to pay a visit? ” Mom asked.

“My birthday” I suddenly said.

“Your birthday? Till then? ” Mom exclaimed.

“Yeah.. I.. I think she has her reasons” I stammered, Good, I was already done with my meal.

“Talking about you and your twin birthday, you need to put a call to Freddie, he doesn’t want the party the way you want it. Go ahead and have an intimate conversation with him and I’ll be expecting a conclusion” Dad spoke.

“Alright Dad” I said
“I’m done, so I’m leaving ” I stood up and went to my room.

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“Hello baby Freddie” I said into the phone when it got connected.

“See who is calling me a baby? ” Freddie said.

“Aren’t you? Three minutes means alot” I said.

“Okay Grandpa” He said and I laughed.

“Oh no no, three minutes is nothing” I quickly said or else Freddie won’t stop calling me a grandpa if I don’t.

He didn’t even say anything. The twin brother I know would have started blabbing.

“Freddie, are you there? ” I asked.

“Oh yeah” He responded.

” You sound so unusual, are you ill? ” I asked him.

“No, I’m good ” He said.

“Oh.. Okay. So Dad told me you want our birthday in another entire way”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it when I come home tomorrow”

“Tomorrow? ”

“Yeah, tomorrow. Didn’t Dad tell you? ”

“Didn’t you say next week? ” I asked.

“I had a change of mind. School is boring these days” He said and I laughed again.

“Ok, see you tomorrow then” I said.

“Yeah, bye Frank. My regards to Mom and Dad” He said then disconnected the call.

He still sounded somehow. Well, whatever the problem is, he is not too young to handle it.

Back to what I want, a bell jingled in my head – Paulina, Paulina.
She is an epitome of complete beauty. I don’t know how it happened but I’m so into her. Did I fall for her at first sight or I fell for her beauty? Whichever one.

Aside, what am I talking about? I have a girlfriend, someone I really love and everyone is expecting the D-day (Our wedding day).

Angela, how could I have almost forgotten about her? Did I use the word ‘Almost’?
I have absolutely forgotten about her but how could I have?
OMG, she would be so mad at me.
I picked up my phone and called her.

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“Hello Darling”

“My heartbeat” she exclaimed.
Wow, she doesn’t even sound upset.

“I’m sorry I didn’t…”

“No problem dear, someone saw you leaving in an hurry. Is anything wrong?” She asked with her sweetest voice. I’ve missed her.

“Yeah, no.. I mean no” I’m such a big jerk for leaving my girlfriend for another girl.

“Anyways, it’s good to hear your voice before I’ll sleep off. Now I can have a sweet night rest” She giggled.

“Yeah me too” I said.

“Sweet dreams baby” She said about to disconnect the call.

“Angela” I called her name before she could do..

“What? ” She asked.

“I… I miss you” I said. These words escaped from my mouth because I really and truly do. I didn’t even spend much time with her today.

“Aw! So soon and that much? ” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, I love you very much” I said.

“I love you too Frank” She said.

” So..bye dear, sweet dreams” I said.

“I’m sure gonna dream of our wedding day” she said.

” Oh really” I laughed and she was laughing too .

“Bye” Bye”
I disconnected the call. I did the right thing? I’ll make sure I make it up to her and spend less time with Paulina. I have a girlfriend for goodness sake!

As usual, my driver drove me to school – we passed by Paulina’s house. A part of me told me to stop by and pick her up. The urge to do so was so uncontrollable to an extent that I had to tell my driver to stop in front of her house -He did.
Wait? What am I doing? Didn’t I say I was gonna spend less time with her b’cos I have a girlfriend?
I have and I really love Angela. Let it sink into my brain.

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“Just drive ” I ordered my Driver and he did so.

I got to school early- as always. None of my two girlfriends were around, Darn it! I mean neither Angela nor Paulina is around.
Wait.. Wait, did I just refer Paulina to as my girlfriend? Oh no no!
I began to memorise these words in my head like a verse or an anthem.
‘I have a girlfriend, Angela is my girlfriend..
My one and only, so i shouldn’t be a cheat… ”
“Frankie” I heard an angelic voice called me when I was about to enter the class.
It was Angela, she was coming from the other way.
I smiled at her and wanted to meet her when another Angelic voice called me by the other side. I turned, To see Paulina.

I looked at the both of them at both sides,
Angela coming from my right side and Paulina, by my left side.

Paulina, looking forever beautiful and Angela, pretty as usual.

“Frank” They called my name at the same time.

Holy molly! What should I do?
I watched them as they got closer and soon, I called her name too “Paulina” Then I ran towards her.
She is so beautiful to be resisted.