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Head Boy. Chapter 43

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 43

-At Raymond’s House-

Leonard’s POV

I’m extremely glad that I would be seeing Rose today, all thanks to mama Any, she had said she would work Rose coming back and I’ll be glad to see her.

Few minutes later, a car drove in and I approached the car believing it was Rose that had come.

Rose stepped down from his car along with her bodyguard, they helped her carry her luggage.

“Leonard!” She called my name with a beautiful smile on her lips.

We hugged.

“How has been modelling?” I asked.

“Beautiful, I won the recent competition we did, I’ll gist you when we get inside. Where is Raymond?” She asked?

“At the dormitory, he will be glad that you are around.” I answered Rose and helped her inside.

After her bodyguards had helped her arranged her luggage in the room she will be lodging, they walked away.

I helped her arrange few stuffs in her room.

“Lead me to Raymond.” She requested and I nodded.

As we got to the dormitory, I knocked and told Rose to wait behind.

I do not know if Raymond would be cool with anyone entering the dormitory.

I walked inside and saw Raymond and Donald reading.

“Raymond! there is a surprise for you?” I said and he paused what he was doing and looked keenly at me.

“What’s that?” He asked gently.

“Guess?” I requested with a smile on my face.

“Alice is around.”He answered.

My face turned cold immediately as soon as I heard that name.

” I do not understand that, are you expecting Alice or something?”

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“Tell me what it is?” He requested and I looked away angrily first.

He spoilt my mood my mentioning that name.

I then turned back at him and said; “Rose is around.”

He was quiet and pressed his eye on me for a while before he took it away.

“Should I bring her in?” I asked.

“How come I was not informed that she would be coming or is she here for a different purpose?” Raymond asked

“She’s here basically because of you.” I replied him and the door opened.

Rose must have being tired of waiting, she walked in.

I lover her scent, she looks so beautiful. I just did not understand why Raymond does not like her.

“Good afternoon, Raymond.” She greeted with an elegant smile on her mouth and I smiled instinctively where I stood.

Raymond looked at her and closed his book.

“Afternoon.”Raymond replied.

” Erm… aren’t you happy to see me?” She asked and shrugged.

“I am.” Raymond replied and Rose blushed flawlessly.

“I won’t like to disturb your reading, I’ll be expecting you at nïght.” Rose said and turned.

“Expecting me at night? for what?” Raymond asked.

“To play with me, to gist…your brothers are here, there is a limit to what we could do.” She answered.

“Don’t keep your hopes high, I’m not coming. Start the gist and the play now, I’ll join you.” Raymond said to her.

Her face turned sour and she quickly smiled again.

“Fine, can we take a stroll , now?” She asked and Raymond stood.

“I have just ten minutes to spend with you, I need to read.” Raymond said and stood.

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She followed Rose outside to take a walk, I was so happy that I asked Donald; “Did you see that?”

“I’m not blind.” He replied sharply and laïd, he faced the wall.

I ignored him, its who he is.

I ran to mama Any who was in her room.

“Mama Any, guess what?” I said.

“Tell me my son, it must be a good news.”

“Raymond and Rose are taking a walk together.” I announced

“It’s exactly what we want, he would sure do what we want, it’s just a matter of time.”Mama Any said.

I nodded happily and I heard the visitor’s bell.

” Excuse me, mama.” I said and walked to the entrance.

I opened the door without even wondering who it could be.

I was stunned and angry to see Alice.

I controlled my anger and just shot her a look of disdain.

“Erm…I’m here to see Raymond.” Alice said.
She was with two books and a pen.

“Why?” I asked angrily.

“He had said he would tutor me on some hard subjects, he also said I could come at times like this.”Alice said

” Oh?… Ha! And he just went somewhere with his dad, he would be back tomorrow.”I lied.

“Oh! When he comes, tell him I came .”Alice said

” Sure, I will deliver your message.” I lied cause I wasn’t going to do that by mistake.

Alice walked away.