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Head Boy. Chapter 45

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 45


But I just left Raymond’s house and Leonard had told me that he was not around.

I read the message again and understood that he was actually expecting me. Really, so I’m that important to him that I didn’t come and he noticed.

How did he even get my number?

I then replied the test message with ; “Can I still come?”

His reply came very swift. “Be quick?”

Really? Happiness flew right, left and center inside of me.

Am I chatting with the head boy or somebody is setting me up here?

No, it’s Raymond.

Even if he is not the one, I believe he’s the one.

“Erm…Albert!” I called.

Albert was facing the table that was to the wall and was backing me.

I do not know what he was doing on the table.

“I want to…ern, leave.” I said.

“Leave? Why? ” He asked and came to stand before me.

“Nothing, maybe I will come next time.” I said and he stood akimbo.

“Did you have someone else you are dating already?” He asked.

I shook my head in response but couldn’t look at his face.

“I’ll be expecting you next time.” He said and I nodded.

I walked outside and he lead me out.

“Bye!” I waved to him but he never waved. He just kept looking at me.

I drove away.

But did Albert want me back or what?

I don’t understand how Albert is feeling , sincerely.

I ignore his thoughts and thought about Raymond’s test message.

I was so happy to recieve it.

I rode my bicycle to his house and stepped down, I looked around and then I saw Raymond standing with Rose, they were behind a flower.

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There was so much happiness expressed on the face of Rose.

How do I tell him that I’m back now?

What if he is not the one sending me the message? I will just go before him and embarrass myself.

I brought out my phone and tested: “I’m around.”

I watched Raymond checked his phone immediately I sent the test message, he looked around and sighted me.

He took his eyes away like he didn’t see me.

Huh! Am I too short that he didn’t see me?

Isn’t he the same person that had told me to come?

He should have just let me stay where I was.

I hate nonsense, I was now sad and angry at how he just glanced at me like I was nothing.

I went to where my bicycle is in a bit to drive away when my phone beeped.

I checked and it reads; “What subject did you want me to teach you?”

I was stunned, I replied by typing; “Physics.”

His reply came as swift as possible; “Should I teach you the current topic, wave?”

“Yes.”I replied immediately.

” Okay, wave is a disturbance….” The definition and explanation of waves came from him and I stepped down from my bicycle.

Is this how he planned on teaching me?

Who in the world would ever understand stuffs like this.

“I’m leaving, thank you for the lecture?” I texted him.

“Wait, keep replying me, it’s the only way I can make Rose feel foolish, when she’s talking to me but I’m chatting, she will feel bored and leave ,then I will attend to you?” His reply came.

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Now I understand the reason for his actions.

I began to reply his text, we continued texting each other for another five minutes, my card was already getting exhausted.

I was about telling him that I may not be able to text him again after two texts cause my money would he exhausted.

“Job done, come.”His reply came.

I looked up towards them and saw that Rose had left him.

I walked to him happily and stood before him.

We both stare into each other’s eyes and I blushed, I lowered my head shyly.

” Marie will be happy to see you.” He said and signalled for me to follow him.

I did happily. I was jumping happily behind him, I’m the happiest lady in the world right now.