August 4, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 101

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 101

Rose’s POV

Sonia had left with my place bitterly, she pleaded with me severally to speak to Ethan to release Brandon.

Few hours later, Ethan arrived.

I ran to him happily and hugged him.

“Guess what?” He questioned.

“Hum…. can’t guess.” I replied.

“Mae Josephine had been transferred to a different branch, such a relieve for me.”He said and I expressed so much happiness with my look.

” Ethan, come.”I dragged him to seat.

“Is there any problem?” He asked keenly as he sat.

“Sonia is Brandon’s gurlfriend, do you know that?” I asked.

“Sure, did Sonia come here?”He asked.

” Yes, she wants you to release Brandon.” I said.

“Really? that won’t be possible.” Ethan said.

“No, you have too. Are you going to keep him there for life? he has already lost a lot, he even lost one of arms, there is little to what he could do. plus you defeated him flawlessly, I’m sure he will respect you and stay in his lane.” I said.

“I can not believe you are the one saying this, Rose. This guy is wicked and brutal. Ethan said.

” Release him or I will be sad.” I threatened and he lowered his head for a while.

“For your friend’s happiness, I will.” Ethan said.

Three days later!

Ethan and I were at the backyard of the house playing golf when one of our dogs came barking at us

We understood what it meant and waddled to the front of the house.

We were surprised to see Brandon and Sonia standing, they were on the same cloth.

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“Rose.” Brandon called.

Huh! did he just call me by my name?

He is found of calling me ‘my love’

“Ethan, forgive me for my acts…. I think the two of you are really meant to be together.” Brandon said, he was with one arm.

Ethan didn’t say a word exept that he starsd at him.

“We fogive you?” I said and Sonia came to hug me.

“Hug Brandon, Ethan.” I said.

“Hum!” Ethan hummed and walked to where Brandon stood

They both hugged.

As they disengaged the hug , Brandon cried.

“I regret all that I have done.” He said and cried more.

Sonia leaned on his shoulder and looked at him pathetically like she would cry with him.

“I’m glad I pay with one of my arms.” Brandon was being sincere and genuine.

I’m glad he has changed.