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My V Husband. Chapter 99

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 99

Ethan’s POV

I sent my men to check and they arrived with the solution.

I was glad that that game I played on Brandon worked.

The woman I was shooting was not even his mother, we had built it and made it look like her mother.

I walked to Rose and said; “How would you feel if you recover all your memories?”

“I feel dead presently, I’ll feel alive.”She answered and I kissed her lips.

I kissed her beautiful lips sharply and administered the solution to her.

Rose’s POV

As soon as Ethan administered the solution to me, it was like a scale fell off my face.

I immediately remembered who he is to me, my beloved v@gIn husband.

I was so glad and hugged him.

I then saw Brandon brutalized and another woman lÃying on the floor like she had died.

” I can remember everything clearly now, he made me loose my memory.” I said referring to Brandon.

“I’m glad you regained it.” Ethan said and pulled me up.

“Either the devil like it or not, I will stop being a vï-R-gïñ husband today.” Ethan said and I giggled as I slapped him gently on the chest.

We walked out


Ethan and I were in the room, none of us had the time to think about Brandon or what would become of him.

Ethan had said he would keep him in custody and watch to see if he will change for the better, if he didn’t,he will have to make him paralyze as his mother had suggested.

It was night, outside was dark but there was a light inside.

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I helped Ethan unnøb–ottøn his shirt.

He yan–ked it off and I bent and helped him unZ-ï–Ppê&D his tr–øusër.

He was now standing n@k-ëd before me and his d—!k were so h-ard and standing Like he was ready to f—-!k

“My Vï-R-gï-ñ husband.” I teased and we both chuckled.

I made myself n@këd before hīm too and he carried me in a bridal style and placed me gently on the bëd.

He clï—-mbëd me and p-layëd with my b—–St first and I loved it.

“Do the do, baby.” I sid and he smiled.

He centered his d—-!k on my p—-Y and pushed in gently, after few pull and push, blœod spilled.

Realizing that I had been deflø—wered, he began to f—!k me hã-rd with all his strength.