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Head Boy. Chapter 48

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 48


“Who closed the door on us?” I asked Rose.

I reasoned that she might have an idea of who closed the door on us.

“Does that matter? nothing outrageous would happen between us, I’m not a slü—T.” She replied.

“I didn’t even call you one. I feel uncomfortable with a grown up adult like you in the same room at night.” I said.

“Like I said, I have no odd thoughts, Let’s just have fun, please.” She said and I stared at her.

I sat and asked; “What’s the fun?”

“Erm…” She stressed and came to sit beside me.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and said; “Can you tell me a bed time story?”

“I’m not a story teller.” I replied sharply.

“You must, please…, please Raymond, please baby.” Her plead was more like a mø–@n.

“Okay.” I said and she clapped happily.

“Thanks baby, so tell me?” She requested.

“There was an handsome guy once upon a time…” I said and paused.

“Hum! I have a feeling that the story will be interesting, go ahead baby?” She said happily

“The guy is cool and lovey, everyone likes him. He has brothers and they were doing well.”

“Go head, love?” She said and rùbbed my lå-p.

“But there was a prø–stitue, a sl-ùt and a shameless lady.” I said.

“Hum! I just hope that lady will not destroy and corrupt that boy… Or…did the guy change her?” She raised her head from my shoulder and asked me.

“It’s o story, let me keep telling it?” I said

“Okay.” She replied and placed her head back on my shoulder.

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“The prøstitute and shameless lady decided that he would make the handsome guy fall in love with her…” I said.

“But why?She does not even worth the guy’s love….a prø-Stitue for that matter.” She said.

“Well, in her struggle to make her dreams come true, she ensured she spent a night with the guy.” I said but she didn’t say a word.

She only nodded for me to continue

“The prøstitue and shameless lady is presently placing her head on my shoulder, she does not know that love can not be forced.” I said and Rose raised her head immediately.

She looked around and after confirming that she was the only lady in the room and the lady I was referring too in my story, she bursted into a loud cry.

It was from a sorrowful heart.

I stood and said! : “You can keep yourself wå-rm for the night?” I said and went to l@y on Donald’s bed.

I wasn’t sleeping, I just laïd and faced the wall.

At some point, she stopped crying but I didn’t turn to her

“Did you have someone else you love, Raymond?” She asked but I did not turn to her not to talk of giving her a reply.

“But I’m not a prostitü-Te, the love I have for you is true and sincere.” She said that and many others but I already turned deaf ears.

I was like that until she stooped talking.

I have no idea, if she sat all night or slept all night.

Very early the following morning, I heard a creak on the door and I knew at once that whoever closed it was ready to open it so I stood and walked towards the door

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Rose slept off on my bed.

As soon as the door opened, I saw Leonard.

He was stunned and almost ran back.

“Leonard, why did you do this?” I asked, I was bitter that he did such.

“I… Forgive me.” He said ,staring into my eyes.

“Leonard, your acts hurt me, you shouldn’t have locked me up with Rose.” I scolded.

“I’m sorry, brother. I’m so sorry. I just wanted you to like her….I want the two of you to have fun for the nïght?” He said.

“But I did not love her, would you understand what that means someday? It’s possible to love someone and not be loved back.” I was speaking to Leonard from a bitter heart.

Leonard nodded and said; “Just like I have loved you and…” I placed my finger on his mouth.

“I love you, Leonard, don’t hurt me next time.” I said and he looked away almost crying.

We hugged.

“I forgive you.” I said calmly.