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Her Darling Boyfriend. Episode 1 and 2

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By #Author #Joy


Dogie style yeah, that’s Alvin’s best s-£x style, from the first day he had s£-x with Bella he had thought her the style.

Bella is Alvin’s girlfriend, she so cherished him to the extent she speaks about him often.

Bella sat quietly thinking about Alvin, she thought about few weeks before when she payed him a visit. She had been dating Alvin for two months but few weeks ago the relationship grew stronger.

On a Sunday evening when Bella was smuggling close to Alvin as they watch television after an afternoon of tennis. Both felt relaxed and happy.

Bella and Alvin are very fond of each other, Alvin kissed Bella she responded eagerly, he slipped his hands under her blouse and his kiss became more intensely.

She tried to act as a bad girl, she kissed him w€tly, he proved her actions as a mere baby in the game. He kissed her neck wnd chest while she groaned silently.

She breath fast, Alvin understood her body’s yawn for s£x, he pulled her head to his d!ck, Bella felt irritated but she took a trial to please HER DARLING BOYFRIEND…

Alvin and Bella displayed the sixty-nine (69) s£x position, Alvin sucking Bella’s cl!toris while Bella sucking Alvin d!ck.

He was not satisfied of the sucking, he wants his dogie style, he ask Bella to step down the cushion, he ordered her to stay in a pause crawling position, she got confused but obeyed him.

She had never had s£x before, she is dull in aspect of knowing about s£x, all she wants to do is to please Alvin her darling boyfriend. She stayed in the pause crawling position, he insert his d!-ck in and out of her, she groaned.

Ever since Alvin has been dating Bella he had been fingering her because she told him she was a virgin, she finally gave it to him. He deflowered her, she felt happy believing she has gotten Alvin’s heart “he will love me more than ever ” she thought to herself.

Alvin’s is a young black handsome American of twenty five years old, he works at Bella’s father’s refinery as a manager.

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Bella has sighted him on her visit to the refinery after her service. She fell in love with him at first sight, she went ahead and confessed her love to him. Alvin also have cramps for her, he did not give it a thought before accepting her.

Alvin lives in a single room before he started dating Bella but Bella furnished his life, she rented an a flat for him and bought a car out of her savings.

She always takes care of his food stuff and do the cooking. Despite being rich with many maids and laundry men Bella’s mother still performed the duty of teaching Bella home chores.

Bella is a twenty two year old girl, she is a schooled at USA. She is also a beautiful damsel, during her outings with Alvin people marvel at their perfect out look which makes the both blush.

Bella is pretty stubborn because of Alvin, she doesn’t like hearing any I’ll words spoken about him, she doesn’t know how to fight but she can fight for the sake of Alvin…

Several times she’d disobey her parents inorder to make it up to him, she doesn’t want to hurt him by any means.

She loves everything about him and wishes to spend the rest of her life with him.


By #Author #Joy

“Common baby, I’ll see you when I close from work ” he hang the call.
Bella stood surprised as she stood looking at Alvin who told her he was at work at a canteen with another lady.

She work angrily to where he was chatting with the lady “I see, this is your new office right? ” she spoke loudly causing him to spring from his seat.

“Baby what are you doing here, I’m only trying to help her get a job ”

“was that the reason you told me you’re at work? ”

He scratched his head actually I’m not through for today, just wanna attend to her before going to my office. What are you doing around here? ”

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She breath a sigh of relief “I was driving when I saw your car that’s why I came in”

“Oh baby your so caring ” he gave her a warm hug
“It will not be enough for my care” she said teasingly, she pulled him closer for a short deep kiss not minding she was in a public.
“I love you and don’t forget to come over when you are through ” she said without waiting for reply, she walk out .

(Bella’s pov)

I adjusted my seat belt and breathe heavily “thank goodness! ” it was none of my thoughts. Initially when I saw his car parked in local canteen I thought it was stolen so I decided to stop and check in.
I called him to know where he was I never knew he was not standing far from me.

The sight of the innocent girl got my heart shattered, I was confused and I don’t want to believe my thoughts. Alvin’s can never cheat on me no matter what he takes.

The lady was really lucky that she ain’t one of the ladies who always seduce my man cause of his cute gentle face.

Anyway, I know my darling boyfriend loves me so much, I have all he wanted, I have a tiny waste and a curved buttocks, I have a full bre@st and I’m as cute as well.

I arrived home mum and dad were at home, I don’t like when dad is at home. He treat me like a teenager and scold me aggressively. Sometimes, mum have to tell him am no longer kid, she’ll side me in everything.

I greeted mum and dad without waiting for their response I move toward the stairs but dad called back my attention saying he wanna have a word with me.

I walk sluggishly to him, hoping he’s not calling me for a hurt discussion.

“It’s about you and Alvin, I’m not against you being in a relationship with him, the question is that do you know his feelings towards you? He might turn something else ” he sat quietly for a while

“I want you to be a responsible girl and I don’t want anyone to play with your feelings. If I’m to make my decision, I must say I’m against your relationship with him. You don’t know anything about him and he’s got nothing to give you ”

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I swallowed hard hearing my dad speaking against Alvin, I wanted to cry but I held back my tears and spoke up in a low tune “I love Alvin and he loves me also”

“I know you love him and I believe my little angel but he might turn out to be something else. You know black people are dangerous ”

I was already burning in rage, I always have issues with Whitney when ever she say black people are dangerous, with my dad saying same things seems to be tough.

I was lucky mum spoke up for me, she told dad plainly that, I’m old enough to take care of myself. Dad was not satisfied but her words saved me from his argument.

I walk to my room and undress myself, I find a casual wears. I waited for Alvin call or text but none was coming up, I became worried and decided to give him a call.

Alvin always text me when he couldn’t call, I called him but he refused to answer my call. The thought of what happened earlier crushed my mind. I knew he was angry with the way I approached him.

Everyone could tell I was suspecting him when I asked him if that’s his new office. My worries grew, I need to calm him down I said to myself.

He speaks little but act much, he get angry easily. My night will be bad without seeing Alvin or his text.

I dress up immediately to go to his house but it was late already. I lied to my dad that, Whitney was ill and she asked me to come. I was smart enough by calling Whitney to inform her about my plans, dad asked me to spend the night with her making me to be delighted for spending the night with Alvin will make him forgive me.

I arrived Alvin, I tapped the door bell several times. It’s took him enough time to open the door. He was sweating profusely.


to be continued