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Her Darling Boyfriend. Episode 13&14 (Finale)

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Episode (13)

By Author Joy

Bella’s parents Mr and Mrs Malcolm were having a conversation when Mr Malcolm’s sister who Bella lives with called.

Bella’s father hung the call in shock “What’s the problem, hope all is well? ” his wife asked
“It’s Bella ”
“what’s wrong with her ” she demanded with interest and prayed nothing harm her daughter.
“she’s pregnant for that hound”

Mrs Malcolm opened her mouth in total disbelief, Bella has never hidden anything to her but this time around it seems her daughter is now a new kind of person.

“What are we going to do about this ” she asked her husband who was quiet.
“she’ll give birth to the child and we will train the child but she’ll not marry that ass hole called Alvin ”
“nah, it sounds unwise. You mean, the child will grow without a father or you expect her to have children from different fathers? ”
“she was stubborn and crazy about him, she’d refused to listen to me initially. Now she’s into mess or do you expect me to talk about wiping the baby? ”
“nah you are saying something else, I want them to get wed”
“she’s not gonna live with that heartless gut as husband. I disagree with you ” he said and walk out.

Mrs Malcolm stood confused, she thought of what to do to help her daughter, she knew Bella still loves her boyfriend but she was disappointed of the pregnancy and what he had done to her. She decided to connive with the two lovers so they’d talk to Mr Malcolm and ask for forgiveness cause she got to know everything through Bella.

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Michell and Brian arrived at Alvin’s house as they’d promised him earlier, they set to Bella’s house to go and see her father.

He prayed silently “lord this is my first and last request, please don’t put me to shame. I know I’m unclean but soften my boss heart so that I’ll find favor in his sight”

He was about to luck the door when he got a call from unknown caller, it was Bella’s mother. She told him about Bella’s pregnancy, His heart skipped thinking things might get worse.

He gave up going but Brian encouraged him “if Bella’s father has a stony heart, he ought to know you’ve changed. Bad people do realize their wrongs , they try to make correct it and move on. Afterall no one is perfect, we’re just trying to be perfect ” says Brian.

Alvin brightens up and accepts to go. Mrs Malcolm gave them a warm welcome that gives the three hope not until Mr Malcolm arrived.

Alvin explained everything to him, about Michell and how things went. “So you think you can play with others feelings the way you like. What if Michelle got pregnant just like Bella, how would you handle it?” he asked in rage.

Alvin was quiet but Brian spoke up for him “sir, Alvin was totally wrong but thanks goodness things didn’t went that way. He has really changed and has starved because of Bella. He never new he’s gonna fall for her but….. ”

The door opened, it was Bella. She’s back. Everyone was happy except Mr Malcolm, he doesn’t want his daughter to see Alvin again.

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Alvin went straight to her, he knelt down in front of her “Bella I’ve wronged you, I’ve ignored you but I’m here for you. I’m not just here for you but for you and our baby” he said in tears

Bella saw how Alvin has got fleshy, she knows he had starved alot. Tear drop down her eyes as she hugged him passionately. Mrs Malcolm could see the love between the two unlike her husband, his anger grew.

“Hey will you stop it? ” he said causing the two to release themselves “now leave my house ” he said to Alvin.


#Finale #Episode

By Author Joy

Alvin stood up to go although he was glad seeing his sweetheart healthy and strong.

Michell and Brian joined him to go but Bella’s mum spoke out of anger seeing her daughter already crying “If Bella hurt herself know that you are the reason cause I see no reason why you’ll have to stop them. He loves her and she love him also why the separation? ”

Mr Malcolm was moved by her words, she’d never spoke to him in such a cruel manner before “Alvin you’ve been my good worker but I never believe you’d lie to me just the way you did the day I caught you with someone. ” he said

“I’m so sorry sir, I couldn’t withstand the shame when I thought over it but believe me I’ve changed for good ” says Alvin.

Mr Malcolm was not convinced but he had to leave the lovers against his wish with strict warnings.

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“I’ll allow you to take her, marry her as a wife not just a s£x machine that you’ll deceive. If you hurt her, I swear to you it will cost you your life. Bella, I want you to be the good girl you use to be, don’t take the advantage of what I just told him to be a disobedient girl” says Mr Malcolm

Everybody was surprised at his words, his wife kissed him heartily. Alvin glanced at his boss to know if he just spoke what he had, of cause he said it. He kissed Bella deeply while Michell and Brian hug each other to see the uniting of Mr Malcolm’s family.


Few months later Bella was put to bed, she gave birth to two set of babies (a boy and girl) she named them Claudio and Claudia. They got married after the birth of their miraculous babies.

Brian as promised, waited for Michell to finish her studies before taking her to the alter. She also gave birth to a baby girl who she named Yvonne.


The two families became best of friends, Claudio grew fond of Yvonne, he loved her and they got married.

“Ways of man are different from the ways of God. I never knew Michell I was dying for will end up being my in-law. What a world ” says Alvin

The family lives in peace and harmony.


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