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Her Darling Boyfriend. Episode 9 and 10

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Episode (9)

By Author Joy

(Alvin’s pov cont)

I was shocked, she still want to know if I still love her. I couldn’t hide my feelings, I held her head with my palms “yes I love you ” I said.

She stood up and hug me tightly the door opened. It was Mitchell, what the hell was she doing after I sent her away earlier.

She tried to pretend as we use to do but I shocked her, “Baby she’s the one ” I said pointing at Mitchell.

Bella did not react she only smiled like someone who won a great competition. I don’t want to hurt to hurt Mitchell and i don’t want to add salt to the already wounded Bella.

“I’ll be on my way, you can talk to her personally while I calm my dad. Mum will help me” she said and walk out. She’s really amazing, I was the fool.

I retired to my bed “hey, what’s going on” she asked tapping me.
“Mitchell you were wrong, I was wrong. As a strong Lady you’d have put me right by saying no to our plans, now I’m so carried away by her love and innocence. You seems to be the bad egg here ” I said

She was quiet for a while before she spoke up “Initially I was against it but you insisted cause of my education now everything is done on me” she spoke amidst tears. I felt for her, she’s still my baby. I cuddled her. Felt sorry for her cause my words are hurting her.

“I’m so sorry about, I know you are hurt but I’m sorry we can’t continue the relationship ” I said.

She cried the more “you’ve been a good girlfriend and also faithful. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I can’t let go of Bella. She has sacrificed alot for me, she made us who we are today cause of the love she has for me. I love her geniuely, I’ve loved her for long but I was scared of telling you ”

Her eyes were already swollen and red, I couldn’t help but cuddle her. She left without saying a word to me.

(Author’s Pov)

Bella arrived home her dad has been waiting for her to come back home before he’ll break the news to her. He’d told his wife everything and she support his idea.

“Hi dad and mum” she kiss them on their forehead. She knows what dad has on mind but pretend to be cool.
“Have you seen Alvin today? ” he asked
She hummed “Kind of” she replied
“What’s going on between the both of you? ” mum asked
“We are doing cool mum”

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Her dad narrated everything exactly the way Alvin narrated and finally tell her his plans.

“I don’t want you to be hurt by anyone not even the ugly black Alvin. Tell him it over cause you’re gonna leave here, I’ve arranged a flight for you to go to my brothers place tomorrow so you’ll be able to get over the feelings you have for him. He’s just a worthless human. I’d have sacked him but your mum insist it will be bad for him. I hate ass holes”

Bella was moved by the idea of her leaving, she can’t go a day without seeing Alvin, the worse part her dad said he’s gonna change her phone so he’ll not be able to reach her.

She text Alvin everything her dad had said, she told him to continue with Mitchell cause her dad will never change his mind on anything that her mum has agreed to.

The night was so bad for the two lovers, Alvin was crying seriously, his bed was w€t. Bella was hurt inside although she didn’t cry but deep inside her heart she had been pierced.

The next day her parents saw her off to the airport, mum cried she’s gonna miss her little angel. Dad wasn’t happy but that’s the best idea he could consider at that moment.

Alvin lost his appetite for everything, he find it difficult to believe he’ll never see Bella again. He missed her cute smile, lovely fragrance and food.

“Things are really done on me, I’ve loose the two cause Mitchell will not consider me after telling her my mind it will look am making fool of her” he thought to himself.

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Episode (10)

By Author Joy

(Mitchell’s Pov)

Things really changed the other way round and is done on me, I’m the loser cause I can’t get my man and I’ve not finished schooling.

I breathe hard and head for kitchen, I heard the door bell rings. I ran fast to open the door, I almost hiss when I saw him. After being nice to him he choose to mess me up. He promised never to love again, why the fun kissing? I’ve stopped seeing him.

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“Hey babe what’s up, it’s been a while ” he said.
I felt nervous answering him “I’m cool and you ”
“Same but feel worried cause you don’t say hi to me as usual”
I gave a sour expression and look away avoiding eye contact with him.

I ushered him in so he’ll not be like an unwelcomed stranger.
“You really don’t wanna see me” he asked, his question took me unaware.
Should I say no or what, Alvin I was trying to be loyal to has stated it clearly to me that, all is over between us.

I turned to look at him, he’s really cute. “I was stock up with somethings that’s why I’ve not been seeing you ” I lied.
He smiled, he smiles drove me crazy. I’ve not been observing him all the while cause of Alvin. “I don’t think I should love him ” I thought to myself.

As if he could read my mind, he walk up to me. I was close to the wall, he acted like he want to kiss me, I was more than ready to kiss him deeply. I just want to forget about Alvin and move on.

He changed the direction to my ears “Oh my God, he just wanted to whisper something to me and I thought he was coming for a kiss ”

“I know why you are trying to avoid me, it’s cause of all what happened between us thelast time you came. I was wrong but I’m so sorry about that. I promise never to kiss you again unless you permit me. You’ve been a…… ” I placed my hands on his lips.

“The Alvin I’m trying to be faithful to is nowhere to be found, he’s been carried away by the wealthy Bella and her love. He told me it’s over between us. I don’t even know what transpired between the both both of them, despite the incident happened she still Loves him” I said crying.

He wiped my tears and smiled “I know this gonna happened and I warned you of it. You can’t just cheat on someone in such. But I’m so sorry about that ”

I wanted him to kiss me but he didn’t make any move, should I tell him I love him or just kiss him. I was still contemplating when he hugged me. He released me but I was not yet satisfied “Kiss me” I said not knowing when I said it.

He smiled and nodded, “no you are confused and you might regret it later ” he said and tried to walk out but I held his hand “I love you ” I said. This time it sounded stupid as if I was trying to force him on me.

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“I love you bit I’m leaving now. I want to leave you with this, think about it. Try to figure out if you truly love me or you want to use me to while away time” he said and walk out.

He must be stupid for that but he was right.

(Alvin pov)

I layed on my bed feeling dejected, my boss has been strict to me cause of his daughter.

I have to quit the job before things turn worst but I Need to secure another job before quiting.

I went outside trying to stroll around the street when a car drive in, it was Whitney new hopes. I know she’s got something to say about Bella. She smiled lightly revealing her funny gap teeth.

Whitney has never smiled at me before, she’s always frowing with suspicious looks but I wonder why she was smiling.

She greeted me politely and look like someone with good news.

“You are welcome ” I said and open the door for her.

She cat walk in “I’m just trying to be nice, don’t want to add petrol to the burning fire, I can see how stressed up you are. She Wanna speak with you” my heart skipped as she picked her phone to dail number.

She gave me the phone “hi darling, I’ve missed you much and everything is bad without you” says Bella. Her voice was weak.

She’s better, I couldn’t say a word to her. Tear drop down my eyes “I miss you too ” I Simone’s courage to say.

She was happy to here my voice, she promised to stay alone until time is dew for her to come back. That she’d lie to her dad that she has forgotten about me so he’d allow her to come sooner.

I also promised to wait for her. Whitney was quick to collect her phone. I asked her to give me the contact so I could reach her but she insisted.

“I want you to miss her more. You know what, your love is stupidity and blindness cause I’ve warn her several times to be careful with you. Anyway take care and if you like starve cause you deserve it ” she said and walk out.

I blamed myself for messing up, I would have stick to one.

I continued my strolling