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Her Darling Boyfriend. Episode 7 and 8

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Episode 7

By Author Joy

Bella’s dad went for a meeting concerning his company, on his way coming back he saw Alvin driving a lady. He felt like spying them, he asked his driver to go after their car. The driver obeyed as ordered.

They followed Alvin down to his house, he walk out of the car and opened for the lady, Bella’s dad was watching, he kissed her deeply before going inside with her.

He was so exited with her to the extent he carried her up to his house without looking at his back.

He was so vexed for what he saw, he opened his car and go to Alvin’s house, Alvin opened the door after several knocks.

He was surprised seeing his boss at his house, he welcomed him warmly. He entered the house still wanting to clear his doubt, he asked if anyone was at home with him, he nodded no. He went ahead by lying he was at home all throughout the day.

Bella’s dad laughed inwardly, “call my driver outside” he said. Alvin ran outside and came back with the driver watching what his boss was up to.

“Alvin stay here with me while he goes into all the room and search for the lady I saw” he said. Alvin’s heart heat.

The driver was a very smart guy, he got Mitchell quickly at Alvin’s bedroom, she never knew what was going on else she’d have hide.

“Since you’re the only one at home who is she? ” he asked pointing at her.
“She’s my sister ” he lied
“I hate when you are being dishonest, I saw when you kissed her deeply and carried her to your house but you told me you were home all throughout. You did not only hurt Bella for this but I promise you, you gonna loose your job because you ain’t honest at all” he said and walk out with his driver following him.

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He need no one to tell him he’s in a big mess, he sent Mitchell away and tried going to Bella’s house.


Mitchell was sad and confused, she hoped things works out well cause if he lost his job she’ll have to drop out of school.

She walk frustrated to Brian’s house, she had been visiting him to keep him company ever since she came to his aid.

She tried to hide her sad face but it was written all over her. Brian demanded to know the reasons behind her sadness but she persisted she was okay.

“I want to be a friend that will cuddle you when you’re cold, cry with you when you are in pains and smile with you when you are happy. I know I’m facing challenges but with you I’m cool. Please tell me what is wrong. I might come to your aid. ” he said.

She cried uncontrollably while he pet her hair, he allowed her to finish crying before he asked her again. She narrated everything to him without missing any vital information.

The sat in silence for a while before Brian spoke up “I’m not gonna lie to you, you were wrong. Not just for being selfish but for playing a risky game. He might end up loving the lady more than you cause for him to send you away shows he’s seeing you as a useless person already ”

The more he speaks the more she cried, he knew his words were hurting her, he pulled her close and hug her. He held her he’d with his palm, her blue eyes were so attractive “I cool myself with kisses, can you try that? It’s gonna be fun” he said sarcastically.

She looked straight into his eyes, they are attractive to her but she doesn’t want to try anything funny, he smiled revealing his cute dimple.

She turned to leave without saying a word to him, about to open the door when he stopped her with a call “wait!” he said.

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She turned to look at him, he walked slowly to her, they were standing very close to each other. Her b00bs were touching his chest, she gave him a long look before turning away, he grip her hands and before she could say a word they were kissing already.

The kiss was intense and long, she stopped the kiss when the thought of Alvin crushed her mind, she slapped him immediately feeling stupid for kissing her close friend.

“I’m so sorry about that ” he said
“whatever ” she replied and walk out.

He smiled knowing how she feels about her boyfriend cause she spoke of him often. Ann’s thought came to his mind, he began to cry. He loves he dearly.


As smart as Alvin was, he had called Bella already. He felt bad of himself “shit! ” he said often and often while driving. He realizes how she had loved him, the birthday present and her promise but he had take it for granted.

She had told him where she was, he promised to meet her immediately so he’ll narrate everything before her dad will tell her.

He prayed silently for her to consider him even though it was not so easy.


Episode 8

By Author Joy

(Alvin’s pov)

Paying for my foolish act is never a problem to me, although I know it will affect me but I’ve never thought of breaking Bella’s heart in such a way.

I met her where she was, I was happy she hasn’t gone home yet. I asked her to go home with me looking exhausted. She obeyed me, that was when I realized she’s a good lady but I’ve messed up already.

We both arrived at my house, she could tell the sour expression on my face and demanded for the reason. I have many things to tell her.

I sat her down and watch her innocent face, should I cry for hurting someone who spent her breathe and time on me? I deserve a big blow.

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I held her close to me, I felt like kiss but my offense ruin my heart. I closed my eyes, she kissed me softly and I responded eagerly.

My body is faster than me, I we quickly slip my hands to her blouse and kiss her deeply. Carried her to the bed, unlike before we don’t spend much time on bed but that very day was great. I released on her without knowing.

Few minutes when later, I cleaned her up and sat with her, she knew something is wrong but couldn’t dictate it.

“Bella” I said, she was shocked when I called her by her name. The sugar names have lost and loose their thirst so I had to be plane to her.

“I really mean no harm, I’ve never thought of hurting you before but it has happened. I’m scared it might be over between us. I don’t worth you, you deserve a honest and responsible person ”

She was confused, I know she’d be confused. I explained everything to her including the night I asked Mitchell to sleep at the guest room.

She did not react, I felt guilty the more. She sat quiet without saying a word to me “Bella I’m so sorry, I’ve discovered you are the best but it’s too late. Your dad knows about this and he talked about loosing my job. ” I said.

I noticed tear dropping at one side of her eye, “please will you ever forgive me? ” I asked

She sat in silent for a while before speaking out “my heart is with you already but you have turn it the way it pleases you….. ” I stopped her by placing my hands on her lips.
“I’m sorry for all, find a place in your heart to forgive me ” I said amidst tears.

” I have a question to ask you ” she said, i was eager to hear her question
“go ahead ” I said

“Do you st,,,IL l,,,, ove?” she stammered