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Head Boy. Chapter 49

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 49


-Monday Morning-

Raymond and Donald walked inside the car, Rose stood and watched them enter.

I walked to Rose and hugged her.

“Bye, see you in the evening.” I said and she nodded with a faint smile.

I walked to the driver’s seat and sat. I was feeling guilty cause of what I did to Raymond on Saturday.

Even though he said he forgave me, I haven’t been able to relate with him as I used too.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

There were silence in the car till we arrive at school, I parked and everyone stepped down.

We both walked inside our class.

“I’ll be right back.” Raymond said and walked out.

“Donald, did you think Raymond is angry with me?” I asked him.

“If you do what is right, you do not have to feel guilty.” Donald said and I sighed.

Did I do what was right?


I knew better to come early to school so I would not serve any silly punishment again.

As I approached my class, someone called behind.


I turned and it was Raymond.

The tone of his voice was a little different this morning.

“Good morning, thanks for teaching me physics on Saturday, I’ll make you proud by leading my class.” I said, standing before him.

Female students that passed expressed shock, seeing Raymond and I communicating.

Even me, do not know that a day like that can ever come.

“Empty headed.” He said and took few steps to me. “Follow me.”

He began to walk and I stood still for a while.

Why did he always abuse me? And I will make sure I read very well and pass my examination.

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But I hate reading. Ōuch!

I jugged and caught up with him, he entered the empty room beside the computer room and I also stepped in.

I checked my wrist watch and it was fifteen minutes after 7PM.

We still have about forty minutes till it was time for the assembly.

I stood and he went to lean by the window.

He did not utter a word and I kept gazing at him, I was imagining a whole lot in my head.

“I was heart broken on Saturday. Someone I love broke my heart.” He said, his face turning red.

I could see his gloomy but handsome look.

But…did he just say someone broke his heart?

I see…he must have a girlfriend that had just broke his heart.

Well, good for me, at least, I now have a hope.

“It’s a good thing.” I said what was in my mind. I quickly covered my mouth and regretted that I said such.

“I mean…sorry for your heart break.” I corrected and he looked to the corner of the room as if something was theere.

His face settled back on me and he asked; “Have you being heart broken, before?”

I remembered how Albert broke my heart and I answered slowly and sadly; “Yes.”

“Was it Albert that broke your heart? were you guys truly in a relationship in the past?”

“Yes and yes.” I answered.

“Answer my question like someone with a full sense.” He said.

“I mean, yes, Albert broke my heart. Yes, we guys were in a relationship for two years but sadly, he broke my heart. He told me he wants an end for the relationship and I love him. “I said.

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” You love or loved him?” He asked.

“What is the difference?” I asked.

He looked away briefly and mumbled something underneath his breath.

“Do you skip classes often? I see…. loved means you once loved him but you are no longer in love with him.”He explained.

” Oh, I get, erm…I have stopped loving him but it hurt sometimes, and you? who broke your heart?” I asked.

He ignored my question and asked; “If Albert comes back telling you he loves you, will you accept him back?” He asked

“I did not know, head boy. My heart is vacant…I need someone to fill it with love.” I said.

“Why are you telling me that? Go and buy love and pour it in your vacant heart.” He said.

“Head boy, you hate me, right?” I asked.

“Close the door, move close to me and let me tell it into your ears?” He said and I furrowed my brow happily.

I quickly went and close the door and walked close to him.