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Head Boy. Chapter 57

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 57


I felt Raymond’s lips on my lips, despite the fact that he told me not to open my eye, I had too.

I was so happy to see him kiss me even though he claimed to be licking the mango juice around my lips.

He took his mouth away and said; “It’s no longer there.”

I smiled and lowered my head shyly.

He checked his watch. “We need to go back to school, I can’t afford to miss mathematics class.”

I nodded.

We both walked out of the mango plantation, into his car and he started drivng to school.


I was surprised not to see Raymond in school. He had told us he would be right back about an hour ago, and he hasn’t arrived still.

“Donald, where did you think Raymond went to?” I asked.

“If he didn’t tell us, how will I know?” He retorted and I nodded.

I stood and searched around for Raymond, I just felt like checking to see if Alice was in her class and to my surprise, she wasn’t.

Could they have gone out together?

I stood by the pole of the school and started to watch the entrance of the school to see if Raymond or Alice would show up.

After I had stood for many minutes, I saw Raymond and Alice walked inside the school.

So much jealousy arose inside of me and I felt like swallowing that Alice of a girl.

What has come upon Raymond?

When did he become the type of person that goes out with ladies?

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Haa…I know what to do.

Raymond and Alice departed to their classes while I entered our car and drove out of the school.

The mathematics class is one that I would not like to miss for any reason but I must handle this issue of Alice.

I can’t loose Raymond to him, if I can not have him for myself, Rose should at least have him.

After several minutes of driving, I arrived at Alice’s house.

I alighted and went to the entrance, they do not have a visitor’s bell so I knocked.

I knocked severally but got no reply, I tried to twist the knob and I realized that it was not closed.

I opened it and entered, I was stunned to see Alice’s mom on the floor.

I ran to her.

“What happened ma?”I asked

” Help me to the chair first, my son.”She said and I helped her sit on the chair.

I sat beside her.

“When I heard the knock on the door, I was trying to open it but my legs slipped and I fell to the side of my belly that hurts.”She said.

” I’m so sorry ma.” I said pityfully.

The woman is really going through so much pain and I feel pathetic for her.

“What have you come for? I can see that you are from Alice’s school with your uniform? Is she alright?”

“Yes ma, she is. I came to tell you something about her.” I said

“I’m all ears, my son?”She requested.

” Alice isn’t focusing on her studies in school and its so sad, can you believe that Alice went out with one guy since morning, she returned to school few minutes ago.” I reported.

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“My own Alice?” She asked.

I bought out my phone and showed her the picture of Raymond and Alice entering the school. I had snapped it.

“Really? So Alice had become this unserious?” The woman asked

“She use to be very serious before, I do not know what came upon her, maybe she’s in love or something but now is not the time for her to fall in love , now is the time for her to face her studies.” I said the door opened.

Alice’s father walked in.

“Welcome dear.”Alice’s mom said and the man went to kiss his wife first before sitting.

“I remember you, you once gave us money, thanks.” The man said and tried to shake me.

I lowered my head respectfully.

“Thank God sir.” I said politely with a smile.

Alice’s mother told the man what I had just told her and I also showed the man the picture of Alice and the head boy.

“When she comes back, we will talk to her” The man assured.

“Please do, cause I’m hearing rumors that she will be expelled if she did not stop following that guy, that guy is the head boy and the head girl is his girlfirend. The head girl is rich and powerful, with a word from her, Alice would be expelled. Warn Alice to stay away from Raymond.”I said and stood

” Thank you , my son?”The woman said and I smiled at her.

I walked out.