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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 76

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The Accidental Bride

Chapter 76

Elizabeth’s POV

I looked at the woman that had asked if I was willing to take the yoghurt she was drinking.

I sighed and lowered my head, I shook my head continuously and felt like snatching the yogurt from the woman and drinking it.

But am I being watched or something?

It’s hard to tell.

I stood from the seat the woman and I sat.

“Are you alright?” She asked but I only walked away.

I took a cab back home, it was getting late already and in just seven hours, If I did not take yogurt, Mr Ashley Romeo will be announcing me as his wife.

After I arrived home, I saw Mr Ashley Romeo having a conversation with Jack and Ethan.

I ignored walked inside.

After I got to Mr Ashley Romeo’s room, I sat on the bed and praying that I won’t take yoghurts for the remaining hours left.

About an hour later, Mr Ashley Romeo walked inside.

“How are you, Elizabeth?” He asked as he changed his clothes.

I didn’t answer cause I was angry about the yoghurt test.

After he had changed, he looked at me and said; “Is anything the matter?”

“I don’t know.” I replied and pretended to be sleeping on the bed.

“Why didn’t you greet me when you walked in, it’s like you didn’t acknowledge my presence.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

I then turned to him; “My Lord, good afternoon.” I stood and bowed.

He sat and kept looking at me.

“Next time, you greet me, do you promise?” He asked.

“No, you can tell me that after I had become your original wife.” I said.

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“Have you taken yogurts today?” He questioned.

“If I take it, am I suppose to tell you?” I asked.

“Even though I’m your fake husband, you still have to be sincere with me.” He said.

“Well, I took it!” I lied, watching his reactions closely.

“You did? Why in the world would you? you just failed your second test.” He said and looked away.

“Just when I thought I would be announcing you as my wife.” He let out.

So he doesn’t even have a system in place that watches me to see if I took a yogurt or not.

I’ll just tell him and he’ll believe.

Then I’m crazy for starving myself of yogurts since morning.

“I did not take it though?” I said, but was ready to go and sneakily drink one.